Lush Life: Soak Your Easter Basket With These Springtime Treats

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Spring has officially sprung!  And if you’re going to fuck like bunnies, you’d best get your thumpers nice and squeaky clean and what better way to do that than with some fabulous new Easter-themed bath products from Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

I’m always looking for some new pampering goodies whenever I end up traveling to Seattle, and this time around I was mesmerized by a flood of gorgeous neons and spring pastels with bunnies and carrots and eggs, oh my!  In addition to my usual lineup of sumptuous face masks and Rainbow Fun, I picked up 4 fabulous bath bombs and bubble bars!

Free Ranger – Blue/Pink

Lush Chicken 03
This two-in-one fruity bath treat is meant to be used for two baths, but I have always been of the mindset that more is more, so I went ahead and threw them in together!  They were very fizzy and pretty fragrant and the bath had this gorgeous pink and blue/purple separation that lasted through the bomb’s short life before mixing to a lovely lavender.

Lush Chicken 01
Here is a video of the Free Ranger in action:

This is a lot of fun, and I think you’ll still get the fantastic experience if you only use half of the bomb for each bath, so it’s a pretty great value.  I think I’ve smelled a fragrance like this before; it has black currant essence in it, so I think it might be similar to the Blackberry bomb they used to carry.

Golden Egg

Lush Egg 02

The Golden Egg is a Bath Bomb Melt, so it’s a mixture of their fizzy bath bomb with an outer coating of cocoa butter to smooth and soften skin.  I’ve used the bath melts before, and they were so so (I prefer either fizzy and crazy, or bubbly!) but I like that this had the combination of both.  The cocoa butter really does melt into the water and my skin felt amazing afterwards, but be careful: this will make your bathtub extremely slippery!

Lush Egg 01

The bath sort of looked like a tub full of urine, but I just couldn’t handle how good the toffee smell was.  It was caramel deliciousness, and it really could have been even stronger for my taste.  The bath had some glitter that got all over my feet after the tub drained, but it didn’t get on my body.  I really do wish the glittery bath products would leave more glitter on my skin when they were done.  Maybe I’m bathing wrong?

Now for the video, I was riding the struggle bus, hard.  Choo choo!  I ended up with three smaller video clips.  Sorry about it, but I didn’t feel like buying another egg just so I could re-film this section.  If you watch them in order, top to bottom, you’ll get the general idea.

Sorry for that hot mess.  I promise to do better.  Or not.  Where technology and I are involved, there are no guarantees.

Poisson D’Avril

Lush Fish 02
This little fish is fantastic!  It has a sweet and spicy fragrance featuring black pepper, cinnamon, and neroli (similar to a citrus/orange scent) and it bubbles pretty nicely.  It asays that the water should be orange at the end, but I found the final bath to be more pinky-red (maybe because of the amount of red to yellow in the “body” of the fish?).

Lush Fish 01

I don’t love their bubble products (in general, I haven’t been as into bubble baths as much as just regular scented baths) so I would love to find products in the permanent collection that have a similar smell.  Black Pepper is something that I’ve come to really love in my personal fragrance products, and this is an interesting one, and smells beautiful with the neroli.  Here’s the bath in action:

Cream Egg – Yellow

Lush Spearmint Egg 02
The Cream Egg is one of Lush’s Bubbleroons – a bubble bar on the outside with a squishy center of cocoa and shea butters on the inside.  This one has a gorgeous spearmint smell, sort of like Doublemint gum from back in the day.  It’s a nice fresh, refreshing change if you’re over fruity and floral scents.  This was another one that tempted me to take a big ol’ bite.

Lush Spearmint Egg 01

Another yellow bath, but this one has a lighter, more lemon kind of color so it felt less like some bizarre golden shower situation.  And that spearmint smell was subtle but super intoxicating – I loved it!  Here’s the video:

I love that Lush does so many of these fun collections; every time I run across one of their locations, I always have old favorites to pick up as well as fun new treats that keep me excited and engaged with the store’s product selection.  Their prices are pretty reasonable, especially given the brand’s commitment to fresh ingredients and hand-making as many of the steps in the process as possible.  These Easter creations are just the newest, and I think they are a fun way to welcome spring back.

Let us know in the comments: did you try any of these springtime treasures?  What are your favorite Lush bath products?  Are you a fan of scented baths?  Do you prefer a bomb or a bubble bar?

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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