Just Peachy: Too Faced Brings More Peach Perfection

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So I’ve done my share – hell, maybe even more than my share! – of ragging on Too Faced lately.  I think it’s a damn shame that Jackie Aina is reading tarte to filth for the shade range of their recent Shape Tape foundation launch but the Too Faced Peaches & Cream collection seems to have gotten an easy pass.  I really tried to love the White Chocolate Bar palette, but not even that lovely mint green could save it!  The Glitter Bomb palette wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t really all that exciting and it disappeared about as fast as it showed up.  The Life Is A Festival collection is launching – because apparently no one will tell Jerrod Blandino that we all were over unicorns about two years ago.  Yeah, Too Faced has had a rough go of it in the creative and quality control departments ever since Estee Lauder got their grubby hands on it.  Despite all that, when something is really, really good I’m not afriad to say it just as loud as I voice all of my many complaints.

And the White Peach palette is really, really good.

I saw a few reviews saying that they felt this palette was kind of boring, and I’ll admit that as a makeup addict who has a million different shades in a million different palettes, a lot of the colors here aren’t exactly game-changers.  But when you’re a makeup addict, that’s true of pretty much any palette.  What matters is the choice of color range, the “story” in the palette, and most important, the performance of the shadows themselves.

Peach 03
The Just Peachy mattes palette was a high point in the Peaches and Cream collection – almost the only high point in an overall pretty dismal launch.  It was a warm neutral palette that wasn’t all that original for anyone who already has the Modern Renaissance or the Rose Gold palettes, but if you’re looking to break into the warm neutral market, I think it’s a wonderful introduction.  It can be a great base palette that you can accent with other palettes, or you can get a lot of looks from just that palette, as long as you don’t mind an entirely matte look.  But enough about the Just Peachy mattes – I already reviewed that palette HERE!

The White Peach took that same basic idea and gave us a mix of mattes and shimmers, and also added in some cooler tones to spice things up.  You could use this as a complement to the Just Peachy Mattes, or even on its own to create signature looks.  There are some great glitter/shimmer shadows here, and luckily they mostly stayed away from that weird formula they do where it’s a matte shadow that has glitter suspended in it.  Creme De La Peach seems to be in that vein, though I found the fallout to be much less extreme than other shadows from Too Faced that have that formula.

Here are some swatches:

Peach 01
L to R: Peach Cream, Peach Suede, Peaches & Dreams, Creme De La Peach, Peach Sorbet, Glistening Peach, Peach Smoothie, Sweet Fig, Peach Ice, Fuzzy, On The Grill, Peach Passion

Peach Cream is sort of a throwaway shade – if you have any single Too Faced palette pretty much, you have this shade.  It’s a pretty basic ivory matte.  Peach Suede is a nice neutral pastel pink, not too blue or yellow-toned.  Peaches & Dreams is really pretty – a pastel peach that I think should have been in the first palette to lighten things up a little!  Creme De La Peach is the only shadow that is matte but with glitter in it, and despite that I actually don’t hate it!  It’s a really lovely creamsicle orange shade, and the glitter isn’t that obvious and it doesn’t fall out all over the place like these shadows usually do.  It could be because there just doesn’t seem to be much glitter in it overall, but I actually like the way this looks.  I would definitely use it over a primer, though, to minimize what fallout is there.  Peach Sorbet is another peach matte, great for transitions.  Again, not super unique (especially in the Too Faced range) but a solid inclusion in the palette.  Glistening Peach is a favorite, a pink coral shimmer with lots of gold shift.  Reminds me a lot of MAC’s Paradisco, one of my absolute favorite pinks from back in the day.  Peach Smoothie is a fantastic pink transition shade, especially for cool looks.  Sweet Fig is more of a mauve pastel, and it’s another great addition to the cool shades in this palette.  Peach Ice is a silvery champagne shimmer, and I love the coverage that this has.  This will work nicely on the lid, or even as an underbrown/inner corner highlight.  Fuzzy is a cool light taupe color; not particularly intriguing, but a nice option if you like cool-toned brown looks.  On the Grill is sort of a waste, and I don’t think it needs to be there, though I’m sure it’s there to appease those tyrannical “one palette” nuts who have to have everything they need for every eye look they do in one palette.  You can blame them for the fact that you own every black, white, and neutral tan shade a bajillion times!  Peach Passion is my absolute favorite in the palette: a purple base with tons of blue and purple sparkle.

And of course, all of these shades have that heavenly peaches and cream scent.  I swear, I just want to eat something that tastes like that once in my life, and I could die happy!

Peach 02
Here are some closeups of the swatches in my typically shitty lighting. C’est la vie!

I wish Too Faced would do more things like this: put out products that have high quality, make sense together, and aren’t just skull-fucking whatever tired trend has come along your Instagram feed in the last ten seconds.  I feel like the longer they tease a product, the better it is.  The Glitter Bomb palette showed up a couple of times on IG, and all of a sudden it was launched – and it was a big disappointment.  But the Just Peachy Mattes was getting teased for a lot longer and it was amazing.  Granted, it was part of a collection that was pretty terrible overall, but at least the shadows made sense and worked well and were packaged beautifully.

Speaking of packaging, I think that’s where Too Faced went totally right.  It’s not campy or over the top, like some of their releases; it’s a perfect balance of classic, simple elegance and cutesy, girly flirtation.  I love the cartoon peach and I think it’s exactly what it needs.  The peach with the face on it from the first Sweet Peach collection was a little too much, and this collection really pulled it back in all the right ways.  The two peaches on the front that act as a decorative clasp are really a fun touch.  The one minor complaint is that the gold is fingerprinty and gross pretty much immediately, but that’s common of all palettes that use that reflective shiny plastic.

Sound off in the comments below: did you like this newest installment in the Too Faced Peach saga?  Are you totally peached out? Is Too Faced still a brand that you watch for new releases from, or do you roll your eyes at how they chase trends?  Let me know what you think!

It’s not perfect by any means, but this palette is a solid offering from a brand that’s been hit and miss lately – and more miss than hit, unfortunately.  This palette succeeds because it has a clar and simple vision, and the products execute.  And gimmicks aside, that’s what we all want our makeup to do.

It may not be perfect, but it’s just peachy.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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