Gimme That Sass: UD’s Backtalk Palette Is Pink Perfection

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Backtalk 02
This.  This is what I’ve been waiting for.  In a swamp of warm neutral palettes, it’s about time someone put out a gorgeous, romantic collection of mostly cool-toned pinky rose shades.  And once again, Urban Decay does the damn thing.

I’m kind of surprised that they did do this as the newest selection in the Naked series – Naked Rose perhaps, or Naked Blush?  But instead of just doing one more iteration of a concept that’s already getting a little long in the tooth (given the way they are trying to play like Naked Smoky never existed, maybe they agree?), they took one of their popular shades of Vice lipstick, a muted medium rose nude called Backtalk, and made a full eye and cheek palette inspired by the shade.  I really hope Too Faced is paying attention – this sort of play with color is the kind of thing that could have made their Natural collection an interesting new color collection rather than just a rehash of a palette that wasn’t that good to begin with.

Backtalk 01
The palette features 8 eyeshadow pans that are 1.4 grams each for a total of 11.2 grams, and 4 blush/highlight shades at 4 grams each for a total of 16 grams.  I know it’s weird to mix the two types of products together, but sometimes shit just gets weird: there’s 27.2 grams of product in this $46 palette, making the cost per gram $1.69.  The lipstick isn’t onw that spoke to me, but I did pick it up when this palette came out because I loved the powder shades and I want to put together a coordinated look using this palette and the lipstick.

Backtalk 05
Let’s start by talking about the mirror on this palette.  UD has been doing some odd things with the mirrors on their palettes lately.  Some of them, like that awkward af mirror in the center of the Heavy Metals palette aren’t as successful, but I actually really like this concept: there is a dual-sided mirror that sits in a channel between the two sides of the palette so you can be holding and using either side and see yourself; if you don’t want to hold the mirror, the palette is magnetized and you can remove the mirror and hold it or place it for customizable use.  Very clever!

Backtalk 03
The shadows are a fairly even mix of 3 mattes and 5 shimmers, and I’m happy to say that most of the mattes were really, really good.  UD always seems to do stunning shimmers, but sometimes their mattes are a little touch and go.  Not here; 3 Sheets is the only one that gave me a little bit of trouble when I was swatching it, but it did alright with a brush during application.  It’s the least impressive of the bunch, but it’s not terrible by any means.  Bare is a shimmery champagne that has just a touch of pink that makes it different from most of the champagne shades you run across.  It’s a nice shell pink sort of color.  Curve is like a pinky taupe and also has a nice silver shimmer to it.  Backtalk, the titular shade, is a nice matte with solid performance.  I love the medium pink color of this, and it blends out so perfectly!  Shade is a vivid pop of purple, and it elevates the whole palette along with the next shade.  It’s a gorgeous red-toned purple that still manages to be fairly cool-toned, not an easy feat to achieve!  Attitude is a bright foil red metallic, and it’s another pop of color that really wakes of this palette from being just another collection of nude-y sort of shades.  WTF is a cool-toned brown, not super unique but again the formula performs beautifully.  Finally, 180 is a shimmery cool chocolate brown and it’s a nice option to deepen up looks done with this palette without just throwing in a matte black (is anyone else sick to death of that?!).  All of these colors are coherent, and I think you could easily mix any shade with any other – there aren’t any that are too oddball to fit in with the group.

Backtalk 04
The blush/highlight options in this palette are also gorgeous, and I love that the formula has some decent pigmentation, but goes on initially pretty sheer and can be built up.  This will make it usable by more people.  Cheap Shot, the purple pink shade is really violet – if that came at you as fully pigmented as the shadows are, it might be overwhelming for a lot of people!  This is a great option for people who want to play with color, but work into it slowly.  Double Take was the most sheer, and it’s a fantastic peachy pink shade.  Low Key is my favorite of the 4, it looks like it’s going to be straight up peach, but then it explodes in a golden shimmer with a coral pink base.  It has echoes of Orgasm by Nars, but much, much lighter.  Party Foul is a pretty standard champagne highlight; I’m not really sure how this differs from one of their signature highlight shades, Sin, except that this looks a touch warmer and less silver?  All 4 shades are beautiful, they work well with the shadows, and they contribute to the amazing cohesiveness of this entire palette: nothing looks like it’s out of place.

What do you think: is this palette giving you life?  Or do you wish they had stuck with eyeshadow and given you a pink-themed Naked palette?  Are you a fan of the removable mirror, or does it make the whole thing to chunky?  Let us know in the comments below!

I absolutely adore this idea of taking one shade of one product, and creating a cohesive, coordinated color collection around it, and I wish more brands would do this.  So much of what is coming out these days is the same: warm neutral palettes, “one and done” palettes that always have a bunch of boring ass transitions shades and a matte black, or neutral palettes with a couple pops of vivid color.  This is so much different because instead of trying to sell me on a whole collection of products, some of which are guaranteed to be crap (I’m looking at you, Too Faced Peaches & Cream collection!), it’s taking one lipstick and creating a palette of eye and cheek shades that will allow me to create a number of different looks that all work together.  I would love to see this more often, and I would love to see them go bold: how about a collection of blue shades inspired by the rich, cool navy shade Heroine complete with a blue duochrome highlight?  Or take on the peach trend by doing a citrusy collection of oranges, peaches, and yellows inspired by the neon orange shade Crash?  So many possibilities, and so different from what’s being pushed out, release after release.

It might raise some eyebrows, but it’s the exact kind of backtalk that this stuck-in-a-rut beauty culture needs!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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