Summer On Fleek: Patrick Starrr’s “Me So Fleek” MAC Collab

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So let’s start with the obvious: I’m super over collabs (I think that whole thing jumped the shark for real-real when Jeffree Starr announced that he was collabing with his boyfriend and dogs…seriously, dogs ffs!) and I haven’t really been all that impressed with the quality of MAC cosmetics for awhile – especially their eyeshadows, which seem to be seriously lacking in pigmentation.  Despite both of these things, I decided to bite the bullet and pick up one of Patrick Starr’s recent Floral Realness Full Face Kit collab sets with MAC: Me So Fleek.

MAC 07

So why did I pick it up?

Simple economics.  For $49.50, this set includes an eyeshadow quad with the shades Living Pink, All’s Rosy, Hickie, and In the Shadows; a powder blush duo compact in Take Me Home, a lipstick in Hey, Boy, Hey!; and lipglass in Queen P.  With lip products running about $18 each from the brand, powder blushes at $24, and shadow quads at $32, there was no denying that this kit offered some serious value – as long as the shades could deliver.  That was my only hesitation, but the lure of the sale was too great and I went home with the more cool-toned, colorful collection.

Let’s start with the packaging: this set came in a large unit carton and all of the individual pieces were all wrapped in deep purple tissue.  The box has the floral logo for the collection and features a face chart card with a message from Patrick Starrr, and it seems to be trying to straddle the line between sleek, efficient packaging, and creating the influencer “PR list” experience that more and more brands have been cashing in on.  The logo is a little busy for me (not that I’ve ever been accused of being “subtle!”) and the white writing on the light pink box and insert card make it nearly impossible to read, but it’s not bad.  I think the lipstick and lipglass look the best out of the collection, and the other products are just OK.  It’s not bad, it’s just a little…much.

MAC 03
Here’s the blush duo, and let me just start by saying that I’m writing this review while on the road for work, and the lighting in my hotel is even more abominable than my usual lighting at home – all of the photos without flash have a super strong yellow cast!  Although they are a little blown out, the pics with flash are the most true to color, but I included both anyway so that you could see the comparison as this might affect how the makeup looks when applied in different lighting conditions.  You can also check out their super fancy promo images on the MAC website through the link provided above.

This duo is super cute and cool toned, and it reminds me a lot of the medium-toned blush that I use to blend my contour into my blush, so I thought this would be a good addition to my collection.  It’s got too shades, the darker of which I plan to use directly with my contour and the lighter shade to help bridge the two.  The compact feels plenty sturdy and it has a nice, tight snap closure.

MAC 01
I was so excited when I swatched the eye palette to see that they had really made an improvement in the formula for these shadows!  I’ve almost completely stopped buying MAC shadows because all of the singles I’ve bought the last couple of years (mostly wild shades in limited edition collections that I bought after giving in to the FOMO!) have been super lacking in pigment.  These are buttery and soft, and not at all like the dry mess their shadows have been.  They applied beautifully in the swatches, and when I was playing with them they blended beautifully.  The only shade that was a little fussy while I was playing was the upper right, All’s Rosy, but it just needed a little building to have an opaque wash of color.  These shadows are really stunning, and it makes the price of this collection seem even more worth it!  If MAC made all of their products with this level of quality, they could have a shot at competing with some of the indie brands that have dethroned them in the world of vibrant, pigmented makeup the last few years!

MAC 02
The lip products are pretty standard; that’s the one place I feel like MAC really hasn’t let their quality slip much.  The lipstick was creamy and applied nicely, although it was a little sheer in some spots.  It was a perfect match with the gloss, though, and the two do combine to make a really dynamite ombre look!  It’s hard to see because of my shitty lighting, but that look is gorgeous!  The pink gloss is a little derivative (I’m pretty sure I have pretty much the exact same color from the Trolls collection) but it matches well with the lipstick and it does seem to go well with Patrick’s personality and signature looks.

MAC 04
If you’ve been debating on whether or not to pick up one of these kits, I think it might be worth your while.  These shadows are hands down the best I’ve seen from MAC in quite some time, and I really do like the mix of shades that came in this quad: it’s not the perfect mic of shades, but I think you could get a full look or two out of here, and I also think you could use these as some amazing accent shades as they seem to play well with other shadows.

What do you think: did you pick up this collab, or is the nudey Me So Chic kit more your speed?  Is MAC still one of your go to brands, or have you also been seeing a drop in the quality?  Are you sick of all of these YouTuber collabs?  Or are you just waiting to see your favorite influencer gracing the next PR packaging?  Let us know in the comments below!

Patrick Starrr is known for his glamorous makeup tutorials and his larger than life persona, but I now know him for a much greater feat: getting MAC to put out an eyeshadow formula that is up to the amazing quality of their shadows from “back in the day” when RuPaul was the MAC girl and MAC was THE go to makeup line for the color-obsessed.  And that accomplishment is definitely on fleek.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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