DIY Diva: Creating My First Ever Custom Palette! – Part One

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It’s hard to keep your inspiration up and flowing when so many makeup companies are putting out the same sort of palette, over and over.  After a couple years of rose gold nudes (thanks a lot, Naked 3), followed by 3 solid years of warm neutrals palettes with touches of cranberries and red (everyone references ABH’s Modern Renaissance, but I think Lime Crime’s Venus palette was the OG warm neutral palette), we’re now seeing nudes and neutrals with one or two pops of teal and/or blue.  Beached, please.

So what’s a weary beauty maven to do to feed her cravings without just getting more and more of the same?

DIY, baby!


I got the idea from YouTuber Georgia Harris; she’s done several custom palettes including a Beauty and the Beast palette, a Midna palette from the Zelda video game series, and a Star Wars collection that included two palettes and several lipsticks!  I’ll include that video here for your enjoyment:

I loved the way that she not only curated her own palette, using an inspiration of something she loved, but she also customized her packaging; for the Midna palette, she actually painted the packaging to reference the character’s look in the game.  I thought this was a super fun idea AND I’ve been wanting to try some of the “Hot Pot” shadow singles from Coastal Scents, so I figured I would build my very own palette.  And since it’s my first foray into a custom palette, I decided to do one based on my love of horror and one of my favorite horror franchises: Friday the 13th.

Of course, I have a few magnetic palettes and I’ve ordered single shadows ot depotting shadows out of existing palettes, but this is my first time actually creating a palette around a theme.


Here are the ground rules I set for myself:

  1. I wanted to get all of products from one website,, to make it easier to keep track of and make sure that the palette could be easily recreated if someone wanted to do so.  I didn’t entirely succeed in keeping it all to the one brand, but I’ll talk more about that below.
  2. I wanted the palette to be inspired by the movie and have clear reference points back to the source material, but I also wanted it to be a legitimate palette that I could use.  I had to have options that I could put together with little or no supplementing from other palettes or collections.
  3. I had to give all of my shades new names!  I’m including the list of the original shade names from Coastal Scents for those who might want to recreate the palette, but the best palettes always have fun shade names that relate to the theme of the collection, and I wanted mine to have the same sort of feel.  So as I was picking my shades, I thought about what was inspiring them and how that might relate to people, places, items, and quotes from the movie – and in some cases, even specific kills!

My original plan was to do a 12-pan shadow palette, and I think that’s a pretty good place to start for this kind of project.  I also gave myself a rule that I couldn’t include a matte black or a matte white; every time I get a new palette that has one or both of those shades, I always bitch that I have a million of them, so I decided those two shades could be the exception to the “self-contained” palette rule.  Even eliminating those two shades, I had a hard time narrowing it down to 12, so I started to peruse the different empty palette styles that Coastal Scents offers and I found exactly what I needed:

Palette 02This combination face palette with 6 spots for blushes and 16 pans of shadow was perfect!  I already have an amazing Friday the 13th highlighter from Bitch Slap Cosmetics, so I thought having a combination cheek and eye palette was a great complement to that.

Palette 03
Now, before I reveal the palette design, I want to talk about the one exception I made to the brand rule.  In general I knew I wanted some greens for the woods and blues for the lake, and then add pops of different colors for other elements.  Coastal Scents had a ton of gorgeous greens, but what they didn’t have was just a bright, matte emerald green.  They had some other great options, and at first I had selected a different shade to complete the run of 16, but as I was arranging and rearranging the colors in my design doc, I just couldn’t help but feel like that matte green was missing.  I decided to drop one of the blue shades that I had selected and instead put in Nature’s Calling, a single shadow from Morphe.  It’s the only exception that I made; all of the rest are from Coastal Scents.  And if Coastal Scent had had a shade even somewhat close to that, I would have stayed on track.  But I knew what I wanted, and isn’t that what matters most in a DIY project like this?

So here’s the final design plan (click the image to see the full sheet enlarged):


For the blushes I wanted a good range of shades that I could use not only as blushes but also to help with contouring and shaping my face (I am a big ol’ drag queen after all!).  The six shades that I selected are (row 1, top to bottom) Bronze Protégé, Valentine, Invigorate, (row 2, top to bottom) Antiquity, Romance, and Cheery.

Jason 01
Bronze Protégé was the deepest brown shade they have available, so I got that to help with contouring and sculpting.  I changed the name to Jason Was My Son & Today Is His Birthday; it’s one of the things Mrs. Voorhees says to Alice when she reveals herself to be the killer, and it’s a super creepy moment.  You really start to see Mrs. Voorhees’ mental instability start to peek through her calm exterior.  And no, you aren’t getting any “spoiler alerts” – that movie came out almost 40 fucking years ago.  Get a grip.

Valentine is a deep berry shade that reminded me of a lighter version of NARS’ Seduction blush which I often use while contouring.  The shade reminded me of Brenda’s underwear in the strip Monopoly scene, so I decided to pay homage to the “worst run of bad luck since Richard Nixon!”

Crazy RalphThe last shade in the first row, Invigorate, I included because it’s the closest to a blood red blush that they had, and I decided that the red shades in the palette would all reference one of the zaniest characters in the first two movies, Crazy Ralph.  I haven’t rewatched the entire first movie in a while, and I can’t remember if he says this line in the first movie or the second, but he’s probably best known for telling potential counselors at Camp Crystal Lake – “You’re all doomed!”

Antiquity is a light bone/ivory shade that could be useful as a highlight for face as well as eyes.  There was something about it that reminded me of pale, creepy Jason jumping out of the lake at the end of the movie, so I decided to call this one “Then He’s Still There!” after Alice’s final line from the hospital bed after Jason attacked her in the canoe.

The middle shade, Romance, was the most pale nude of the bunch, so I decided to name it after Brenda’s game of “Strip Monopoly.”

Finally, Cheery is a bright pink that reminded me of Marcie, the counselor that gets killed after sleeping with Kevin Bacon’s character, Jack.  I toyed with calling this shade “Marcie + Jack” but instead I decided to go with another Mrs. Voorhees quote that applied not only to her earlier victims but also to Jack and Marcie, who get murdered right after having sex: “They Were Making Love While That Young Boy Drowned.”  It’s a long name, but I think it works.

Now on to the shadows!

001 Greens
Here are the shade names and inspirations for the first vertical row of shadows – the greens!

  1. 0001 SignNature’s Calling (Morphe): I decided to call this shade “Welcome to Camp” because the camp is settled in these lush, green woods and also as a nod to the “Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake” sign that you see at a few different points during the movie.
  2. Pinehurst: I loved that this one actually has an F13 reference built in – Pinehurst is the name of the halfway house that Tommy Jarvis ends up in for Part 5.  But since this is all about the first movie, I changed the name to “Someone’s Under The Bed,” in reference to Kevin Bacon’s character who gets killed by an arrow through the neck from below the bunk where he and Marcie just had sex.  Bacon is wearing a green tank top in the scene so it seemed like a good fit.
  3. Grape Vine: For this shade, I went back to the opening scene, set in 1958, where Mrs. Voorhees claims her first two victims.  While these two hapless teens have wandered off for some hanky panky, the rest of the crew are singing traditional campfire song “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley.”
  4. Spring Fever: For the final green shade, I wanted to pay tribute to Henry Manfredini’s classic score.  People often interpret the whispered syllables in different ways, but Manfredini has confirmed that the sounds he recorded were “Ki” and “Ma,” meant to represent Jason saying “Kill her Mommy!” in Mrs. Voorhees’ mind.  So no matter what you thought you heard, this shade is definitely called “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma!”

002 Browns
The next row features brown shades; along with the greens, I wanted this palette to have an earthy feel to represent the normally idyllic natural environment that gets invaded by the outside, violent force of Mrs. Voorhees.

  1. 001 ALiceDeep Roast: I named this one “Crazy Ralph” for Crystal Lake’s resident “messenger from God” and local crackpot…who turns out to be 100% correct about the dangers at Camp Crystal Lake!
  2. Cherry Chocolate: I decided to name this one “Archery Lessons” after poor Brenda and her poor record with archery.  First she almost gets shot with an arrow by Bill who is playing a trick on her, and then she gets murdered at the range by Mrs. Voorhees.  That girl really does have a run of bad luck…
  3. Golden Olive: I named this one “Alice, The Final Girl” after Adrienne King’s portrayal of the sweet and somewhat naïve Alice, who manages to escape the camp by beheading Mrs. Voorhees with a machete.  Her style is sort of neutral and plain, so I thought this olive/brown was a good choice to represent her.
  4. Honey Bee: Instead of including a matte cream (booooooring!) I wanted something a little more yellow-toned that would pair with and highlight the bright yellow I included in the next row.  I called this shade Morning Sunshine as a reference to the shocker ending where Alice is floating in the canoe; morning has come and the police have arrived, and it looks like everything is going to be ok…until Jason jumps out of the lake and drags her in!

003 Reds
Ummm, how could you do a horror-themed palette and not have some sort of red shadow?!  Come on!

  1. 000 SteveVibrant Red: Crazy Ralph and all of the locals refer to Camp Crystal Lake as “Camp Blood,” and that’s the perfect name for this bright, bold red!
  2. Pomegranate Red: I also wanted a slightly deeper red to be able to create a little dimension, so I picked up this shade.  I named it after another of Ralph’s famous lines about the camp: “It’s Got A Death Curse.”
  3. Aluminum Taupe: I called this shade “Mrs. Voorhees’ Hunting Knife;” although she dispatches teens in a number of different ways, she is most often seen directly with a large hunting knife.  She uses it to slit Annie’s throat at the beginning of the movie and attacks Alice with it at the end.  I didn’t want a pure silver shade, but rather something that would have a metallic shimmer to it and some silvery tone, but that would coordinate with the other shades in the palette, like the greens and the browns.
  4. Bright Yellow: When he gets killed by Mrs. Voorhees, Steve Christie (the owner of Camp Crystal Lake) is wearing a bright yellow rain slicker.  It was a perfect reason to include this gorgeous matte yellow, and “Goodbye, Mr. Christie” seemed like a good name for the shade!

004 Blues
Yes, the woods are lovely, but the story hinges around the waters of Crystal Lake – so obviously we had to have some gorgeous blue shades to round out the collection!

  1. 001 SandyIndigo: I was drawn to the blue shade, and even though I didn’t immediately have a reference point for it, I knew I wanted it.  As I was watching clips and going through images for inspiration, I ran across a side character, Sandy who is a waitress at a diner that serves Steve Christie before he heads back to Camp Crystal Lake to meet his demise.  She’s wearing a bright, vivid blue uniform with yellow trim, and it was a perfect match!  I call this shade “Sandy’s Home Cooking.”
  2. Rainstorm: Truthfully, I almost left this shade name alone; the last act of the movie plays out in a thundering rainstorm, and I picked this shade to represent that storm.  But just to give it a little extra meaning, I changed it to “A Storm Is Coming” because I like that sense of foreboding that that statement implies.
  3. Lakeshore: Again, it’s sort of an appropriate name to start, but I wanted to have a shade be the namesake of “Camp Crystal Lake” and this seemed like a good option.  There is also something about this blue with the gold shift that makes me think of the moonlight on the lake in Mrs. Voorhees’ image in her mind of Jason drowning.
  4. Icicle Blue:  How could I do a Friday the 13th palette and not have a shade to reference “The Sweater,” Mrs. Voorhees’ signature light blue cableknit sweater?  I almost called this shade Pam’s Sweater, but a little F13 trivia: Mrs. Voorhees never had a first name in the movie – she was just Mrs. Voorhees.  It wasn’t until a later film where lightning flashes on a gravestone and we see her full name: Pamela Voorhees.  Call me a nerd, but since I’m sticking with the first movie, I decided to just go with “The Sweater.”  It also feels appropriate since the sweater is one of the important tools needed in the Friday the 13th NES game, which I was obsessed with!

001 Mrs Voorhees


As I mentioned above, I decided to swap in Morphe’s Nature’s Calling when I couldn’t find a matte green that I liked from Coastal Scents.  But before I made that decision, I was originally going to hold myself to my rules, and I ordered a 12th shade from Coastal Scents.  I placed the order and started playing with the images and something about the palette just didn’t feel right.  I needed that deep, matte green to really get the color story I wanted.  So I swapped in the Morphe, and then one of the other shades had to go.  So which shade was it?

00 Deep Eggplant
Deep Eggplant!  I thought the deep purple shimmer would help round out and add dimension to the blues, and could also pair nicely with the red tones or the green tones.  When I decided to add in the Morphe shadow, it was either this one or Indigo that was going to get the boot.  And even though I love shimmer shades, I wanted at least a couple matte shades in the palette to give some variety, so Indigo was in.  Plus, I felt like the difference between Rainstorm and Deep Eggplant wasn’t as clear as the difference between Rainstorm and Indigo, so it made sense to have those two shades in for creating some depth.  If I do a “Sequel” palette, however, this one is definitely making the cut!


Looking at my spec sheet, I was pretty satisfied with what I created.  I felt like any of the vertical rows could be used together to create coherent looks, and if you needed to you could flesh them out with matte white and black (and a matte cream shade, if you absolutely must!).  But I also felt like these shades could be used together harmoniously to create some interesting a varied eye looks.  Here are some of the combos I put together:

I even think you could go a little cray and use the matte green, matte red, matte yellow, and matte blue together, though you’d better be ready for a super colorful result!  I probably should have put together more combos using the red, since it’s a horror themed palette, but I’ll save that for when I’m creating looks!

000 Looks

This post was getting hella long, so I decided to break it into two pieces!  This first section is all of the planning and prep that went into it.  All of the coordinating was done using the online images…but will everything look as good in real life as it does on screen?  Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out the answer!

In the meantime, tell us what pop culture product, character, or franchise you’d love to create your own makeup collection or palette around!  Sound off in the comments below!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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  1. Brida says:

    Oh I love it! Strangely today I broke out my first (and only) custom palette. I did the same as you and designed it to be a palette like any other and not a collection of singles. I use coastal scents too! And coastal scents liked the look I made today, I seem my palette a success. I do wish I had a theme though. Next time!

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