Lime Crime Gets Glossed Over With New Wet Cherry Glosses

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The lip trend is dead.  Long live the lip trend.

As much as I hate to admit it, matte liquid lipsticks just don’t have the absolute market dominance that they’ve enjoyed for the last several years; sure, brands are still making them, and some are even expanding their ranges, but they aren’t the ride or die lip look that they’re been.  People are once again looking for new ways to pretty up that pout, and glosses are making a strong comeback.

I am not thrilled by this news.

For me, the main problem with gloss is the staying power.  When I’m hosting a show or working on a photo shoot, the last thing I want to do is have to constantly reapply my lip products.  I know that it’s not actually a constant need, but when you get used to the locked in glamour cement that is matte liquid lipstick, it can feel like it.  And for a lot of brands, the colors may look gorgeous in the tube, but they usually apply with very little pigmentation and sheer out on your lips.  Plus, they can be sticky af.

Lime Crime has the answer: Wet Cherry Gloss.  The brand claims that these are highly pigmented, extremely high shine, and not sticky.  When I saw the color selection, I knew I had to try some of them out.  Here are the 5 shades I picked up, shown with (bottom) and without (top) flash:

Lime 15
L to R: Frozen Cherry, Juicy Cherry, Baby Cherry, Cherry Pie, Maraschino Cherry

The first two, Frozen Cherry and Juicy Cherry, are designed to be much more sheer with a tinted base (blue and pink respectively) and a heavy dose of glitter; the other three shades are all a solid color without glitter, and much more pigmented.

Finally, a gloss I can get behind!  It’s not perfect, and I’ll talk about each shade individually below, but I was surprised with how much I actually liked all 5 of these shades.  The application is slick, but it’s not really that sticky.  I get some pulling at the corners of my mouth when I first apply it (I always layer on lip stuff super thick, so part of that could be application style as well!) but it soon settles down and feels like on the lips.  It almost reminds me of the elf silicone-based primer in how it slides across the lip.  I also love the smell: it’s sort of cherry candy, but also sort of like a bakery – maybe a cherry frosting!  Whatever it is, I think it’s delicious.

Now on to the shades!

Lime 11
Frozen Cherry is a gorgeous blue-tinted base with blue microglitter.  For the two glitter shades, I decided to show them on half bare lips, and half over a liquid lipstick.  This particular shade I swatched over Backlash from Makeup Monsters.  While it did reactivate the formula somewhat, I was surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated it would be.  The first dip in didn’t result in any color on the wand.  With the second and third dip, I did start to see some color transfer, but for the most part my lipstick base stayed exactly where it was and it didn’t mess up the shade either.  The bare side looked more white than blue, but the glitter is really gorgeous!

Lime 10
I was going to swatch Juicy Cherry over a pink lip, but what’s the fun in that?!  This lipstick shade is also from Makeup Monsters: Wolfsbane.  The pink base was definitely visible, but not in an annoying way.  This one is the most beautiful by itself if you just want a simple glossy lip that lets your lips shine through but also has enough color to make an impression.  That probably makes no sense.  It’s just really pretty and the glitter is sparkly!  I love sparkles!  And the application was the same – it reactivated the lipstick a little bit, but not enough to cause muddiness or to make my lips smear all over my face.  That’s a win!

That other three shades I swatched over my bare lips, and boy did they have a good amount of pigment!

Lime 14
This one was the most disappointing, and although the photo turned out ok (sorry I suck so bad as a photog!) it was a little patchy and tended to collect at the outer edge of my pucker, it did much better than I anticipated from the arm swatch (below).  This one will probably get gifted on; it’s not terrible, but it’s not for me.  I was hoping for a smoother, Barbie sort of pink and this one just reads a little too baby pastel for me.  Someone who gets this in a declutter will love it!

Lime 13
Cherry Pie is sort of a coral pink, toeing the line between yellow-based and blue-based.  In my current lighting, I’ve noticed that shades that tend to fall between those two tend to photograph wildly differently based on whether or not I use the flash!  That’s how this is, and you may have similar results with your looks based on the lighting/flash you are in when you take those obligatory selfies.  This is a stunning color; this was easily my favorite and the first one I chose.  I love it, and the pigmentation is perfect.  You could easily wear this alone, or reign it in a little with a lipliner.

Lime 12
Maraschino looks really red on the website, but it’s that sort of blue-based red that looks almost like a really deep fuchsia when it’s on, and I am all the way here for it.  I’m still looking for a replacement for OCC’s Harlot (may they rest in peace), and while this ain’t it it’s definitely close.  This color is stunning, and I had a similar experience with the pigmentation for this as I did for Cherry Pie.  Amazing!

What do you think about the return of the gloss?  Are you clutching your beloved mattes in fear?  Or are you ready to branch out into some lighter, softer, Cherry Wet-ter type formulas?  Lime Crime also just released a whole bunch of summer shades for their Plushies – are you going to snag them, or stick with the high shine?  Let us know in the comments below!

Now I’m still not 100% won over to the glossy side.  In fact, for longevity, I much prefer to get my sparkle by layering Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers lip topper over my favorite liquid matte.  But these glosses definitely impressed me, and now that I’m planning to do more still images and looks for shorter term events and things, I’m more open to adding products like this into my makeup routine.  And these cherries are definitely high on the summer sweets list!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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  1. Brida says:

    Urgh ive been wanting these. They just dumped a bunch of new shades too. I always hated gloss because I like my makeup to last longer than 7 minutes but ive been intrigued recently by gloss. Been getting bored with mattes, although for my signature true red a liquid matte is the only way to go.

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