Wet ‘N Wild’s Goth-O-Graphic Liquid Lipsticks Aren’t As Lethal As They Think

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Wet ‘N Wild set out to slay the unicorn trend…but instead of coming to slay, they can barely play.

Over the last year, Wet ‘N Wild has been curating a series of collections that come in limited edition boxes; while all of the items are available individually, the boxes are only available from Ulta.com and Wet ‘N Wild’s own website.  I reviewed the Midnight Mermaid Collection HERE and I was generally pretty impressed with the quality of the Liquid Catsuit metallic liquid lipsticks that were included in that collection.  Metallics seem to be hard to do in a liquid formula, and these were gorgeously pigmented, consistent and opaque in application.

So when I was passing through an Ulta and saw that they had the shades of Liquid Catsuit from the Goth-O-Graphic collection, a collection the brand claimed was here to slay the unicorn trend, I decided to see if these would have the same level of performance.  There were 4 shades available, but I decided to skip over the pink shade and stick to the odd and unique shades – a bright cornflower blue, a silvery gray, and a gunmetal black.

Catsuit 01
L to R: Pastel Grunge, Gunmetal Heart, Death to Unicorns

In the tubes, I absolutely love the colors.  Applying them, however…not so much.  All 3 shades are really thin and they paint on with a very sheer wash of color with some iridescent sparkle.  I had to paint several coats to get the level of opacity that I did; the formula on these is also fairly thick and mousse-like, so it has a tendency to clump up.

Catsuit 02
I’m not sure what caused these to be so much different than the shades from the Midnight Mermaid collection; if it was just the blue and gray shades, I would blame it on them being much lighter (I had not great results from the light metallic shade in my original review of the Liquid Catsuit, and that was the lightest of the bunch) as the more white pigment you use the more it can mess with the formula, but the Death To Unicorns shade is basically a metallic black, so that doesn’t seem to totally explain it.

These aren’t terrible, but they certainly aren’t great.  If you work at it, you can get a somewhat decent lip look if you don’t care about it being super opaque with super saturated color.  I think this would be better if you used a lip liner first and filled in your lips with the liner before painting this on; a sparkly gloss would also help distract from the inconsistent application.

Did you pick up this collection – what did you think?  Are these shades to die for, or are they a gothic gaffe?  What collections do you hope Wet ‘N Wild comes out with in the future?  Let us know in the comments section below!

These are fun colors that you don’t find that often, and they could make an interesting addition to your collection.  But if they think they put the unicorn trend to death…keep trying.  Looking pretty in a bottle won’t unseat one of the most annoyingly resilient trends in the makeup world over the last few years.  You’d better come to slay, bish!

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