Baby I Can See Your Halo: Wet ‘N Wild’s Hello Halo Liquid Highlighters

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Even though I’ve been trying to curb my makeup spending in general (and my obsession with purchasing every damn highlighter in existence in particular!), I keep hearing great things about what drugstore darling Wet ‘N Wild has been doing with their MegaGlo highlighters.  On a recent trip to my local CVS, I noticed that they had a liquid formula called Hello Halo, and decided to check it out.  I’m generally skeptical of liquid highlighters; I tried a couple of the Cover FX Mix In Drops and all they did was make me look ashy and pale, and I tend to use so many powder face products that adding in a liquid at the end of the process is sort of asking for disaster.  But in the interest of “science” I decided to give them a shot.

Plus, it was a reason to self-indulgently reference one of my favorite Queen Bey songs:

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s take a lot at the three shades of Hello Halo that I picked up: Halo Goodbye, Goddess Glow, and Rosy & Ready.

Halo 01
Halo, Goodbye is a light shell pink with some gold shift, like a lighter combo of the other two shades.  It’s pretty light, so not as friendly to darker skintones, but it’s the least specific in color (so if you don’t want a highlighter that screams pink or gold, this might be a good option).  Goddess Glow is a peachy gold that is probably the most metallic of the three.  Rosy and Ready is a bright light pink, and it’s got some great silver sparkle.  Here are the three shades swatched:

Halo 02
All three are pretty, all three have nice pigmentation, and all three represent all of the problems that would keep someone like me from purchasing them: they just don’t play well with powder products.  I tried these out over one of my recent looks and it started to pull up the powder.  If you still want to use them, I would suggest doing the rest of your makeup, spraying it down with setting spray, and then applying the highlight.  I would also suggest placing it with dabbing motions from the doe foot applicator, rather than dragging the applicator across your face (and probably pulling up the base).  Once you dab the product on, if it’s too saturated you can lightly tap a damp beauty blender over it to help diffuse it.  This should allow for a successful application over a variety of powder face products.  If you tend to stick with liquids and creams, this should fit in nicely with your routine, and the colors really are lovely.  If you like the color but it’s too shiny for you, you can always apply it, diffuse it with a beauty blender, and then dust a light layer of setting power over the top which will help make it matte without losing too much of the color.

Once little packaging thing to be aware of: these are actually little glass bottles, so be careful with how you store or travel with them so that they don’t get broken and leave you with a liquidy mess and shards of danger all over your kit!

Tell us what you think: do you like liquid highlighters?  Are you a fan of the formula, or are you like me and serving up cakeface and liquids just turn it into a moist mess?  What’s your favorite kind of highlighter?  Have you tried other Wet ‘N Wild highlighter formulas that you like better?  Sound off in the comments below!

Even though I went in with really low expectations, I was surprised that I liked these as much as I did.  Truthfully, I think I mostly wanted to try them because Jeffree Star’s IG stories suggest that he’s planning to drop some liquid highlighters this summer, and I was much more excited about being reminded that I don’t like liquids at $6 a piece rather than what his are going to run!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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