Urban Decay Goes Hi-Fi With New Gloss Formula

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I’m kinda over lip glosses at this point; they never have enough pigmentation, and they usually reactivate the liquid lipstick formula I’m always wearing.  For stage looks, I need a lot of color and I need it to stay put, so glosses, no matter how beautiful and sparkly they may be, never really make it out of the drawer and onto my face.

That being said, Urban Decay can usually talk me into anything.

Their new Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Glosses come in 16 shades, mostly in a high shine finish but with a few shimmer or metallic finish options.  The packaging is super cute and shiny (though it’s immediate fingerprinted and a pain in the ass to keep clean!), and the color selection is really gorgeous.  I decided to pick up two shades to try out: Backtalk (since I just reviewed the Backtalk palette HERE!) and SPL.  Urban Decay is always putting out shades with acronyms for names, and I usually figure them out without the help of Urban Dictionary, but this one has me puzzled.  Urban Dictionary gave me two likely possibilities, Sexual Partner List and Salty Pink Lips, but who knows.  Kids these days…

HiFi 03
SPL, left, is a bright pink with blue pink reflects; the base is mostly sheer with some tint to it.  Backtalk is a more opaque shade with a plummy pink tone that coordinates perfectly with the lipstick of the same name.  Both of them have a minty smell, but no tingling or plumping action (I’m personally just fine without that!).

HiFi 01
I was impressed with just how much pigment there was in Backtalk – that’s pretty impressive for a gloss!  I still wouldn’t wear it alone for a stage makeup look, but it’s nice and pigmented and the formula isn’t sticky, so if I wanted to be just a little bit extra on a night out I might this over bare lips.  SPL I would definitely wear, and I’m excited to try it out over a liquid lip, because I think this pinky slitter would be so gorgeous over a matte pink.

I wanted to see how they looked on the lips both alone and over a lipstick.  In the pictures below (which aren’t high quality, but the best I could do with my cell camera – stop ridin’ my dick!), half the lip is the gloss alone and the other half is over an Urban Decay Vice lipstick (Backtalk gloss over Backtalk lipstick, and SPL over Double Team lipstick):

HiFi 02
The glosses look nice over the lipstick and they don’t seem to mess up the application, but as someone who is almost a constant liquid lipstick wearer, I anticipate that you’d better be ready to do some touching up if you want to wear this look all day.  The Vice lipsticks, especially the comfort mattes, have great performance and lasting power, but the gloss is going to keep them wet and will speed up decay as you’re talking, eating, etc.

I’m going to give these a try over a couple of liquid lipstick brands to see if they reactivate the formula; if not, I’ll definitely be adding a couple more of the glitter shades to my arsenal.  These glosses are great and I love that smell.  It’s so nice to find a minty gloss that doesn’t have plumping action that burns the shit out of your lips!

So what do you think: are you living for these?  Are they a must have or a will pass?  Are you over glosses in general, or do you love that sheer, sexy glow?  Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

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  1. Brida says:

    I’ve been anti gloss for many years now, as soon as I discovered liquid lipstick, that was it for me – true love, (almost) complete fidelity. However. Recently I found myself wanting gloss again. I never thought that would happen. And even though I have a vast collection of lip products (you’d have a heart attack), I wanted new glosses to fulfill my need. I ended up with the full set of 12 Aoa Studio Diamond Glosses from Shopmissa.com – for A DOLLAR EACH. They are all high in different colored glitter with different undertones (from pink and clear through blue, green, purple and gold) and they are SPARKLY AS ALL HELL. I wear them as a liquid lipstick topper and they DON’T reactivate the formula. The only downside is you have to dip into the tube a lot of times because a) not much comes out on the doe foot and b) I’m a huge slatherer when it comes to gloss. The kicker is that, in my search for a dupe for my only beloved gloss, Too Faced’s discontinued Sparkler Glamour Gloss in Pink Bling, I found one in this collection – Pixie. And it is MORE SPARKLY than the Too Faced one! Plus I prefer the dupe to the twist-up-product-through-the-shower-head-looking-thingy that the Too Faced gloss has. If you want lots of different super sparkly glitter toppers for liquid lipstick, these are perfect, some give an interesting twist to the liquid lippie underneath with their own undertone too. And for $12 for the whole set, the set is half the price of my Too Faced gloss – win for me.

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