The Struggles Is Real

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It’s been more than a minute since I did a post talking about a specific YouTube channel – not since

MakeupStruggles reminds me why I started to watch YouTube videos: she’s smart-mouthed, she loves bright and vivid colors, and she’s not afraid to be unfiltered and totally real.  She’s got issues with her lighting sometimes (me too, like every single time I try to take product photos!) but she works through it.  She’s off the cuff and will just randomly yell at a passing ambulance siren or crack open a bottle of wine.  She’s the antidote to the perfectly polished YouTube “gurus” with their cookie cutter backgrounds and interchangeable content.  She tells you exactly what she’s thinking and she just keeps things really real.

For this post, I just wanted to “curate” some of my favorites of her videos in one place so you can check them out and enjoy.  They are sometimes a little long; I tend to put these on while I’m doing other things and listen to her commentary and then flip back and forth to the video if she’s showing something off.

Let’s go!

This first video I enjoyed for a few reasons.  Number 1, I love that she shows off how to do something that I struggle with.  I stopped depotting for a while because I broke a couple of eyeshadows and all of the videos I found on depotting made it look so easy.  I thought she did a great job of showing you a technique for these particular shadows that come in unique packaging that is very intimidating for the potential depotter!  I also love that she pre-emptively takes on comment trolls who are going to complain that she chose to depot her shadows.  I agree with MakeupStruggles 100% in this video: mind your own damn business!  If someone wants to spend money on a product they love but they don’t like the packaging and choose to depot, so what?!  Why does that bother you?  Of course packaging is part of the price you pay, but it’s not your money so step the fuck off.  You definitely get a sense of her realness in this video.

She has several of these types of videos: redesigning palettes that just weren’t executed very well.  She mocks up a palette with new shades and new combinations that she thinks would be more interesting, flattering on a wider variety of skintones, or just a more unique experience for the weary makeup consumer.  Also, her latte rant in this video cracked my shit up.

This declutter was really real, in the best way.  She’s always savage and I love her humor, but I also enjoyed the vulnerability that she shows in this video.  I also struggle with some makeup addiction issues and I loved that she wanted to make some changes, get her collection cleaned up a bit, but that she acknowledged that it was difficult for her.

People always got some shit to say, and I loved this Get Ready With Me (GRWM) addressed some of the feedback she received about her declutter video.  I don’t understand why people want to get all up in other people’s business, but it happens.  I thought she addressed it really truthfully and honestly, and I like that she’s not afraid to get aggressive with people who want to be hateful.

I’m obsessed with colorful palettes and so I loved this collab video she did with Angelica Nyqvist.  It hurt my heart that she savaged the Juvia’s Place Zulu palette (you know I love me some Juvia’s Place shadows!) but that’s what I love about her channel: you don’t always have to agree.  As long as you come with respect and don’t troll, she creates a conversation about what she likes and why and people can share their perspective in the comments.

Finally, the last video I wanted to share was a collab video she did with Georgia Harris: the All The Damn Palette Tags.  What I like about this video, besides everything, is the fact that if you watch all of these videos, you’ll see a lot of the same products popping up over and over.  That tells me that she’s really using the products and the stuff she talks about is from her own experiences.  With the bigger YouTubers, they are always using new products and if they are using something consistently, it’s something that has a clear affiliate relationship attached to it.  I also love that she’s so opposed to Kylie Cosmetics, but she’s so in love with the Purple Palette!  I’m right there with you, diva, except with the Blue Honey palette.  I would never pay for it, but if someone wanted to send it…just sayin’.

I’m discovering a new crop of indie YouTubers who are putting out some great content, and at the head of the pack is MakeupStruggles.  She’s straight-forward and fun to watch, and she’s that slightly tipsy friend who still always manages to have it together and gives you the real tea on all of the products you’re interested in.

Sound off below: who are your favorite YouTubers in the beauty community?  Do you still love the “big names” like Jaclyn Hill, MannyMUA, Jeffree Star, Kathleen Lights, etc.?  Or do you have new favorites that are building their channels up?  What do you look for when perusing YouTube for someone to watch?

I enjoy MakeupStruggles a lot, and even though her videos are sometimes a little long for me, I find that they are actually something I can use like a podcast: I’ll put it on when I’m doing something else, glance up at the screen when she shows off the palette or product, and then go back to what I’m doing while I listen to her commentary.  I find myself laughing, having conversations with the screen, and enjoying the frank and often profane candor that she brings to her videos.

The Struggles is real…and I am all the way here for it.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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