Feeling The Sugar Rush With The Jeffree Star Love Sick Collection

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You can’t say I’m not dedicated: I was stalking the Jeffree Star website for at least 15 minutes before the scheduled launch of the Blood Sugar palette and the entire Love Sick Collection.  Any my diligence paid off as they blew through all of the initial units in just a couple of minutes.  I heard 100,000 units in three minutes, but I can’t confirm that and I’m not sure if that 3 minutes includes the 2 extra minutes the palettes were up; I was refreshing the page like a fucking creeper, and the palettes went live before the rest of the collection, at 11:58 am (central).  Regardless of the stats, this was definitely a huge launch for Jeffree Star, and the brand has started a pre-order on their website for those still dying to get the palettes.  But is the collection worth the hype?

Blood 02
Because I have absolutely no self control (well….I do now, since that’s the name of one of the liquid lipsticks!), I bought all of the new cosmetics products that were launched: the Blood Sugar palette, a lip bundle that included all 4 shades of Velour Liquid Lipstick and the 3 new shades of Lip Ammunition bullet lipsticks, and the 3 flavors of the Velour Lip Scrub.  I haven’t gotten one of the hand mirrors yet or any of the cosmetic bags, but I love the look.  I’m really not sure I need to buy any more makeup bags, but I’ll probably end up with one of the mirrors at some point – probably one of the pink ones or the black one that’s exclusive to Beautylish.  I like using the mirror in a palette or compact so I don’t have to juggle holding the product and a mirror in my cramped space, but sometimes I just need a bigger mirror surface to see this big ol’ cake face.  But I digress…

Blood 09
Let’s start with the obvious: I love the lip scrubs.  I’ve been bragging up these lip scrubs since the moment I’ve tried them and they are the one product that I will always, always, always buy in every new launch from this brand.  These are so amazing!  The flavors are always really well done – they’re complex!  I know that sounds like some weird Top Chef kind of thing to say about a lip scrub, but they really are.  The soda flavors don’t just taste like a candy flavor, they have an effervescence to them that really does taste like you’re drinking a soda!  I noticed it with Orange Soda from the summer ’17 collection, and that same experience continues with Cherry Soda this time around.  It’s a great cherry candy sort of flavor with a bubble component that is so hard to describe.  Seriously – just try these!  And for only  $12, why haven’t you tried them already?  Before I had these, I used the GlamGlow scrub and that one doesn’t have the same great experience or flavor, and it costs twice as much!  Chocolate Covered Strawberry smells like these scratch and sniff stickers that I had as a kid and the flavor is nice – a good balance between light sugary sweetness and a little depth with the chocolate flavor.  And Candy Necklace is my favorite.  It almost tastes like a Sweet Tart but without the sour.

I have loved every single flavor I’ve tried except for Marshmallow from the holiday ’17 collection (I don’t know, there was just something off about that one!), and I’ve purchased every single flavor they’ve released except for Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Hey, I’m fucking basic, but I’m not that fucking basic.

Blood 08
L to R: Androgyny, Sinister, Calabasas

Next up are the Lip Ammunition lipsticks.  Can we start with the packaging?  I love the bullet design of these lipsticks, and they look really sick in red chrome.  What I appreciate about the packaging for Jeffree Star Cosmetics is that it’s always sleek and simple with colors or finishes that make it just a little bit over the top.  It’s a delicate balance, and these lipstick bullets are perfection.  I still think I prefer the glitter bullets from holiday ’17 best, but these are a close second.  If anything, I think a lot of these limited collections are showing up his standard packaging which is often the least interesting option.

There are three shades, two of which were previously released as Velour Liquid Lipsticks: Andogyny, Sinister, and Calabasas.  I’m not surprised that Androgyny has been turned into a stick lipstick; if I’m surprised by anything, it’s that it took this long.  From the very first Lip Ammunition launch when they included Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood, I knew it was only a matter of time before Androgyny would get its moment.  And here it is.  It’s a fun purple-mauve nude that I think is interesting but it’s not my favorite.  I’ve used Androgyny a few times when creating ombre lips, but it’s not the kind of shade I wear alone.  If you’re tired of the usual nudes, or if you love the original liquid formula this is a fine version.  I’m not sure how closely it matches, and I’ve always thought it could be fun to do a comparison of every shade of liquid and stick lipstick that are supposed to be the same to see how close they are.  Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that happen!

Sinister is the new shade in town, and it’s a deep berry purple.  It’s a little bit of a yawn, especially since there were two liquid lipstick shades in this sort of vein in the holiday collection, but it fits in perfectly with the red/pink/purple feel of this entire collection.  Jeffree was clearly trying to put together lipsticks to coordinate with the Blood Sugar palette, and this is probably the best match, especially for the bottom row of darker, deeper shades.

Calabasas was a limited edition shade in the summer ’17 collection and it’s a muted pink that is really lovely.  Once again this seems to be a good recreation, but I haven’t done a direct comparison (seriously – hit up those comments if you want to see that!).  It’s another color that’s not very typical for me – I love bright, saturated shades! – but it’s a nice medium pink and it’s a great option to add a bit of pink tone into a more neutral, beige-y kind of look.

As for the formula itself, it’s nothing special.  It’s good enough, but it’s not my favorite formula of standard lipstick.  It feels a little thicker than most of the lipsticks I have in my collection, but that doesn’t always add up to more coverage.  Sinister, in particular, swatched out fairly patchy (common for those sort of red-based purple shades) and it has a sort of clay-like texture.  It’s not unpleasant, but it just keeps it from being one of my absolute ride or die lipsticks.  I’m much more of a liquid lipstick fan anyway, but if you like the shades these won’t be a disappointment.  And the creamsicle scent is light but pretty good.

Blood 07
L to R: Problematic, Romeo, Restraints, Self Control

Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks is probably in my top 3 (along with Makeup Mosters and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics) and he has one of the few brands that has actually managed to nail metallic liquid lipsticks.  I was originally only planning to purchase two of the shades, Romeo and Restraints, but when I saw they had a bundle I got “persuaded” to buy all four.  I use air quotes because clearly the only one talking me into it was me.  The FOMO was real and I went for it.  Don’t judge me.

I often sound like a broken record, and again Problematic isn’t the sort of shade I would wear that often as I prefer blue-based purples to berry shades.  But Problematic is a nice enough shade, it swatches really consistent, and if you liked the berry shades from the holiday ’17 collection, Santa Baby and Berries on Ice, this will be a lighter, slightly pinker shade in the same sort of vein.

Romeo is a nice bright medium pink with some subtle coral notes.  I like it, but it’s nothing super unique.  You probably have a shade like this somewhere, but it’s bright and the color is consistent, so if you like this formula and you like bright pinks this is a total no-brainer.  Treat yo’self!

Restraints is the only metallic in this collection, and it’s pretty gorgeous: a silvery metallic taupe.  I used it in a Facebook Live broadcast and it went on a little patchy, but it wasn’t bad and this metallic formula still seems about on par with previous offerings.  In a recent video, Jeffree said something about re-formulating his metallic – he’d better not fuck it up, because up to this point they’ve been really, really good and it’s been such a challenge for other brands to do a decent metallic I would hate for these lipsticks to drop in quality.

Self Control is the only truly “meh” shade for me…it’s not bad, and it paints out consistently and dries down beautifully.  I just am not that interested in the shade itself.  Again I would probably use it to create a sick purple ombre, but it feels a little too pastel zombie to use on its own.  Plus I already have Blow Pony which is a little more vibrant and has a stronger blue presence, so I will reach for that one first.  If you don’t have that shade, or if you want a more neutral sort of light pastel purple, this is a good enough option.  The quality is there, so it just depends on if you like the shade.

I’m sure some of you are like, “Bitch, shut your damn mouth and get to the palette.  That’s what we all came for!”

Best for last, you thirsty makeup whores!

First of all, this packaging is just too much – in all the right ways!  The sleeve is super cute, especially for us bitches who fondly remember the days of VHS tapes.  It makes me think of recording Jem and cheesy cable horror movies.  It’s perfect.  The palette itself is a little extra, but I ain’t mad about it.  The vegan leather alternative is nice and it has a nice to feel to it.  I was a little worried because I’ve seen some vegan “leathers” that are basically just cheap ass stamped plastic.  This has a pretty good feel to it, even better than the packaging on the Androgyny palette.  The buckles give it a little extra security for traveling, and the mirror in the lid is nice quality and set nicely into the poly satin liner.  And those shades…

Fucking Jeffree Star has me buying a palette of reds and purples after all of my ranting and raving about the glut of red/warm neutral palettes on the market.  And it’s true – ever since ABH launched the Modern Renaissance palette, everyone has been trying to cash in on that formula.  And this palette is definitely in that vein, but what I like about it is that it takes that sort of concept and color story and it makes it interesting.  The pops of color really pop, instead of just chucking a cranberry shade in a sea of warm browns and beiges.  It’s not perfect, and there are some things that I might have tweaked to make this a truly interesting selection of colors, but I’m still loving these shades.  For the swatches, I decided to take it row by row, and as always I do the photos in my office lighting with and without flash.  My camera seems to ride the struggle bus especially hard on shades like this, so the without flash pics are much more yellow than they appear in person and usually the with flash is more accurate, but I always include both so you can see how they may photograph in different types of light.  I did all of the swatches on my arm after applying Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Eye Primer Potion.  After the swatches, I’ll show you an eye look I did with this palette for a recent Miss Jaye’s Friday Night Frights event.

Blood 05
L to R: Glucose, Sugarcane, Cake Mix, Ouch, Donor, Intravenous

Glucose is a matte white, and it’s really good.  I use SugarPill’s Tako as my go to matte white, and I think this is just as good.  It was a little fussy when I first started using it, but it built up perfectly and was super smooth, blending well with the other shadows.  I can see me hitting pan on this and then being pissy that it isn’t available in a single.  Sugarcane and Cake Mix are obviously different…but who cares?  They are both light beiges, and I guess every palette needs to have some transition shades (but do they though?!), but I really think one or the other of these would have been good enough.  If you’re like me and already have the Beauty Killer and Androgyny palettes, then you already have Courtney and Safe Word, making these shadows even more repetitive.  I would have kept Sugarcane and added a pop of color in place of Cake Mix.  Ouch is a medium cool brown, sort of a camel shade.  It looks much warmer in the pan, but when I swatch it, it definitely seems to lean cool.  Maybe beccause it’s next to Cake Mix?  It’s a nice enough shade, but I have a bazillion browns in my collection already…and that’s just counting all of the options in my ColourPop palettes!  Donor pulls me back in; what can I say, I’m a whore for shimmer!  This is a nice deep gold and it has a great level of sparkle.  Intravenous is a rich chocolate brown that looks like it has just the faintest hint of red tones.  You don’t notice it as much swatched next to the browns in this row, but it will pair nicely with the reds in this palette as well!

Blood 06
L to R: Candy Floss, Tongue Pop, Sweetener, Cavity, O Positive, Root Canal

Candy Floss has a nice shimmer to it, but I wanted more pink to it.  Not all the way bubblegum, but it needs a little more pink, a little less silvery.  It looks pinker in the pan, and then sort of sheers out.  It’s not bad, but it definitely writes checks that the actual swatch can’t cash.  It reminds me of a pinker version of Princess from the Beauty Killer palette.  Tongue Pop really surprised me when I swatched it – it’s a much more vibrant peach than I expected, and I love it!  This is the peach trend done absolutely right!  Sweetener reminds me a little bit of Frosting from the Androgyny palette, but with pinker undertones.  I love the coral base with a strong gold shimmer.  This is a great shade to use with Tongue Pop for a breat peach moment, or contrast with one of the darker reds in the palette.  Cavity is like a slightly more blue version of Star Power from the Beauty Killer palette.  It’s nice, but if you have both shades like I do, I think you’ll probably going back to Star Power more often.  It’s the better shade.  this is nice, but it’s just to similar – it needs something to really set it apart.  O Positive looks straight up gray, but it has sort of a mauve tinge when swatched.  When I first opened the palette and was showing it off on Facebook Live, the lighting and my camera from a certain angle made it look like a pale turquoise blue, and it was magical.  That weird pop of color would have been absolute perfection.  I already wasn’t a huge fan of this shade, and seeing the potential of another shade makes it that much worse.  It performs well enough, but it’s just kinda boring.  #SorryNotSorry  Root Canal is a gorgeous blue-based purple – so pretty!  I absolutely love this!  It’s got a strong blue tone but still stays nice and purple.  So many blue-purples err on the side of being more blue, so this is a great middle shade.  It was a little fussy when finger swatching, but I messed around with a fluffy brush and got a good result.  I also used it in the eye look below

Blood 04
L to R: Prick, Cherry Soda, Fresh Meat, Blood Sugar, Extraction, Coma

This is the row that convinced me to buy this palette!  i don’t use a ton of reds, but I think that’s more about the selection available than my feelings about the color.  These reds are unique and gorgeous and I love them!  Prick is a neon popsicle red, right on the border of crossing over into pink.  It’s the best shade in the palette, and I dare anyone to try to argue otherwise!  It’s perfect, and it’s so different from what I’ve seen in other red/warm palettes.  Cherry Soda is another bright red, but without the neon brightness.  I love that and Prick together.  Valentine fantasies!  Fresh Meat is a gorgeous cool-toned deep red, like dried blood.  It’s aggressive in all the right ways.  Blood Sugar is a rusty metallic that looks a lot more red in the pan but then has that thin coppery rust tone when swatched.  It’s a nice unique shade, though I think Juvia’s place has a pretty close dupe in one of their palettes.  Extraction is a more purple version of Fresh Meat and is a little bit redundant.  If you really want to deepen and darken a look featuring Fresh Meat, you can reach for Coma and it will be perfect!  That’s a much better option, so I think Extraction would have been better served as some other kind of metallic or shimmer.

Do I love all of the shadows?  I think that overall they perform really well, so you won’t have any quality issues, but I think the shade selection could have been tweaked a bit to make it even more interesting.  If I’m being super honest, I could take that bottom row, switch out Sweetener for Extraction, and would be more than happy with just a six pan mini-palette.  But despite my feelings about some of the repetitiveness with other JStar palettes, I find all of the shadows to perform well, and overall it’s a fantastic addition to your collection.  If you think you’re going to use these colors, then I think you’ll really like the bright, vivid nature of the shadows, and the metallics which are on par with other great brands like Juvia’s Place (I know that some weren’t thrilled with the metallics in the previous JStar palettes, especially Rich Bitch, so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with these).

For my last late night movie event, I decided to use the Blood Sugar palette to do my eyes:

Blood 14
This photo was from the end of the night, so this is how the shadows wore after approximately 6-7 hours.  They certainly lasted better than those ratchet chola brows I drew on.  Gawd gurl!  I used Fresh Meatin the crease, Prick on the lid (you can’t see mcuh except the very edge when my eyes are open, but it’s very vibrant!), and then connected them with Root Canal and blended the shit out of them!  I also used a little bit of extraction to blend it all together, and then Glucose is between the reds and purples and the brows.  The inner corner highlight is actually a Makeup Geek highlighter, so that’s the one piece that’s not from the Blood Sugar palette.  I was going to use Candy Floss, but I wanted something a little more pink.  The shadows blend together beautifully and give me that diffused look that I absolutely love.

Blood 13
Don’t judge that really awful black eyeliner – I got out of work late and the look was a little rushed.  Plus I suck balls at liquid eyeliner!  But I enjoy the look overall.  I originally used Problematic and Romeo to make a super cute ombre lip, but I gave into my glitter obsession and covered over it with one of the Diamond Crushers from the California Love collection from Lime Crime (I can’t read those fucking pink on white labels they use!).  Those two shades work really well together though, so keep that in mind if you like mixing up purple and pink in your lip looks.  It was super cute!

Let us know in the comments: are you living and loving for this collection?  Or are you sick of the whole brand?  What do you think of the shade selection in the palette?

Personally, I’ve feeling love sick in all the best ways for this collection.  There is room for improvement, but it’s probably the most exciting collection he’s had in a while.  I got a little bored with what the brand was putting out starting with the holiday ’16 collection through the summer chrome collection, but holiday ’17 and now the Love Sick Collection have been bangin’, so let’s hope they can keep this up!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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