Jeffree Star And The Summer Of Thirst

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Summer is here…and that means that it’s time for Jeffree Star to drop another collection.

Are you ready for the summer of thirst?


Like with the limited Love Sick collection that JSC did for Valentine’s Day, the summer collection also coincides with the release of a permanent shadow palette: the Thirsty palette.  This is the 4th palette for the brand, and it’s a lighter, brighter option for those wanting some summery shades.  More on that at the bottom; first, let’s get to the summer collection.

Thirst 10
The Velour Liquid lipstick is the product that launched the JSC brand, and they just keep putting out new shades: this summer collection has 8 brand new shades in a range of mattes, metallic, and a glitter formula.  There’s only one real oddball sort of shade in this collection (the teal blue Huntington Beach) and the rest are pretty wearable for most occasions, though they definitely feature some bright shades!  If you like more understated, neutral colors there are a couple of options that might work for you, but this is definitely going to be a colorful summer in the JSC universe.

Thirst 07
L to R: Soft Serve, (818), Yummy, Coral Fixation,
Cherry Wet, Huntington Beach, Fudge Pop, Thirst Trap

Soft Serve is a peachy-pink nude that probably should annoy me for being too similar to the millions of nudes in the JSC line, but for some reason it doesn’t.  I think I like it because it settles in that nude family, but it still manages to be pink.  So many of the nudes are just beige/peach with a hint of some other color – sometimes a bitch just wants a nice pink!  And speaking of nice pinks, (818) is a lovely light rose pink.  This is the shade that I always wanted Rose Matter to be, but it just wasn’t.  Yummy is a lighter brighter version of Pumpkin Pie – it’s a mostly matte orange with gold glitter that can be activated after it dries down.  Once the lipstick is dry, just tap it with your finger and the glitter will start to show through.  There are a few of this kind of formula in the Jeffree Star line, but it would be nice to see a broader range of colors.  Coral Fixation is lovely, but I’m not sure what Jeffree is talking about when he describes this shade as neon coral.  It’s orange.  Like straight up orange-crayon-from-the-box orange.  It’s still pretty, but I didn’t get any sort of coral vibe from this at all.

Thirst 09
Cherry Wet is a bright reddish pink, and while it’s the sort of hybrid that I have been living for it’s just not quite as good as my Holy Grail shade, Harlot from OCC.  But it’s close.  It looks pretty pink in the tube, but once you apply it you really see the play between red and pink.  Huntington Beach is a bright teal, a lighter and brighter version of Mermaid Blood from the holiday 2018 collection.  The last two shades are metallics, and the formula seems to have improved (even though it was pretty good before!): it’s thinner and less mousse-like but still has easy to apply, opaque coverage.  Fudge Pop is a warm brown and Thirst Trap is a bright champagne pearl shade.

All shades have the same quality and performance that I’m used to from the JSC line – they really are one of my favorite formulas on the market today!  The matte with glitter formula is a little fussy, but if you’re patient you can get some pretty good looks with it.  If you already aren’t a fan of this formula, these are the same as others that I’ve tried in terms of performance, so you will probably have the same complaints.

Personally, I feel like the color story for these 8 lipsticks matches better with the ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Dream Street collab, but maybe that’s just me?

And of course, we can’t have a limited collection release without a few new lip scrub flavors:

Thirst 06
This release featured 4 new flavors: Rainbow Sherbet, Pink Lemonade, Grape Soda, and Orange Gummy Bear.  At the launch I only ordered Pink Lemonade and Rainbow Sherbet, but I’m sure the other two will make their way into my collection before the summer is over.  I love these lip scrubs – they are only $12, they work really well (better than other scrubs that cost twice as much or more!), and they are fucking delicious!  Pink Lemonade is perfection and it tastes and smells exactly like the drink.  Rainbow Sherbet is delicious, but the flavor is not as iconic.  It tastes sweet and sugary and has a vaguely ice cream-y sort of flavor, but I don’t immediately know what it is.  Still go though.  I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: if you haven’t checked out these scrubs, you really should.

Now on to the main event: the Thirsty palette.

Thirst 05

I think this palette is really smart.  If you look at the top row and two browns on the bottom are for those who love their basic neutrals that tend toward the warm.  The shades have enough brightness that you can get a variety of looks – either sheer them out or pack them on to get full, vivid pigmentation.  The bottom row has your trend colors, including a beautiful bright yellow.  The middle row is a metallic glitter formula that is super soft and creamy.  These are packed with a ton of glitter and metallic shine, so they will definitely amp up your summer looks, especially for nighttime.

Thirst 04
L to R: Parched, Taste Buds, Biiiiitch!, Kumquat, Stroke

Parched is your basic cream underbrow highlight shade.  It’s a little chalky when it swatches, but you can build it up pretty easily and it definitely works better with a brush.  Taste Buds is a light peach shade with a pink sort of base.  Biiiiitch! is a brighter coral pink shade that matches perfectly with Taste Buds.  Kumquat is a camel/tan shade that’s really pretty, but it’s definitely one of the most dupeable shades in the palette – nothing revolutionary here.  Every palette has a shade like that.  Stroke is a really pretty coca brown and it’s got this subtle redness at the base that I think is really pretty.

Thirst 03
L to R: Divine, Filthy Rich, Lick, Snatched, Plunge

This row is amazing!  This formula is really new and different from anything I’ve felt in a palette for a while.  The shades are buttery and soft, but they apply almost as if they are wet, and the mixture of metallic and glitter is amazing – they aren’t super chunky and there isn’t a ton of fallout, even though there is a lot of glitter.  Like, a lot.  I did struggle a little when I was playing with a synthetic brush, and they are much better if you’re using your finger, like for a halo eye or something like that.  Divine is a bright chrome silver.  Filthy Rich is a bright yellow gold, and has gold and silver glitter in it.  Lick is a darker, brassier gold shade, and is more fo a straight metallic than a glitter metallic.  This one honestly almost feels like a different formula than the others in this row.  Snatched is my favorite of these metallics.  It’s a taupe with silver glitter and it’s stunning.  Plunge is a bright warm brown metallic with silver glitter particles.  This one looks like it was made to match the Fudge Pop lipstick!

Thirst 02
L to R: Subtle, Quench, Submerge, Splash, Drizzle

The bottom row is where you really get your high impact colors!  Subtle (what the hell is that?!) is a lovely cool-toned light brown, and I love it.  Quench is a bright yellow.  Initial application can be a little chalky, but it builds up pretty well.  Submerge is a bright light blue; same story as the yellow shade, but building and patience can definitely get you the look you want.  Submerge is a green-blue shade that reminds me of the bottom of a pool….or like a Tiffany box.  I know those things are very, very different, and yet they both seem appropriate!  Drizzle is another cool-toned brown, like a deep chocolate, but without the warm tones, and I love it as well.  If you’re going to do another brown, do it like that!

So far this review has been pretty glowing, and frankly these products earn it.  I love this palette, and I feel like the JSC palettes get better each and every time.  The lipsticks are still consistent, and though some collections have felt a bit like reruns, I thought this color story was much more interesting and stood out from previous releases.

Now here’s where we get to a little bit of bitchiness: the accessories.

I almost died when I saw a preview on IG that included a mirror that looked like a bomb pop:

JSC 02
In fact, all three new mirrors and the new makeup bags are all previewed in this post, and I was super stoked!  I knew I wanted the bomb pop mirror but I also wanted one of the star mirrors and I thought the orange one might be fun.  I also had my eye on the clear orange rectangle makeup bag.  The JSC accessories line are also stunning and I’ve wanted to pick one up since they launched, but I just haven’t had the chance.  Well I was waiting for launch day to finally snatch some for myself.

But then the launch came and I was greeted by this:


Umm, excuse me?  I watched that entire long-ass reveal video and never was it mentioned that ALL of the mirrors and makeup bags were pre-orders that were expected to ship “no later than July 20.”  I picked up the Bomb Pop mirror after all, but I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of waiting.  As of this writing, I’m still waiting (though it may arrive before this actually publishes – even hot messes like me work ahead sometimes).  I skipped out on the orange bag; I may pick it up later, but not totally sure.  I also skipped the orange star mirror and got a lavender instead so that it would ship with the other makeup items.

I find it hard to imagine a scenario that Jeffree Star didn’t know in advance that these items were going to be pre-orders, and that seems like pretty important information to include in your reveal video.  I mean, the video (included below) is already about 25 minutes, it wouldn’t add that much to just say, “By the way, all of the accessory items will be pre-orders and will ship on or before July 20th!”  Less than 15 seconds.

JSC 03
So what are your thoughts: are you living for this summer collection?  Is this the summer of thirst you always dreamed of?  Are you more interested in the lipstick, or the palette?  Do you want to get in and play around with those glittery metallics, or are you mad for the mattes?  Are you willing to wait for the pre-orders, or is the lack of transparency making you pass them by?  Let us know in the comments!

Thirst 08

Aside from the pre-order deception, I’m actually really impressed with this collection.  I love all of the shades of the lipsticks (usually there is one or two that I’m ready to re-gift, but not this time!) and the palette is another wonderful example of this brand’s quality and commitment to interesting, fun, vivid color stories.

Welcome to the summer of thirst.  I don’t know about you, but I intend to be drowning in it…

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

(By the way – this is our first post taking product and swatch photos in our new CDP office, with new and improved lighting.  What do you think?  Let us know!)

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