You Are What You Meh-keup: Cover Girl’s Melting Pout Lippies

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Cover Girl has been working hard on re-branding and win back customers who have wandered over into newer (or more consistent) product lines.  She’s no longer “easy, breazy, beautiful” – the Cover Girl girl now says, “I am what I make up.”  I am no stranger to drugstore makeup, but I tend to stick with Maybelline and Milani.  These brands rarely let me down, and I’ve been feeling their recent releases.  But as I noticed the Cover Girl displays changing and getting a more streamlined look, I decided it was time to give them another look.  And I know that lip products are always a safe bet.


I decided to try out a few different items from the Melting Pout line: 1 matte liquid lipstick, 2 metallics, and 2 lip “topcoats.”  Looking at the topcoat tubes, they just look like glitter glosses, but the glitter was pretty saturated so I decided to be hopeful.

CoverGirl 02L to R: 355 Gray Matter (matte), 240 Rock Star (metallic), 285 Sunday Blue (metallic), 400 Golden Girl (glitter), 405 Double Platinum (glitter)

That color on the matte lipstick is every-damn-thing!  I love a cool-toned, dark taupe-y brown.  If you’re going to do something nude or neutral, I always think you should do that!  It painted on alright; it was a little patchy with one coat, but a second coat made it look…acceptable.  Not amazing.  Not outstanding.  Just acceptable.  I might try using this as a base coat and then putting down a layer of Jeffree Star’s Restraints from the Love Sick collection…that might actually be fantastic.  This is just lukewarm to me otherwise.

The metallics were actually the best of the group, which is a feat – usually brands can nail the mattes and then flub up the metallics, so I was impressed with how nice these were.  They weren’t really super metallic, and the finish isn’t one I couldn’t live without, but they were a nice option.  Rock Star is a pretty standard bright candy apple red; nothing unique, but given the metallic shine it might be worth looking into as a complement to similar matte shades.  Sunday Blue was the real standout – it’s light and bright, and still manages to be fairly saturated.  This is one I’ll probably keep around.

Now let’s talk about the glosses.  And yes, I said glosses because that’s what they fucking are.  A lip topcoat is actually a thing – think Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers or Kat Von D’s Everlasting Glimmer Veils.  They are a semi-sheer, usually glittery lip product that you can put on bare lips or over another lip color (usually a matte lipstick) and they dry down to seal in the lip color.  These are not that.  These are glosses with glitter.  Basic as fuck.

What’s worse?  When you put it over the matte liquid lipstick, the glitter sheers out and is not nearly as saturated and metallic as it looks in the tube.  It reveals its true form: a simple, basic, seen before a million times gloss.  Sorry if I sound bitter, but I am.

CoverGirl 01
Here are the swatches.  As I said before, the matte is fine, but it took two coats to really even it out.  The metallics are nice, a silvery sheen and a strong base color.  You can see that both of the glitter glosses really sheer out and don’t make much of an impression.  They actually look better on their own; in the middle section, you can see both colors over Gray Matter, and they both seem barely there.

I really wanted to love these, and with the exception of the deception of the glosses I don’t hate them but they are just “meh.”  There was a time when that would be just fine.  But this is not that day.  There is so much competition from other drugstore brands as well as indie brands with lower price points; if Cover Girl wants to recover more of the market share, their going to have to do better than mediocre lip products, glosses that they rename to try to chase a trend, and cutesy packaging endorsed by Katy Perry.

What do you think of Cover Girl’s latest evolution?  Are you here for it, or are you heading for the door?  Have you tried the Melting Pout line and love it?  Fight me! lol Let me know what you think about this line, or what brand has taken over as your drugstore destination.

I love that they are trying to innovate and keep up with the times, but I need a little less meh-keup and more easy, breezy, and beautiful.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

Cover Girl

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Brida says:

    Ew ive not seen that new packaging. Last time I saw melting pout “liquid lipsticks” (the too faced rip offs, I wasn’t convinced they were anything but very pigmented sticky glosses so I passed) they had thick black cursive writing on the tubes. I don’t know how I feel about this 2003 packaging. Although you did say the magic words COOL TONED TAUPE which is my favorite lip color ever so for the first time ever I’m now drawn towards Cover Girl (I’m sure this wasn’t your intention!) It’s one of those brands I’ve never been attracted to, it always seemed so basic and like handbag makeup from the turn of the century. The only CG items I can recall owning are one of the Katy Kat glosses (a gift – lovely color but so sticky and transfers in about 2 minutes all over everything) and a regular gloss (a basic nude, unremarkable but what I wanted at the time and I do wear it). I don’t think anything short of the words cool toned taupe could draw me to this brand (perhaps greige could do it), but I might have to give just that one a try now. As for the glitter glosses, I’ll say it time and again, there is one brand that has glitter glosses worth your time and once you have the whole set you have every color you’d need (aoa Studio), and they are actually pigmented and don’t displace a lipstick under them. I never thought that would be a product I would need but I threw $12 at a set of 12 simply because I didn’t have anything like them (aside from 2 diamond crushers which are overrated af) and it turned out to be a win!

    • JanessaJaye says:

      Yeah, the color on the liquid lipstick is absolutely gorgeous, so if you love that kind of color I would say go for it – it’s less than 10 bucks, and it’s not terrible, just needs a little patience and willingness to work with it.

      I love the LOOK of the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers, but the wear hurts my heart a little bit. They look so stunning when you first put them on…and the longer you wear them they get sort of crumbly in the center. I’ve never had them crumble all over (a complaint I’ve heard from others) but they can crack and they are super dry feeling. If you get the CG lipstick, let me know what you think of it!

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