Slip Into This Catsuit: Wet N Wild Liquid Lipstick

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Time for another trip to the drugstore, kittens – Miss Jaye is ready to throw down on some Wet ‘N Wild Liquid Catsuit lipsticks!

I don’t get a lot of requests to review specific products (except for, like, every single new release from Jeffree Star for some reason!) but Justin, a frequent attendee of my Facebook Live chats asked me if I had ever tried the Wet ‘N Wild Liquid Catsuit liquid lipsticks.  I hadn’t, but I love checking out new lippies, so I decided to head on down to my local CVS hunty and pick up a few shades to swipe and swatch and test out!

Here are the four shades that I picked up:

Cat 01
I like to try to do at least a small range of shades whenever I’m trying out new lipstick formulas: something light, something dark, and something very bright.  This helps give me a sense of how the line overall performs, although of course there can be a range of performance depending on individual pigments and formulation.  But for the most part, big problems will usually surface in a group like that.  This isn’t the most perfect sampling; the lightest shade in the group is also the only metallic I picked up (although I do have 4 more metallics from the Midnight Mermaid collection being reviewed soon – stay tuned!), and the darkest shade is a bright, true red, but overall I thought these showed a good range of the shades available in this particular formula.

Here’s how they swatched:

Cat 02
L to R: Missy and Fierce, The Shade Is Teal, Oh My Dolly, Satin Sheets

The red is gorgeous, and easily my favorite shade of the group.  It goes on smooth and even, and this shade – I think this is the exact shade Taylor Swift is talking about when she mentions red lipstick, which is approximately every 9 minutes, so that’s saying something.  It’s so gorgeous and it doesn’t really budge once it’s laid down.  The Shade Is Teal went on the sheerest and was a little patchy; that’s not uncommon for bright shades like this since they need a lot of white pigment to get the color saturation and white pigments can be notoriously hard to work with in lip products.  I dodn’t think it was bad, though.  It wasn’t so much streaky as just not nearly as saturated as the other colors, and you could easily layer this to get more impact.  Oh My Dolly is a lovely bright pink, toeing the line between blue-based and more yellow-based, so it’s not going to be too 80s fuchsia, if that makes sense.  This is a great bright shade, and it didn’t have the same problems with pigmentation that the teal shade did, so that’s pretty impressive.  The last shade, Satin Sheets, was the least impressive.  A lot of brands struggle when it comes to making metallic liquid lipstick, and this is no exception.  I had to put on about 3 layers to get the amount of pigmentation you see in the swatch photo.  It went on pretty sheer, and the metallic isn’t all that metallic.  Those gripes aside, this is still a very pretty color, and this would look great layered over a matte base.  I tried it over Oh My Dolly and the combo was fantastic!  It’s definitely not the best metallic out there, especially if you want to use it on its own, but it wasn’t terrible.

Tell us what you think: have you tried the liquid catsuit?  Do you think it gives some of those luxury brands a run for their money?  Or is it just another brand chasing the trend of the moment without much success?  What’s your favorite brand of drugstore priced liquid lipstick?  Favorite brand overall?  let us know in the comments below!

Catwoman 01

I don’t know that I’ll be slipping into this liquid catsuit all the time, but I’m glad I checked them out; I’m forever forgetting things when I travel to shows and have to buy replacements on the fly, so it’s nice to know that this brand, at only 5 bucks a pop, has some great shades with really good color payoff.  I love a trip to the Sephora as much as any makeup-addicted diva, but sometimes saving some money and getting intense color payoff just makes me feel so much yummier…

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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