Too Faced & The Messy Festival Of Fuckery

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Y’all, I am so twisted up about this review, I don’t even know what to say!

I’ve never done an anti-haul, but I almost had to start just so I could knock Too Faced and their newest unicorn situation: the Life Is A Festival collection.  I mean, aren’t we all over the whole unicorn, mermaid, fantasy creatures trend yet?  Please?!

Initial photos of the palette didn’t do anything to convince me otherwise – it looked like a bunch of mattes and boring colors recycled from their other palettes.  I was going to just pass it over, but there was something about that pastel rainbow, glitter unicorn packaging that spoke to the uber-gay 6-year-old hidden down deep inside.  If you could go back, take the fabulousness that was bursting out of me…well, pretty much since birth, and manifest it into a piece of makeup packaging, this palette would be it.  I loved rainbows, but I especially loved rainbows done with pastel colors.  I loved everything unicorns; I had a few My Little Ponies, but the unicorns were always secretly my faves.  I just had to have it.  I promise you – I’ve spent more for stupider reasons!

When I got the palette, I was very pleased to see that the palette was actually mostly shimmer duochromes that luckily don’t photograph very well in the pan (seriously – did anyone else think those promo photos were boring af?!) but explode on the skin.  They are so gorgeous!

TooFaced 01
Even in my photos, you get a little bit of shimmer but you can’t really see how gorgeous these shadows look.  There were several that I looked at and just knew that they would be absolute fire on the skin.  I couldn’t wait to set up my janky lighting and get swatching!

Ugh, can you even?!  Look at those gorgeous colors!  Look at that holographic palette!  Even the cardboard box is stupid cute.  I was really expecting this collection to be a bit of a bust (like the Kandee Johnson collection – anyone remember that one?  Yeah, me either…), but I’m really pleased with these shadows.  Don’t worry – I’m going to share LOTS of photos of the swatches so you can see what we’re working with here!

TooFaced 03
Now, because of the shape and layout of the palette, it was hard to decide what order to swatch these in.  Basically I just hopped back and forth between the two rows, moving from left to right, trying to keep similar/complementary colors together as much as possible.  I saved the large pan, a shadow/highlight in the shade Unicorn Tears (remember that fiasco with the Melted Latex of the same name?  I do!) for last.  I’ll give you shade names for the swatches below so you can match them up with the shades in the palette.

TooFaced 02
L to R: Young & Free, Euphoric, Rainbow Life, Desert Vibes, Sunset Dreams, Beamin’, Fun in the Sun, Fireflies, Mystic Rain, Funtasy, Artist Pass, Dusk Teal Dawn, Unicorn Tears.

Let’s just go through shade by shade.  They are mostly winners, so I’m excited to show them off.  What I like best is that for the most part (one exception is noted below) these don’t feel like shades I’ve seen over and over again from this brand.  Some of their palettes, especially the holiday palettes and some of the more nude neutrals in the peach palettes, feel like the same shades just recycled and repackaged.  These are different.  I don’t feel like I have these shadows a million times over in my whole collection, let alone in my other Too Faced palettes!

Young & Free
This is a gorgeous bright pink, one of the few mattes in the palette and has a really pretty blue base without being too raspberry or fuchsia.  This is girly and pretty and bright, perfect for a Barbie-inspired look.  So many pinks either end up being muted or end up being fuchsia – this one is neither and I love it!  It’s not entirely unique (are there any mattes that haven’t been done before?!) but it’s still pretty good.  Of the three mattes in the palette, this is the best and definitely my favorite.

This is a great sherbet orange base with a strong gold shift that makes it sort of a pinky gold.  It’s so pretty!  If you like a yellow gold in general, you will probably like it, and the subtle pink to it really is lovely.  It reminds me a little bit of a lighter, brigther, and more saturated version of Orgasm by NARS.

TooFaced 11
Rainbow Life
Ugh, another really fabulous shade.  It’s a bright neon popsicle red that could be really warm, but it has a subtle blueish-pink shift that helps cool it down.  I love, love, love this shade!  It reminds me of my all-time favorite OCC Lip Tar from the OG line, Harlot (that’s another shade that I reference a LOT!), but the duochrome makes it even better.

Desert Vibes
This is the one shade that can go die in a fire.  Seriously?!  If you have literally ANY Too Faced palette EVER< you have this shade, or one that is basically exactly the same.  What a missed opportunity!  This palette was so perfect, filled with color and light and happiness, and then this shitstain brown color got dropped into the mix.  Everyone has this shade 100 times over, everyone already has a transition shade.  There was an opportunity for an icy blue or a deep green or a cranberry with purple shift, or pretty much any other color than this trash.  The rest of this palette is so good that this shade literally makes me angry.  If I could find a way to depot just that one shade and substitute a shade that actually belongs there, I would do it.  But alas, I think I’m stuck with this mess.  Oh, the fuckery!

TooFaced 13
Sunset Dreams
Bright creamsicle orange with a golden shift.  I don’t love orange shades, but I love this orange shade – it’s that good.  There is a shade like this in the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, but it doesn’t have the same color payoff or pigmentation.  This is really pretty!

This is a really pretty candlelight gold that would look really pretty or as shadow or as a yellowy hiighlight.  Stunning!  It’s like Euphoric without the pink tone to it, and those shades would blend well to highlight a pink lemonade sort of look.  Also not 100% unique, but 100% gorgeous, and great pigmentation.

TooFaced 14
Fun In The Sun
I love quirky shades like this, and a sort of yellow gold with an olive shift is unique and really beautiful.  I am already predisposed to any shade that’s got a green element to it, but this one is green without being obnoxious about it.  This will bring a subtle something to your golden yellow looks, and you could do some fun highlights to a warm, mossy green look.

Metallic lime with some golden shimmer, this is another fabulous shade.  This is one that I think I might be able to dupe in my collection (because of my green obsession) but it’s pretty unique compared to what I usually see, and this one is done really well.

TooFaced 12
Mystic Rain
This one is really pretty!  I’ve seen colors like this in lip gloss, but much less often in eyeshadow: a bright pastel pink with minty green shift.  I absolutely love it, and I can see me using this one a lot.  The color is more subtle than some of the others from certain angles, but when the light hits it, it really comes alive.  This one you have to see in person to really appreciate!  I feel that way about most of the palette actually, but especially this one!

Eh, this one isn’t bad, but I could take it or leave it.  It’s the third matte in the palette, and it’s a pretty standard berry purple.  It has a satin finish that is nice and blendable, but there’s nothing special about it.  I like that it fits the theme (much better than the travesty of Desert Vibes!)  but I wouldn’t be mad if it disappeared and we got something more magical.  It’s just ok.

TooFaced 15Artist Pass
This is my absolute favorite of the palette.  This one is sooooooo good!  It’s like a red brown as the base, and then has this amazing teal duochrome shift.  It’s similar to Club (my go-to comparison for shades like this!) but it feels really unique!  The base is more reddish purple than Club, and the shift is more teal than green.  I honestly don’t think I have a dupe for this anywhere in my collection – and if you’ve seen my abundance of palettes, you know that says something.  Seriously, I have a problem.  I’ve seen pretty much everything, but I don’t think I’ve seen this…

Dusk Teal Dawn
Cute, but not irreplaceable.  It’s a nice bright teal, good pigment, and the shift is green-blue.  You probably have this somewhere in a palette, but it’s still a great color.

TooFaced 16Unicorn Tears
This is…fine.  It just brings up bad memories of the whole unicorn fiasco with tarte and Jeffree Star and Jarrod Blandino, so I’m kind of over it.  I love the OG Unicorn Tears cream lipstick, but I just don’t think that shade needs to be translated into every single formula in the brand.  I mean, who do they think they are – Urban Decay?!  As a highlight, it’s fine but I guarantee you already have this color if you’ve been buying highlighters for more than a hot second, so it’s not unique and doesn’t really offer anything to the collection except a healthy does of petty.  I’ll use it, but I’m not going to pretend to be impressed by it.

Alright, now that I’m done gushing about how much I love this palette (and I promise, for realsies, I really really do love this palette!) I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming of shitting on this brand.  Because the rest of this collection is…messy.

To be real, I’ll probably end up with the glitter setting spray because setting sprays are the one place that Too Faced has never done me wrong.  I may even end up with the Mermaid Tears lipstick and lip topper, because I’m genetically unable to stop myself from buying green makeup.  But seriosuly – What. The. Actual. Fuck. is the rest of this collection?  It’s just a weird mishmash of childish, poorly conceived hooker makeup.

I don’t get that bronzer with the silver unicorn in the middle – good luck trying to apply that evenly!  And then the collection references festivals and most of the packaging references unicorns, but  for the lip products there are rando Mermaid Tears, Angel Tears, and Fairy Tears?  Is this some subtle pettiness to shade Jeffree Star for putting out all of his various “blood” shades (Mermaid Blood was part of the Holiday ’17 collection and Unicorn Blood is a perennial best-seller for his brand).  The rainbow highlighter this is tired as fuck, and I don’t care if you’ve made a special brush that is supposed to pick up all of the colors – everyone has already figured out that these are either way too fussy and look like shit all swirled together and have decluttered them off to new homes to be ignored in the back of makeup drawers.  You are seriously like 2 years to late on that.

I’m just getting really tired of Too Faced and their erratic releases.  I don’t know exactly how this factors in, but ever since they got bought out my Estee Lauder, they have been all the fuck over the place.  And as much as I love this palette, it’s one piece in a huge collection of forgettable crap.  Just like the Peachy Mattes palette was a great piece in the middle of a collection of crap.  Hmmm, I’m sensing a pattern here…

So what do you think: are you so over the rainbow?  Are unicorns as tired as I think they are?  Or do you still think there’s some magic to be found in the makeup world?  Are you living for these duochromes, or are you perfectly content in your matte world?  Let us know in the comments!

I just want Too Faced to be as consistent and fabulous as they used to be.  I want them to put out well thought out collections with good quality, instead of pushing out foundations with tragic af shade selections and hasty collabs of garbage products.  Life could be a festival, but at Too Faced it’s more often a carnival of fuckery, and I’m just not here for it.  If those unicorns keep crying into any more products, I certainly won’t be there to wipe the tears away.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Brida Flatt says:

    Lovely, thorough review! I actually really want this. You had me at “matte Barbie pink”; I’m forever searching for a matte pink that isn’t too warm or FUCHSIA. I’M glad someone feels my pain. I passed on this palette on my last Sephora trip in favor of KVD Shade & Light Glimmer, because I LOVE glimmer, shimmer, duochrome, holographic, all that stuff, and I felt like KVD’s palette was a slightly more unusual tone for a shimmery palette. BUT. Whilst I will agree that we’re flogging a dead….*ahem* unicorn with this theme, at least it’s not another GOD. DAMN. WARM. NEUTRALS. PALETTE. Because there are only so many ways I can be served slices of Morphe 350 without hurling it back up. I actually think the shades in this palette are quite different from what the palette market is flooded with, and it’s all right up my alley, so I can see it making its way onto my palette shelf in the near future.

    • JanessaJaye says:

      I love, love, LOVE this palette! I was so ready to hate it, and then I swatched it and it was instant love! LOL Too Faced is all over the place, and they’ve put out some real crap, but it hurts my heart that this keeps getting bashed and anti-hauled when it has some of the best duochromes I’ve seen in a long time. And you’re so right – at least it’s not another damn warm neutrals palette! Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you liked the review! <3

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