Impulse Control, Part 2: Impulse Cosmetics Is Cool, Calm, & Collected

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Yesterday we gave you the warm fuzzies with 6 warm shades of Duochrome Lip Lacquer – now it’s time to look at the stunning cool shades I picked up from Impulse Cosmetics!  As much as I love reds and pinks, I’ll always have a soft spot for weird shaddes like green, blue, and purple.  And I picked up six shades of the Impulse Cosmetics Duochrome Lip Lacquer that are gorgeous, but like the others are also limited edition (so check out the link now to see what’s still available or browse the rest of their selections).

I was actually surprised by how many purple shades I picked up.  I don’t tend to wear a lot of purples, and when I do I tend to stick with bluish purples over more red-based berry purples.  But these six shades all stole my heart:

Impulse Cool 01
L to R: Majesty, Jaded, Serendipity, Superstition, Occult, Rapture

I love all of these shades, and I’m very happy to say that the duochrome effect is a bit better with these shades than with the warmer shades.  They still aren’t necessarily where I would like them to be, and I’ll show you the Impulse Cosmetics photos along with my swatches for comparison, but you get a lot more glitter and shimmer payoff with these bad boys than you did with the warm shades.  And these, just like the other shades, are only $10.99 each, so they are an amazing deal!

Here are the shade descriptions from the website:

Majesty: pastel blue with a gold duochrome effect
Jaded: mid-toned teal with a gold duochrome
Serendipity: grape purple with a gold duochrome
Superstition: purple shade with a green duochrome/color-shifting effect
Occult: grape purple with a red duochrome shift and red shimmer
Rapture: dark berry shade with a sparkling  teal duochrome effect

Here are the website images.  There are a few shades on the website that have arm swatches instead of lip swatches.  I’m not sure why, but that’s how it goes.

Now here are my swatches, top photo with flash and bottom photo with flash:

Impulse Cool 002
The first thing I have to say is that generally these shades look more true to the color on the website (for the most part – individual comments below) and the duochrome sparkle is more pronounced with these.  I wore these swatches longer while I was composing some of this and the previous review, and the glitter did seem to get more intense the longer I let them dry, but it wasn’t as simple as patting them to activate the glitter.  These never went full dry matte, and they aren’t transfer proof, though I don’t think the website makes that claim.  They do claim that they will dry down in 60 seconds or less and I found that it took a fair bit longer than that.

JawbreakerMajesty is lovely, but I really wish that it had more of the gold shimmer effect.  It’s a pretty color on it’s own, but I already have Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker, so without a strong duochrome effect, there isn’t much to make me reach for this one instead of the JStar shade.  If you aren’t purchasing from JStar for personal reasons, though, this would be a good alternative.  it’s lighter than Jawbreaker, and there is some sparkle so it’s not a true dupe, but you could use it in the same sort of looks that you would use Jawbreaker.

Jaded is stunning, and I’m sad that their promo photo doesn’t show it on lips!  I love this pale, minty cool green, and though it’s subtler than I would like there is still a fair amount of sparkle.  Green is always my jam, and I already know that this is going to play a big role in a look I have planned for Days of the Dead in Charlotte, so this is already my favorite of the group.  I’m so predictable!  If you love Surge from Makeup Monsters, this has a similar sort of vibe but with the gold shimmer effect.

Serendipity is the most shimmery of all of the shades that I bought (warm and cool combined).  I’m not sure why they describe the base as grape…who the hell eats lavender grapes?!  This is definitely a pastel base, and the gold shimmer is a lovely contrast.  It looks like a pastel purple that has a soft, candlelit glow on top of it.  I’m sure there is a MAC shade I could compare this to, but I just can’t think of the name right now!  Why do so many of these remind me of MAC eyeshadows?!

Superstition is the one that most closely represents the type of purple I absolutely love – it’s a strong blue-based purple (what one of my new favorite YouTubers, Makeup Struggles, calls “blurple”) and the light shift to green is actually super cool!  I wish the green were more pronounced, but overall this is a gorgeous and very unique shade.  I had to layer it twice to get a really good, consistent swatch, but I was pleased with the results overall and it let me know that these layer pretty well, which is good to know.


Impulse Cosmetics’ shade Rouge

Occult…I think this one got mislabeled?  The promo photo shows a rich berry red base, but this is clearly a royal purple.  Not a berry purple or a red-based purple, but full on true royal purple.  I honestly can’t see this as the same shade that’s listed on the website.  I don’t mind this shade – it’s much closer to the type of purple I would actually wear – but it doesn’t seem at all like the one that I bought.  In fact, in comparing, I’m wondering if they sent me one in the shade Rouge by accident (and speaking of accidents, I’m wondering if that is supposed to be Rogue instead of Rouge, since it’s not a red shade).  I guess I’ll never know!

Rapture was the fussiest of the colors, and ended up the patchiest of all 12.  I had to do a lot of finessing to get the swatch that I did, and frankly I think the camera is very forgiving on this one.  Berries and red-purples seem to be a little fussier in general, so I can give it a little leeway, but I had trouble getting anything that was really good looking to photograph.  This might look best with your lips colored in with a liner first, just in case there end up being bare spots.

Let us know in the comments – would you like to see some of these shades (or the warm shades – let’s show them some love!) featured in some makeup looks?  Would you like to see some lip swatches to go along with the arm swatches?  We’re working on upgrading our photography sitch here in the Makeup Forum, so if there are things you want to see, put a request down below and we’ll see what we can do!

After trying out 12 very different shades from this brand, I will definitely be back to try more.  They aren’t totally consistent; the promo photos don’t necessarily look like the products, to the point that I had to wonder if one of my shades was mislabeled.  But the quality overall is pretty good, and I love that they are offering such a wide variety of shades for such a low price.  If you go to shop their shade selection and find that the limited edition Duochromes are out of stock, don’t worry: they have a huge line of different makeup products in fun collections and great prices to try out.

If you go overboard and order way more than you probably should, you’re not alone.  There’s nothing like a great indie brand with amazing prices and fantastic selection to trigger a lapse in my own impulse control!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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