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Make Up For Ever is one of those brands that I have some of their products, and I actually really like them, but I almost never use them.  I’m not sure why.  Something about the brand is just not super compelling to me and I don’t find myself shopping their new products or using their products that I already have as often as I should.  But one thing that will always get my attention is customizable beauty, and Make Up For Ever has been changing up some of their DIY beauty buys to make them even more versatile and user-friendly.

A couple of years ago Sephora brought out the customizable Artist Shadow palettes: individual round shadows in a pretty impressive rainbow of colors that could be plugged into 1-, 2-, and 3-pan palettes.  You would buy the shadows and you might get the palette free or a small discount on the whole thing.  Here’s one of the trios that I have hanging out in my collection:

L to R: ME-304, D-552, ME-554

No surprise, I built this trio around that gorgeous emerald shade and complemented it with a coolc hampagne and that deeper, cool taupe brown.  Stunning!  I had a couple of their duos and another trio, but I ended up decluttering all of those because I just wasn’t reaching for them.  The shadow formula is actually really good; I love the pigmentation, and the selection of colors and finishes is really lovely.  I’m nto sure what keeps me from falling back on them much more often.

ME-304 is a stunning emerald metallic and as I was swatching and playing with it, it reminded me a lot of the metallics from Juvia’s Place which are literally some of the best on the market.  I wish I knew what was wrong with me that I’ve been sleeping so hard on this formula!  D-552, one of their “diamond finish shades, is a nice shimmer and there is maybe a little glitter in it but otherwise I’m not exactly sure what makes this finish different from the metallic.  ME-554 is a deeper cool-toned taupe and it almost seems to have a little bit of silvery shift to it.  These three together would make some really pretty eye looks with a cool-toned focus.

Sometime last year, MUFE launched some customizable highlight and blush palettes that worked on the same principle: buy one, two, or three shades and fit them in however you like to a magnetized palette.  But this time the panes were rectangle.  I picked up three shades (one blush and two highlighters, because I have a sick obsession with highlighters that can’t be stopped!) and built a cute little face palette that I had every intention of reviewing.  But the goodies sat in my blush drawer, and the review never happened.

L to R: B-302, H-106, H-102

B-302 is a mostly matte peach-toned blush that maybe has a subtle pink twist to it.  H-106 is a pretty standard gold highlight; nothing unique here but fabulous saturation.  H-102 is a baby pink with a pearly shimmer that seems to me to run toward gold, warming it up just a bit.  All of these are really pigmented; if you like sheer blushes or highlights, there are definitely not for you or you’ll have to use a very, very, VERY light hand, but if you love a pop of color and shine you should definitely check them out!

So what finally convinced me to get off my duff and write the damn review?  They repackaged their Artist shadows in square pans, making the customizable option much more appealing.  Here’s the new trio I picked up:

L to R: ME-302, S-314, D-716

ME-302 is another gorgeous metallic green, but a deeper, more forest green than the one above.  S-314 is a Satin finish, and it’s a really great seafoam green.  Honestly, I almost feel like I was unconsciously making a comanion palette to the one above!  The last shade, D-716, has a flakier texture and does a much better job of differentiating the diamond finish from the metallic finish – it is sparkly af!

The nice thing about playing with these shadows compared to the last is that while the repackaged them, they don’t seem to have reformulated them; if they did, they managed to keep all of the things that made them really great and blendable.  These are just as fantastic as the previous release, but the packaging is not much more mix ‘n match.

The rectangle pans of blush and highlight are the same size of two of the shadows.  That means that you could buy your six favorite shadows to make your idea travel eye palette.  Or if you like using one of the diamond shadows as a highlight along with one of the larger highlight pans, you could buy the eye trio palette and pop the larger highlighter next to the shadow and focus on highlight.  You could pick 4 shadows to make a quad and put it in the blush duo palette, or pick up the blush trio palette and add a large pan of highlighter for inner corner and brow bone highlight.


See what I mean?  So many more options!

The main drawback is that the deals or free palette offers only seem to apply if you stay in the traditional product groupings.  For example, If you buy six shadows, you can get a deal on them as well as two free trio palettes, but if you want to buy those 6 and the blush trio palette to put them all together, you’re going to end up paying regular price.  I didn’t check the Make Up For Ever website to see if they had more flexible options, but that’s how it works in Sephora.  So that’s the one drawback – unless you are buying a lot of product to really mix and match things up, you’re probably going to end up paying more.

Tell us what you think – have you tried either the eye or face palettes?  What shades did you get?  Is this a brand you reach for all the time, or like me do you let them sit in the drawer, getting lonely?  If you’ve never tried them before, what’s stopped you?  Sound off in the comments!

I always love customizable beauty, and this innovation from Make Up For Ever is tempting me to give this staple brand for makeup artists another look.  I don’t know if they will become my ride or die, but I can definitely see myself doing a lot more mixing and matching now that my eye and face products can all live in sweet, sweet harmony.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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