It’s Been A Minute, But She’s Back: JANESSA AFTER DARK Episode 5 With Jerry Larew Available Now!

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JAD JerryAlright Champagne Dreamers, we know we’ve kept you waiting for a long damn time and we’re sorry about it; we’re also super excited to announce that Miss Jaye has been back in her makeshift studio recording up a storm and you’re about the get the payoff from that right now:

Episode 5 of Janessa After Dark is now live on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher!

The episode starts with Miss Jaye giving a brief life update and that starting a discussion about the line between fantasy and reality, between content creators and the works they create.  The commentary was inspired by an experience some of her friends had at HorrorHound in Cincinnati at a panel of indie filmmakers where a couple of the panelists were treating the grim, twisted material in their film in a joking and, many felt, inappropriate way.  Miss Jaye gives her thoughts on why the content in the media we consume should be treated more respectfully when we come back to the “real world.”

After that, she sits down with Jerry Larew, an actor who has played the lead role of Alfie in two films from Dirt Candy Productions: She Was So Pretty and She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake.  She asks him about those films and how things have changed from the first to the second, what it’s like to promote their independent works and meet fans at various events and screenings, and who some of his favorite celebrity encounters have been.  He also tells Miss Jaye about his new music project, a band called Rattail which has a lot of great stuff in the works for fans of heavy metal.

Miss Jaye also decides to get a little silly with a section of the interview she calls “Booth Babe.”  We’re not going to give too much away, but hopefully it will help you think differently about the types of questions that are asked of men and women when being interviewed!

Finally Miss Jaye reveals the celebrity who missed out on a potential sale…all because he didn’t try to make out with her in a hotel elevator.

After the interview, Miss Jaye ends on a positive note, discussing a couple of her favorite celebrity encounters and shows a little love to her favorite home away from home, Days of the Dead.

If you’d like to listen to the episode on SoundCloud, the link is HERE, or you can search for it on iTunes or Stitcher!

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