Punch The Clock, I Came To Werk: Violet Voss Rocks Like A Boss

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I’ve been wanting to try Violet Voss eyeshadow for a long time, having seen it in about a bazillion YouTube videos, and so I was stoked when I visited the downtown Seattle Sephora and saw that they were offering a Sephora exclusive palette: Like a Boss.  They were also carrying the Rainbow palette, but were out of stock.  This was the first time I had seen this brand represented on a shelf in Sephora (I think the palettes have been online for a while, but I’ve just never encountered them in stores since I don’t live near a full size Sephora), and after doing a little swatching I decided to take home the Like a Boss palette.  Truthfully, I would have preferred the Rainbow palette, as it’s more saturated and vivid whereas the Like a Boss palette is more in the vein of a “warm neutrals” palette, but I’m still happy with my purchase.

Voss 07
There are a few basic bitch shades in here to be sure, and some that I’m positive I could easily dupe in my collections – but at this point in my makeup hoarding journey, there isn’t much of anything I probably couldn’t find at least one close dupe for!  What I love about these shadows are the formula and the pigmentation.  The mattes were pretty good, less dry than a lot of the palettes I’ve been picking up recently, but the shimmers were really outstanding.  The palette features 20 shades, 4 rows of 5 square pans each; each pan is 1.8 grams for a total of 36 grams, with a price of $45 or $1.25 per gram of product.  I know I don’t usually give that much of a cost breakdown, but I was getting into some real Stephanie Nicole ish there!

Voss 06
The top row is mixed bag for me.  Hustle is basic af, and I have it a million times – something like this is in literally every Too Faced palette ever.  Baddie isn’t unique, but I love a cool taupe/champagne sort of color, and the shimmer finish is truly gorgeous.  Queen is a really pretty copper red, and I love this.  I’ve recently been getting into more red eyeshadows, and this shade is a good reason why!  I love this.  Boss is a basic brown that everyone already has, as is Strong, though I like this one a little bit better.  It’s much deeper on the skin than it appears in the pan, and so I like the performance much better than the sight appeal when just looking at the product.

Voss 05
Fierce is a really pretty champagne gold color, not super unique again, but worthy of inclusion.  This is such a staple color, that you probably already have it, but this formula is pretty sick.  Realness is a gorgeous formulation, love the shimmer, but it’s a little too “hard” for me.  It’s hard to describe what I mean, but with golds I prefer brighter, yellower golds than darker, brassier golds.  This one is just ok.  Werk is a nice red shade that has a subtle coolness to it, almost as if it started with a blue-toned base.  Same with Snatched: this brown looks really warm in the pan, but it applies much darker and cooler than I would have expected.  And I am all about that.

Voss 04
I don’t often do brown/gold eye looks, but if I do, I’m going right to this row.  WCW is the only dud to me, and it’s because it’s your basic af transition shade.  At some point someone decided that this kind of shade and a black had to be in every fucking palette ever.  It’s a nice enough shade, and the mattes here are pretty good, but I’m bored with it.  Amazeballs is a golden champagne, similar to Fierce but with a warmer, more yellow tone.  It reminds me a lot of King Tut from Jeffree Star.  Girl Crush is a bright yellow gold that’s going to be a little too much for some people, but for me, it’s a little too much perfection!  I love a bright yellow gold.  Adulting is an earthy brown, not my favorite shade but sometimes I like to get a little wild and use a dark brown instead of a black to darken and add dimension – this is a great option.  Motivate is, again, much deeper in application than in the pan.  If you take a light hand to it you can get a pretty true application for these browns, but they build up pretty quickly.

Voss 03
This row is the money.  This is what you buy the palette for.  At least, I do.  Swag is a light candlelight yellow gold, and it’s smooth, buttery perfection.  I absolutely love it!  Extra is a golden olive shade, sort of bronze, sort of green, and really pretty.  Smart AF is a brown green hybrid, the typical ripoff of MAC’s Club that you see in so many palettes, but the finish is perfection and it has a lot of great metallic shimmer.  Royal is a lovely teal green shimmer metallic, a bit darker than I would prefer but it’s still a gorgeous color.  Inspo is the obligatory matte black.  It’s not the best matte black in the world but it will work.  It’s got nice pigmentation and the formula blends nicely.

What do you think of this palette?  Is it werking it and slaying all day?  Or are you just, “Meh” about the whole thing?  Have you tried any other Violet Voss palettes?  What are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments below!

So looking at these shades, I don’t think there is anything in here that’s really unique.  They are nice, and the formula is great, but the colors are not really original.  If you have a small collection and you don’t have a lot of these shades already, this is a great palette: I think it’s easy to work with, the shadows blend nicely and can be used by people at all skill levels, and there are a ot of possible combinations that are complete and attractive.  You can get a pretty good range from this.  If you’re interested in trying Violet Voss, this might be a good first palette for you, but you’ll want to check out what she has available to see what is different from other things you already have.

Even if the shades are a little tired, they’re definitely not clocking out early.  They came to WERK.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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