Missed Perception: Shayla’s So-So Collab With ColourPop

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Can we just be done with collabs now?  Please?  Pretty please?!

Now don’t get me wrong: this collab is already better than pretty much every other ColourPop collab because it actually features more than one color that isn’t just a version of brown, but there’s just not a lot here to excite me.  But I’m probably getting ahead of myself.

Shayla is a YouTuber and InstaGram model who really started to rise after getting into a social media scuffle with constant drama llama Jeffree Star.  She’s kinda monotone, and her videos take a little getting used to, but sometimes she’s low key funny af and I’ve really come to appreciate her.  So when I saw that ColourPop was doing a whole collab collection with her, I figured it was worth checking out, especially since I could get the whole collection – 16-pan palette, 3 Lux lipsticks, 1 Ultra Glossy Lip, and 2 loose powder highlighters – for less than $60!  I ordered the kit and sat back and waited for the products to arrive, which they did in just over a week.  Not too bad; CP is sometimes a little slow with shipping, but I felt like this one was pretty average (the apparently felt that there was a delay – but more on that later!).

Shayla 02
First, let me just throw a little shade.  When they first launched the collection, you could get the whole collection for $59 or get the special, extremely limited “PR package” version for $75.  I tried to look over the listing to see if you got anything additional, and I think there might have been a small booklet (not sure though), but the only difference I could verify is that it came in a fancy box.  For $16 fucking dollars.  Yeah, you tried it CP; but I guess the joke’s on me, because those PR kits sold out.  Enjoy your 16 dollar cardboard boxes…

Anyway, let’s start at the top: the Perception palette.

Shayla PaletteI swear I took photos of the palette itself before I swatched it, but I’ll be damned if I can find them so here is an image I snagged from Temptalia – check her out, yo!

Top row, L to R: Unbothered, TF, Titus, Stallion.  2nd row, L to R: Spill The Tea, Diva, I. E., 14.  3rd row, L to R: Strut n Slay, Culture, Sassy, September.  Bottom row, L to R: Revenge, Thic, Played Out, Shade.

Here are swatches of the top two rows, and then the bottom two rows, with and without flash, over a base of Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer:

Shayla 04
L to R: Unbothered, TF, Titus, Stallion, Spill the Tea, Diva, I.E., 14.

Shayla 03
L to R: Strut n Slay, Culture, Sassy, September, Revenge, Thic, Played Out, Shade.

This is my favorite part of the collection, and overall I think it’s pretty good.  I felt like the mattes in this palette were drier than usual for CP pressed shadows, and they were a little hard to work with; Shade was the worst; it’s that sort of matte shade with glitter in it, which is a recipe for maximum fallout – why do people even keep doing that?!  Unbothered is a really beautiful light candlelight gold, nothing unique but a very good version of that color.  Titus is a rich cool brown that I really like, and 15 is a nice deep teal blue that pairs nicely with it.  Sassy is that now becoming ubiquitous brown/green hybrid shade, but they did a really good job with it and it has a lot of dimension and is creamy and lovely to apply.  The bright pink, September, is a lovely blue-based fuchsia and another favorite from the palette.  Finally, the last shade that really stands out to me is the orange shade Thic.  It’s a matte, and a little hard to work with, but that rich, bright orange is every-damn-thing.  I don’t even use orange shadows that often, and I want to have that all over my face!  The rest of the shadows are…fine, but not outstanding or particularly memorable.  They work for what you need them to do.

I agree with Makeup Struggles’ new video that my other main gripe about this palette is that this is a Fall palette – rich browns, oranges, and the pops of color are pretty much all jeweltones.  This feels like an odd fit for a spring/summer release.

Now let’s talk about the lip products and the two loose powder highlighters.  Here are the swatches:

Shayla 05L to R: Neat Freak, Ultra Glossy Lip; Quickie, Lux Lipstick; C’mon Sis, Lux Lipstick; Ooouuuu, Lux Lipstick; Pose, Loose Powder Highlight; Boomin, Loose Powder Highlight.

Here’s where things get a little less consistent.  Neat Freak, the Ultra Glossy Lip, has almost no presence at all.  It looks like a bright peachy champagne with opal glitter in the tube, but it totally sheers out when applied and all you get is a sheen of glitter.  That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s super basic, and just not all that interesting; plus, the Ultra Glossy Lip formula is one that is stickier than I usually find comfortable.  It’s not bad, and at that price, if you don’t have a sheet champagne gloss with opal glitter, this is a nice option…but who doesn’t have that kind of gloss?  That’s literally like the first kind of gloss anyone ever gets.

The Lux Lipsticks are an amazing formula, and I love each of these, even if I do think the color selection is a little bit blah.  ALl 3 of these will look good with the palette, and will be great for making cohesive looks, but I feel like one of the shades could have been a brighter, bolder shade that matches some of Shayla’s more colorful looks.  Maybe a bright fuchsia to pair with the eye shade September?  I’m just saying, we’ve got options here.  If you can’t sacrifice any of these shades, add a fourth shade.  Just do something to make it more interesting.

Quickie is the most basic, a light beige nude that’s been done a million times before.  I get that it’s the sort of color that is absolutely signature for Shayla’s looks, but it’s still boring as fuck.  C’mon Sis is my favorite of the three: a plum purple with a strong red base, it’s a nice color – just not one that I use very often.  It reminds me of beets.  Is that weird?  I wish I had smarter things to say about this, about this whole collection really, but this is what happens when you give me such boring shit to work with.  Oooouuuu not only has an incomprehensible name, it’s also a bright peach/orange that doesn’t make a ton of sense, but really grew on me.  I was horrified when I first swatched it, but the more I look at it, the more I appreciate it.  This would pair perfectly with all of those peach-toned palettes that have been coming out the last couple of years.

The loose powder highlighters are good if you like that sort of formulation.  I prefer a pressed powder, since it gives me more control in application, but if you like loose powders you won’t be disappointed by the pigmentation.  I feel like a broken record, but these shades are also super basic.  Pose is a more coppery gold where Boomin is a more yellow gold.  I’m sure you wouldn’t have to look very hard to find these shades somewhere in your collection.

ShaylaI get it: Shayla created a collection that personifies her signature look of a statement eye using a mixture of warm neutrals with a few pops of colors, paired with a nude or plum-nude lip, maybe some gloss, and a warm gold highlight.  That’s great.  People love Shayla because they love her style, and I’m sure lots of people bought this collection to support her (and if we must be subjected to more collabs, I’m all for having more collabs with people of color, men, queer folks, and other interesting folks who normally don’t get portrayed in beauty campaigns), but you would think that she and ColourPop would realize that her signature style is based on really basic products that are already found in everyone’s collection.  That’s great – when you’re watching her tutorials or looking at her IG posts, you can fairly easily recreate the looks, but it means that if you put that straight into a collection, it’s going to be a bunch of products that aren’t that interesting.  I would have liked to see her twist her style a little, give us something unexpected, or at least more variety.  The palette has some interesting colors, but everything else is warm neutral blah.  Give us a bold lip color, or a different sort of highlight – something!  Or make the collection smaller, encapsulate that signature look with the palette, one highlight, one lipstick, and a gloss to top it off.  But if you’re going to give us all of those options, and then make those options that boring and bland….well then I just don’t see the point.

What did you think of the collab?  Were you wowed by the options, or did you think it lacked creativity?  Did you snatch it up or are you waiting for something more colorful to come along?  Do you love seeing collabs, or are you over it?  Who would you like to see collab with ColourPop – or with your favorite brand?  Let us know in the comments below!

As I noted above, I felt like the shipping was pretty decent, but apparently CP experienced some sort of delay, and as a customer service gesture, they included a Karreuche x ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Lychee Me along with a card that said they were sorry for the delay.

Shayla 01
Say what you will about ColourPop, I have certainly never had a problem with their customer service!  They are always throwing in little extras or cute cards as a thank you, and if you have a problem they fix it really quickly – at leas they have for me the couple of times I’ve had to contact them.  In addition to the gloss, I also got a freebie celebrating the company’s 4th birthday, a Super Shock shadow called Birthday Wish.  I decided to throw those two products, plus a Lux Lipstick in Nu Wave I had ordered when I did the Build Your Own palettes, in this review as well.

Shayla 06
I appreciate the though with the Lychee Me, but it’s just not for me.  It’s a sheer beige with no glitter – in what world does that sound like the Technicolor nightmare that is Miss Jaye?!  Not at all.  I swatched it and it immediately went into the declutter box.  Nu Wave was gorgeous, a blue-based pinky red that has the same gorgeous formulation – these lipsticks are amazing for only $7 each!  I don’t wear a lot of traditional tube lipsticks anymore, but these might tempt me back.  I love them, and it’s nice to see, with the four shades that I tried for this post, that the quality holds up for light, dark, and bright shades!

Birthday Wish was the biggest surprise: I usually hate the Super Shock shadows, but this one seemed to be better than how I remembered them being.  It has an almost wet feel while applying it, and the color was ridiculously saturated and had beautiful metallic shimmer and glitter.  I’m not sure I’ll completely switch over, but I’ll be much more likely to check these out in the future.

ColourPop is still killing the game when it comes to quality and price; all of the products in this collection are fantastically formulate.  Where they fall short is in their color selections and the sheer glut of products they release.  If they would slow down and focus on better releases rather than just more, they could really fuck up the game.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Brida says:

    If you take out the pink shade from the palette, you have the Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio palette. Seriously, as soon as I saw the swatches I was like: noooo it isn’t! I have the Nicol palette, it was an impulse buy because I love the VV formula and needed a 2nd palette during the sale to get free shipping, and ive often wished I would have got the Holy Grail instead, but that’s another complaint for another day; Nicol is a good palette with a lovely formula it’s just not that interesting. When I saw people raving about this collection, I didn’t really get it. The only 2 colourpop palettes I ever wanted were my little pony and dream st, the Kathleen lights one. I have them both and in happy to leave it at that tbh. I do have 5 lux lipsticks on way, I’ve never tried them before, I settled for the 3 coolest nudes I could find, a dark teal and a true periwinkle. I had actually forgotten about them until just now and now I’m excited!

    • JanessaJaye says:

      Yeah, I just feel like she could have done so much more with this! I really like ColourPop’s pressed formula, but their color selections are getting to be as repetitive as a Morphe palette! That cool-toned palette they put out looked like 16 shades of the same boring beige!

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