Revlon’s Springtime Metallics Are Meant To Be Sweet…With A Sassy Side

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Oh drugstore…sometimes you do me dirty.

In a previous post, I tried out some of the Revlon matte liquid lipsticks (red and pink shades, appropriately named Love and Romance!) and found them to be just meh.  But when I saw Revlon’s new spring collection, included 4 metallic shades in a range of spring pastels, I just had to try them.  I was hoping that they could overcome the challenges that many brands have faced in bringing to market good quality metallic liquid lipsticks.

Revlon 01L to R: HD Dazzle, HD Glam, HD Luster, HD Gleam

What I love about the colors is that they are a nice mix of shades that are right on trend: you could wear any of these shades paired up with the pink nude shades of Urban Decay’s Backtalk palette, and you know I was made about that one!  They would be so sassy…if only they performed. *sad face*

Dazzle is a lovely bright purple and has no discernible metallic element to it.  None of them are overly shiny, but this one especially is a head-scratcher when you see it described as metallic.  As you can see, it paints on super patchy and I didn’t even bother taking a pic of the lip swatch – it was just as bad.  Glam is a pretty dusty rose color with a nudey brown sort of undertone.  Another pretty shade, but not really any metallic.  Luster is the most metallic, and it could have been a really pretty taupe brown for all of us cool-toned divas.  This one performed the best of all 4, but as you’ll see in my lip swatch below it was still inconsistent and patchy.  Gleam is a peachy pink, and just sort of boring.  This one painted on almost like a gloss.  All 4 of these are major disappointments.

Revlon 02
The color is way off (that’s my fucking life, I swear!), but you can still see how patchy this is.  It collects around the outer edge and the middle is almost sheer.  If you know how to work this formula and get decent results, I think all of these shades have the potential to be stunning, but I just couldn’t get anything decent out of them.  They’re going straight into the “gifting” box.  Maybe someone else with more patience can work some magic.  I’m just not that interested or willing to try – I have plenty of other options.  Although I don’t know about other drugstore dupes, Gleam is pretty easily duped with Jeffree Star’s Restraints from the Love Sick Collection.  Problematic from that same collection is definitely more red-toned than Dazzle but might make a good substitute in a pinch.  Or You. Better. Work from last summer’s pink chrome collection; that was supposed to be limited edition, but it’s still currently available on the site as of this writing.

Are you a fan of these Revlon lipsticks?  Do you like how they perform?  If you are a fan, please tell us below how you get them to work – everything we tried was straight up tragic!

The drugstore has been upping their game the last few years, putting out products that rival their luxury competitors – but you’d never know that from trying these liquid lipsticks.  I found the formula to be terrible to swatch; I couldn’t get a decent still, so I definitely wasn’t going to put them through a wear test!  Revlon is an old and legendary makeup brand, with classic lipstick shades like Fire & Ice and Cherries in the Snow that are still in demand today.  But if they want to compete, they’re going to need to be able to innovate new products and finishes that are just as good as the classic pieces from their collections.  Sadly, this was not the collection to do it.

Revlon 03

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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