In Honor Of LGBT Pride Month, I Decided To Paint A Rainbow With Violet Voss!

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OK, let’s be real: Pride or no Pride, I was going to end up with this gorgeous, creamy dreamy, vibrant and intensely pigmented palette in my hands no matter what.  But it just seems to fit nicely that I’m getting this review posted in the month when rainbows are all the rage and the world is ready for some fabulous queerness!

I actually tried to buy this palette on a Seattle trip several months ago; I had been wanting to try Violet Voss for a while, and the West Lake Union Sephora had the testers for both the Rainbow palette and Like a Boss palette, and though I preferred the color explosion of the Rainbow over the more muted tones of Like a Boss (plus the $30 price tag compared to $45!), the Rainbow was sold out.  So I only grumbled  a little bit when I walked out with the Like A Boss palette because even though I didn’t love the colors as much, I knew that the formula was absolutely gorgeous (the review is HERE ICYMI)!

I was browsing around one day and noticed that not only had they added a much bigger selection of Violet Voss palettes but they finally, FINALLY had the Rainbow Palette back in stock!  I added it to my cart without a second thought – this was meant to be!

Voss 01
I mean…look at those shades!  That’s exactly what I need in a rainbow-themed palette: not just using the crayon colors of red, orange, yellow, etc. but rather interpreting each of the shades in the rainbow in a shimmering shade that is bright and vibrant and, most importantly, works with the other shades!  Just staring at those colors makes me happy and I just couldn’t wait to get my fingers all up in that powdery goodness – if you look closely at the photos, I had already put my fingers in the shades before taking product pictures (which I try to NEVER do!).

And these don’t just look good in the pans:

Voss 03
Ugh.  I’m dead.  Deceased.  Gone, buried, dead, resurrected, and once again I am living.  I know that seems like I’m being a little bit extra, but that’s because this palette makes me feel a LOT extra.  It really is so gorgeous!  The shadows are buttery soft and they all blend perfectly.

Voss 04
L to R: Flamingo, Peach, Buttercup, Seafoam, Fiji, Royal, Indigo, Violet, Pearl, Eclipse.

I love the fact that they included a black shade and a white shade, but made them just as shimmery, just as fabulous, and just as “not basic” as the rest of the palette.  A matte black and white might have satisfied the pumpkin spice crowd, but it would have totally killed the energy of this palette.  And if you ever needed a palette to convince you that you can have a “one and done” palette that is all shimmers, this just might be it.

Voss 02

Flamingo is a stunning popsicle red/pink and it is my favorite shade in the palette – yes, even better than the green shade (though that’s a close second)!  Peach is a bright orange/peach shade that’s got a strong gold shimmer to it.  Buttercup is nice and saturated; I would have preferred this shade maybe a shade or two lighter, but I think the level of saturation goes nicely with the rest of the shades in the palette.  I just love a lighter, brighter yellow.  Seafoam is every-damn-thing I need in a light green shadow: not too light and minty, not too deep.  It’s that perfect bright cool green that matches with literally every cool-toned shadow in your collection.  I love this so much.  Fiji is a bright turquoise shade that is sparkling and fun!  Royal is a deep blue that might be navy when it grows up but is still bright and pigmented and lovely.  Indigo, which is not actually all that indigo (Royal and Indigo probably should have switched their names!), is a blue-based purple that is deep and lovely, and pairs nicely with the more red-based shade, Violet, next to it.  I love these two purples together and I think you could work them together to create a really interesting cool-meet-warm purple look.  Pearl is a light candlelight white-with-gold-shimmer that is not totally unique, but done extremely well.  Eclipse is a rich black that is the least shimmery of the group but has a nice presence and will be perfect for darkening up any look and smoking out these bright gorgeous shades.

Pride 02
This is the season for rainbows, and this is an amazing palette to bring all of your colorful dreams to life.  I love the large pan sizes, as I can see myself using a lot of these shades on the regular, but it would have been nice to see what they might have done if they had interpreted Rainbow through their usual 20 pan palette format.  For those of us who were so wanting to love the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette but just couldn’t because of the quality, Violet Voss could have given us a suitable alternative.  But that’s just a minor qualm about what might have been – this palette really is stunning and high quality.  It’s so wonderful.

What do you think about Violet Voss and this palette?  Does this Rainbow make you want to burst out into “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper, or are you a tried and true fan of nudes?  Have you tried this brand before – and what did you think?  Are you living for the formulation?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

On a serious note, Pride is a celebration and it’s fun to get all dressed up and wave or flags, and maybe we drink a little bit and make some questionable choices.  But let’s not forget that the first “Pride” was a riot – it was about standing up to anti-queer oppression so that we would all be free to parade through the streets looking wild and sexy and free.  I can write about makeup and dress up like a neon parade float and perform in drag because of lots of brave people before me who stirred a lot of shit to make change happen; I do what I can to keep stirring shit so that people who come after me con continue to have an easier time of being who they are and expressing themselves and their desires and their presentations in the ways that feel most comfortable and true to them.

That’s something to be proud of.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (3)
  1. Brida says:

    I LOVE VIOLET VOSS. oh my goodness. I think they have one of, if not my ultimate, favorite formulas. I have Taupe Notch, Nicol Concilio & Hashtag and need more. The new one looks very alluring.

    • JanessaJaye says:

      I have the Like a Boss palette, and though the colors are a little darker than I tend to use, I love it. How is the Hashtag palette? That’s the other one that’s caught my eye!

      • Brida says:

        I am *not* usually a warm tones girl and Hashtag is warm as hell but it’s still so appealing. I love gold, and the 4 golds are NOT the same. It’s not the most versatile palette, there’s only so many looks you can make, but I believe you can make more than most people say u can (but I do 99%of my looks with a single palette so I believe all palettes can be stand alone); either red, gold, orange, bronze, purple or nude matte based looks are all easy. The quality is amazing of course. It was my first VV palette and it gave me the taste for them. I highly recommend it if ur looking for strong pigmentation and bold colors.

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