Wet N Wild Makes A Splash With Mermaid Collection Under A Black Moon, PLUS Giveaway! [CLOSED]

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Remember when Wet ‘N Wild put out their very first boxed collection?  It was unicorn-themed, and Jeffree Star did a review of it (he seems to have some sort of relationship with Ulta, but it’s never clear from the videos what that relationship is) not long after the big unicorn drama that happened between Jeffree, tarte, and Too Faced (you can read more about that HERE).

That box was really the first time that I remember seeing brands release to the public, at least in a big way, the type of packages they send to influencers in PR.  It’s a smart move, and more brands have started to do that, including ColourPop with their recent collab with Makeup By Shayla.  I was so bummed that the box sold out before I could get it, and that seems to be the way it goes with those Wet ‘N Wild boxes at Ulta – they’ve done a few more of them since the Unicorn Glow, including the one we are going to review today: Midnight Mermaid.

Merm 01
This box is stacked!  The retail price was $30, and it comes with 4 shades of metallic Liquid Catsuit liquid lipstick, I MegoGlo Highlighting bar, 4 shades of ColorIcon Metallic Liquid Shadow, and 3 shades of MegaLiner Metallic Liquid Liner.  That’s a lot of product for only $30, but I didn’t even pay that much – Ulta recently had the box on their sale section for only $15!  That’s right, for the price of 3 of their Liquid Catsuit lipsticks, I got all of this stuff!  That’s such an amazing deal! (As of this writing the boxes are no longer on the website, but check back as this box was listed as sold out for a long time before popping back into the sale section – you never know!)

The only product I didn’t swatch and photograph for this post was the highlighter bar – if you’ve used the MegaGlo highlighters before, you know how good they are (and if you haven’t I suggest you do!) and this one is a pretty standard light yellow gold shade with a hint of pink sparkle.  Just wasn’t in the mood, and I was much more excited about the other pieces in the collection.  #SorryNotSorry

First, let’s talk about the Liquid Catsuit lipsticks:

Merm 02
L to R: Harbor A Crush, Coral Crown, Siren’s Jewel, Sea Seduction

I was a little worried about how these would perform, given my experience with the last metallic shade from this brand that I tried (you can read more about that HERE), but I was pleasantly surprised: all 4 of these shades glided on smoothly and evenly and looked gorgeous with minor finessing.  The shades are saturated and have a nice, deep metallic shine.  They remind me a lot of the Black Metals liquid lipsticks from Black Moon Cosmetics, but with a slightly less blackened base (if you missed my review of those goodies, you can check it out HERE!).  I really love the rick jeweltones of this collection, and though it doesn’t necessarily speak to me as being particularly mermaid-y, I love that they went with some wild, fun colors and made them a gorgeous metallic to boot!  Harbor a Crush is a bright maroon red and this is the most “everyday” of the shades, though it still has a lot of presence.  Coral Crown is a copper gold that looks darker when it’s next to the other three shades in the collection but is actually fairly bright.  Siren’t Jewel is obviously my favorite – it’s a green metallic, and might just give Lime Crime’s Serpentina a run for its money!  Finally, Sea Seduction is a deep blue that is maybe a little too dark.  I like the nod to navy, but this shade, and all of them really, are a bit too dark.  I get that it’s Midnight Mermaids, but mermaids are representative of fun, freedom, beach life – these shades are a little too serious for that theme, no matter what time of day or night it might be.

The eyeshadows are similarly dark:

Merm 03
This collection definitely seems to be trying to dupe the Black Moon line; these liquid shadows look extremely similar to the Cosmic Eye Dust shadows, and have a similar sort of performance.  You’ll notice that the swatches look a little…chunky.  First, I painted the outline of the swatch; these go on pretty sheer with a wash of black base color and glitter.  Once I had my shape defined, I dipped back into the product and them tapped the brush over the swatch to build up the product.  I did two layers of that method to get these swatches.  That’s also the same method I use with the Black Moon shadows; I find that they work best layered over other color on the eyes to give it some smoky glam.  The colors aren’t bad, and I think the performance is very similar to the Black Moon so these would be acceptable dupes.  Liquid shadows are never my go to, and these haven’t done anything to convince me otherwise.  They’re good, but for the way I do my looks they will never be staples.

Moonlight Majesty is the purple shade, and it’s got a nice bright shine to the glitter.  Aquatic Prism is the teal shade and that one is easily the brightest of the 4.  I actually like this one a lot, and I think this would be a great option to play with light and dark with a bright blue/teal eye look.  Mysterious Nights was just meh.  It’s got silver glitter, but the glitter needs to be more intense; as it is, it just ends up looking sort of muddy gray.  Lara’s Necklace is the emerald green shade, and it’s ok.  Again, the problem is that the glitter needs to be lighter and brighter to really make an impression.  Seriously though, why is this collection so heavy when it should be light-hearted and fun?!

As for the three liquid liners, I could take them or leave them.  I’m a mess with liquid liner, and the only time I really use it is if I have something with a felt tip.  These wands are hard for my clumsy fat hands to control, and the product tends to collect in ridges on either side of the brush (though that could totally be user error, since I so rarely work with this sort of liner!).  The colors are nice enough and have a subtle metallic reflect, so if you love that sort of formula you will probably think these are amazing – just not for me.

Even though I have some gripes about the color selection and how it fits (or doesn’t) with the theme, overall this wasn’t a bad box, and at $15 I more than got my money’s worth!  I’ll use all 4 of the lipsticks and the highlighter, and I’ll probably work in some of those liquid shadows from time to time to jazz things up.  The liners I will probably gift on to someone, but overall it’s a win.  And I’m glad to see that Wet ‘N Wild is continuing on with these boxed collections – a great way to try out a number of products at a discount!

Dark Mermaid

GIVEAWAY: Did you miss out on the Midnight Mermaid box and now you’re having serious FOMO?!

Not to worry – I picked up a second one of the boxes and I’m going to give it away to one lucky reader!  That’s right, you’re going to be getting all of the products pictured below still brand new and packaged in the holographic Midnight Mermaids box from Wet ‘N Wild!  All you have to do is comment below and answer the following question:

Which mythological creature would you like to see get a themed makeup collection next?

We’ve done unicorns to death, and mermaids are getting a little tired as well.  Can you spot the next big trend?  Give us your thoughts below!  As a bonus, Miss Jaye has a favorite mythological creature she would love to see represented in some gorgeouos cosmetics – if your answer is the same as hers, you’ll get an extra entry into the giveaway!

But comment now – this giveaway is only open through July 8 at 9 pm Central!  Open to US residents or anyone who can provide a US address for shipping.  Good luck!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (23)
  1. Brida says:

    I’m surprised to see this box again! But I’m glad as it proves I’m not crazy – I had a friend who got the Goth-o-graphic box and swore to me it was their first box. But I remember the unicorn one, then the mermaid one, then the goth-o-graphic and now a floral one (I think that’s it? I really want to know now!). For the giveaway question, I think a good idea would be a makeup series based on the 9 muses. There could be a collection for each muse that comes in a box like this. I think that would be really successful and given that thw muses are meant to be all about creativity and inspiration, I think it sounds really suitable. Damn I want to make this now…. Jsyk I’m currently designing eyeshadow palettes and packaging for this!

  2. Lisa Shanklin says:

    I would really LOVE to see a makeup collection based upon The Rising Phoenix. I personally have risen from ashes many times. I’m a soft-hearted femme soul. I know it’s possible to love all kinds of people. But some relationships die for various reasons. One can take appropriate time to grieve (which varies by individual). Yet eventually just like The Phoenix – each one of us has the capacity tk eventfully rise again.

  3. Amber Hoff says:

    Leprechaun! Some beautiful shades of green

  4. Kate says:

    I want to see the phoenix, it is my spirit totem.

  5. Sarah Kennedy says:

    Woodland fairies!!!!

  6. Tara Wood says:

    I would like to see them do the elves like LotR. Collection…

  7. Brianne says:

    Ghost – greys/silvers/whites/blacks (this could also go gargoyles)

    Elementals – colors to represent the traditional for and shimmer/glitter/sparkle for spirit

    Arabian Nights – playing with the Middle Eastern mythology (djinn, Sinbad, 1001 Arabian Nights)

    • JanessaJaye says:

      Oh, Ghosts would be a lot of fun! They could also have some sheer colors to spice up the monochromatic! Elementals would be good, as long as they do a better job of it than NYX did with those In Your Element palettes!

  8. Elaina says:

    Sprites or fairies! Pastels and all the glitter!

  9. Sigrid says:

    They aren’t mythical but narwhals! There could be some fun colors!

  10. Laurene says:

    I’m going to say vampires because I love a good smokey eye and a dark red lip.

  11. Davell Lysne says:

    I would like to see a horror/Halloween themed collection. In particular I would like to see a zombie based collection. I love shows like Resident Evil, Z Nation, the Santa Clarita Diet and the kids show Monster High. I surprised a drug store brand hasn’t come up with a Halloween collection because people buy make up for their costumes.

    • JanessaJaye says:

      Yeah, Wet n Wild usually does some colorful items each Halloween…but it would be fun for them to do a specifically themed collection around the classic images of Halloween!

  12. JanessaJaye says:

    This giveaway is now closed! Check back for more giveaways coming soon!

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