Poppin Off: ColourPop’s Individual Pressed Shadows

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ColourPop needs to slow the hell down for like 2 seconds!

I swear, every time I turn around this low-priced beauty brand is putting another new collection or palette or something, and while I generally enjoy the quality, it can all become a little overwhelming.  There are some collections and products that aren’t to be missed (The Shayla collab looks amazing – I bought the whole set, so look for a review coming soon!), but some sort of blend together in a beige-y sea of meh – I mean, what even is that Fame palette?!  They billed it as the “Cool-toned palette you’ve been asking for.”  I promise you, no one asked to be assaulted by that much mediocrity.

Fame 01

So since I’m a bitter old curmudgeon and I’m tired of all the curated stuff they’ve been putting out, I decided to take matters into my own hands: ColourPop was having a sale on their individual pressed shadows where you could order 4 shades for $12 and get a free magnetic palette to put them into.  I was very excited to create my own custom quads without any boring ass neutrals to weigh the whole thing down.  So I picked out 8 shades, placed my order, and waited for fabulousness to fall into my life.

CP 05
I was a little bummed that they were out of a couple of the green shades that I was really coveting, but I found these 8 shimmery, saturated shades.  I decided to put the more cool-toned shadows on the top row together and the warmer tones on the bottom row together.  The palettes that they sent are kind of cute, a lightweight white plastic with a sort of scribble art design:

CP 04
My only real problem with the palettes was the quality: the plastic is flimsy, and the magnets that seal the palette can be a bit too strong.  One of the palettes broke after I opened it less than half a dozen times.  The magnets stuck together so tight that it actually pulled the mirror right out of the lid!  I took the mirror and the magnets out, but now the palette doesn’t close.  It’s a bit of a mess.

CP 08
But for $12, I guess I can’t complain too much because the shadows themselves really are fantastic!

CP 06
L to R: Glass Bull, Fault Line, Sideline, Tea Garden

These shades all have a duochrome shift that makes them an interesting mix of cool and warm tones sort of mixed together.  Glass Bull is a plummy brown base with a green shift that almost looks kind of pink in certain light.  Fault Line is a lovely royal purple with cool blue shift.  Sideline is an olive green with green and silver shimmer.  Tea Garden is a brown with bright gold reflect that almost appears orange in some lights.  I love all 4 of these shades.  The formula is buttery and smooth and they blend really well with each other and with other shadows.  I find that with duochromes like this, if you mix too many together they can tend to get a little muddy, but these did alright when I was blending and playing with them.  Overall, I was very impressed.

CP 07
L to R: Come & Get It, Chauffer, Rascal, Comeback Kid

When you see the pans next to each other, Come & Get It and Comeback Kid look really, really similar, but they actually swatch with more depth and you can see more of the differences.  Come & Get It is a deeper plum pink with candlelight gold shimmer.  Chauffer is a metallic orange with gold shift.  Rascal is a bright yellow that would be a nice substitute for people who are tired of basic gold metallic shadows but still want that sort of warm tone.  It’s like sunshine in a shadow!  Comeback Kid is a pale pink with peachy gold shimmer, and this reminds me a lot of my old standby comparison, MAC’s Paradisco (although this one is a little bit lighter).

I have been all about customizable palettes lately (in case you missed it, I’ve been putting together my first ever themed custom palette – you can check out the design plan HERE!), mainly because brands are just doing the same thing over and over and over again.  Maybe they’ve always done that, but for whatever reason I’ve reached a saturation point where it’s much easier for me to look at something and start to run through all of the dupes for those shades and arrangements that I already have in my kit.  I don’t need any more neutral palettes with just one or two pops of color – I need colorful palettes with maybe one or two pops of neutral!  Sure I still get suckered in by cute packaging or slick marketing from time to time (like that tragic mermaid palette from tarte!); after all, I’m only human.  But I’ve gotten much better at saying no to things that are just giving me the same old schtick and the same tired color stories.

What do you think about ColourPop’s pressed shadow game: are you still loving all of their palette releases, or is DIY the way to go?  How do you feel about the formula? What kind of combos have you put together when you’ve made your own custom palette?  Let us know in the comments below!

DIY beauty is the way of the future, and it’s something that more brands are going to have to think about to stay fresh and relevant.  Sure, there will also be some basic bitches out there who will lap up every 50 shades of beige bullshit palette that a brand wants to put out there, but makeup junkies are getting much choosier and more discerning, and there are so many up and coming indie brands emerging to give the Sephora elites of the world a run for their money.

I hope that means we’re in for a much more colorful future.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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