Days of the Dead – Indianapolis 2018: Pro Photo Ops

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It seems like barely a month ago our very own Miss Jaye was traipsing off to Charlotte, North Carolina to party with the horror crowd, but she’s back at it again: from June 22-24, she attended her third Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis!  We’ve got lots of great Days content coming up, but here’s the first – her pro photo ops featuring stars from The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Twin Peaks, and more!

Let’s start with out favorite queen’s second meeting with the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira!

1500 Elvira Friday
Originally, Miss Jaye had only purchased a photo op with Elvira for Saturday…but this flamingo outfit was far too cute, so she decided to get another one at the con.  Cassandra Peterson is an amazing and wonderful entertainer, so why not double the fun?!  Below is the photo op with the original, planned outfit:

1500 Elvira Saturday
Next up, another favorite of Miss Jaye’s from the 80s: Ghostbusters!  Here is Ernie Hudson, in costume as Winston Zeddmore.  Miss Jaye is also a fan of the remake and loved to see him pop up in a cameo as Patty’s (Leslie Jones) uncle who ends up providing the Ecto-Mobile!  And while that purse is cute (and is now autographed by Ernie Hudson!), Miss Jaye was never a big fan of the actual Hi-C Ecto Cooler!

1500 Ernie
Twin Peaks was pretty well represented at Days Indianapolis this year, including four amazing stars: Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Kimmy Robertson, and Harry Goaz.  First up, here is Miss Jaye having a little family reunion with the Palmers, Laura and Leland!

1500 Twin Peaks 01
The other “2 for 1” photo op featured Kimmy and Harry, once again against that gorgeous red curtain.  In the first take, all three were not on the top of their posing game:

1500 Twin Peaks 02
Cute, but I think they can do better than that…and they did!

1500 Twin Peaks 03
Kimmy looks so tiny next to Miss Jaye and all that hair!  She even popped out before the ops started to take a selfie with Miss Jaye!

Although Days of the Dead is all about horror and creepy stuff, there is also room for a celebration of other pop culture figures.  The next costumed photo op features Jeremy Bulloch, the original Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise!

1500 Boba
Miss Jaye may be behind a season or so, but she’s still a huge Walking Dead fan, so she was over the moon to hear that 4 of the stars from that show were going to be in attendance!  2 of the actors, Alanna Masterson and Kerry Cahill, had to cancel due to scheduling and continued work on the show (which was a bummer, but totally understandable!), but Miss Jaye still got to meet two gorgeous men from the series.  First up, Ross Marquand (Aaron) who was joking about feeling unprepared since he didn’t have a cute handbag like Miss Jaye’s to complete the look, and the first photo turned out adorably goofy.

1500 Ross Goofy
All joking aside, not only is he a stunner (even with that bushy beard!), he’s also a truly wonderful individual who made time for every guest at his table.  He and Miss Jaye even talked about the lack of representation of most of the few queer characters on the show in the Funko line; he said that he has been sending some emails asking the same thing, as he feels like only having Jesus among the queer characters isn’t enough representation, and we think that’s pretty cool.  So hopefully we’ll get to see a Tara or Aaron Pop soon, or even a Denise with Dwight’s arrow through her eye!  How cool would that be!

1500 Ross Cute
The other Walking Dead star was Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) and he was also a wonderful, engaging guest at the con!  Miss Jaye’s still a little ambivalent about the character, but the actor who plays him is definitely a class act!

1500 Seth Real
In the first take of the photo, Seth’s glasses caused a little too much glare, so they had to take a second shot (the one shown above).  Why would you cover up those gorgeous eyes?!

1500 Seth Shiny
One of the most special photo ops of the weekend was Miss Jaye’s opportunity to get a costumed photo with Sid Haig in his Captain Spaulding look!  He stopped doing these shoots a couple of years ago, and only recently added a couple more to his schedule.  He was supposed to do the op in Charlotte, and Miss Jaye had her ticket in hand, but he had to cancel due to a contract issue with another event.  So Miss Jaye was thrilled when this op got added to the lineup in Indy!

1500 Capt Spaulding
The costumed ops are always the most fun, but this one, featuring Bill Moseley in his Chop Top look from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, was extra special: the makeup application was done by Nora Hewitt, the winner of Face Off season 9!

1500 Chop Top
She did an amazing job recreating this classic look!

And now for our final picture.  After a very hectic Charlotte event, Miss Jaye was going to take it easy in Indy; most of her ops were scheduled on Friday and Sunday with just two on Saturday, and she was originally going to be done by 1 pm so she could relax and enjoy more of the events.  But the Universe had other plans.  Not only did they add the Captain Spaulding and Chop Top costumed photo ops, but Miss Jaye got a suggestion from a member of her “con fam,” Mike.  The Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, were doing a photo op and Mike thought it would be amazing if Miss Jaye decided to insert herself into that gorgeous manwich in an NWO shirt and be…West Hollywood Hogan!  Miss Jaye does enjoy a good costuming opportunity, so another photo op – and another entire outfit! – was added to her itinerary!

1500 Outsiders
So there you have it: all of Miss Jaye’s pro photo ops from Days of the Dead – Indianapolis, 2018!

And finally, here is a gallery of all of the images, full size and uncropped:


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  1. Brida says:

    All of Miss Jaye’s outfits and makeup choices are absolutely spot on, I love them! Very jealous that you got a costumed Captain Spaulding photo. Have to admit I probably would have been a little scared!

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