Playing In The Dark: Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Vampira Palette

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Alright creatures of the night – have we got a makeup palette for you!

One of my favorite spooky indie brands, Lunatick Cosmetics Labs, is at it again with another eyeshadow palette celebrating one of the great horror hostesses of all time: Vampira!

Vamp 03
A predecessor of hosts like Elvira, Vampira was a hostess during the black and white TV era and is also known for her role in one of the most infamous cult movies of all time, Plan 9 From Outer Space!  There’s actually a long (and troubled) history between Vampira and Elvira that is really fascinating to read – you should check out Elvira’s recent 35th anniversary book to read her perspective on it (available autographed from her website,!).

Another parallel between the two: Lunatick Cosmetics Labs also did a licensed Elvira palette to celebrate 35 years of the character!  I’ve had that palette for a while now, but when I checked the archives I was shocked to see that while I did a review of products from my initial haul from them (from Days of the Dead Indianapolis in 2016), I never reviewed the Elvira palette!  What the actual fuck?!  It’s still available, so let me know in the comments below if you’re still interested in a review.  Hell, I love that palette, so I might just do one anyway!

Vamp 02

But back to Vampira – here are the swatches of the 5 shades:

Vamp 04
L to R: Velvet Moon, Untarnished, Astro Vamp, Necromancer, Nefarious

I included two swatches of each color: the first is a finger swatch and the second is a brush swatch.  I had read some comments from people saying that they were having trouble getting pigmentation and color payoff using a brush, and there were enough comments that I decided to record my results.  As you can see, I didn’t have the problem at all – the brush swatches are maybe a little lighter than the finger swatches (fingers tend to get more concentrated swipes of the product), but both look smooth, pigmented, and gorgeous!

Velvet Moon is sort of a slightly pink-toned gray shade that is a very subtle duochrome shimmer.  It’s not overpowering, and the pink is just a hint of color, but it’s definitely there.  Untarnished is a bright chrome silver shade.  Astro Vamp is a shimmery grape.  Necromancer is sort of a mid-toned cool taupe-brown that has a nice subtle shimmer to it.  Nefarious didn’t pick up as well on camera as I would have liked; you can see that it’s a black-based shadow, but green glittery undertone that is really beautiful that I just couldn’t capture.  This black isn’t the deepest black, not by a longshot, but it is nice and blendable and I think the green shimmer, though subtle, makes this a really interesting shade in my collection.

Vamp 01
(Artwork on the palette was contibuted by @hagcult – follow her on IG!)

I did also run across some complaints about the color selection, and they tended to fall into two groups: the people who clearly only like warm-toned palettes and are determined to bitch about anybody who dares to put out a cool-toned palette, and those who like bright vivid shades and are determined to bitch about anyone who dares to put out a palette with more subtle, muted tones.  For the people who only like warm tones: fuck you.  There are literally about 100 palettes that you could find on the market right now that would give you every kind of warm-toned shade you could ever want.  Warm tones have been dominating the market for a long time now, and frankly I’m ready for more really good cool-toned palettes.  So shut your faces down, kthanxbai.

As for the vivid color complaint, I get that one.  You know a bitch loves herself some color.  But I do have to say that as a color story, this palette makes sense to me: Vampira was from the era of 50s and 60s monster movies, when kids were sitting way to close to their black and white television sets just waiting to be scared!  All of the images of Vampira are in black and white photography.  Plan 9 is a black and white movie; I think they attempted to recolorize it, but those attempts are almost always a disaster.  Her world was black and white, and this palette perfectly evokes that sort of feeling while adding in some somber colors like purple and an undertone of green.  It may not be the most versatile palette out there (and a 5-pan palette in general never will be!), but i think the color story is cohesive, beautiful, and probably most importantly, unique to what I see on the market right now.  If you want more saturated color…hey, that’s what the Elvira palette is for!

What do you think: is this the cool-toned palette of your dreams, or is the silvery feel of it feeding your nightmares?  Are you excited to see a palette related to this horror icon?  What other horror greats would you love to see immortalized in a makeup item or collection?  Let us know in the comments below!

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, and the folks at Lunatick Cosmetics Labs just keep cooking up fabulous new products for fans of both horror and makeup.  I love that they are immortalizing some of the great horror hostesses in their own palettes – after all, I’m an aspiring horror hostess myself (if you’re in the Grand Forks area, look out for one of my Miss Jaye’s Friday Night Frights events!).  I also love their liquid lipsticks named after two of horror’s most famous “final girls,” Nancy Thompson and Laurie Strode!  My only complaint?  That we don’t get to see enough new products from this brand!  All of the products I’ve tried have been really amazing, and one of my ride or die products is the contour palette (I haven’t reviewed it myself, but I’ll include Kimberly Clark’s review below if you want to check it out!).  Let’s hope we see more great releases from this brand and that they keep the creepy goodness up for a long time to come!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Brida Flatt says:

    Yesss I love it. Im all over cool tones and I can’t understand why anyone would want their 650th earn neutral palette. I like colors too, but I have an extensive eyeshadow collection and It’s difficult to find a color story unique to it. I fell over myself over the kvd x divine palette only to realise I could basically dupe it with my singles, but even after doing that in practice and posting the results, im still itching to get the palette, or at least the Bad Habit dupe, to match finishes and to have the color story in one palette. This Vampira palette is GORGEOUS to me. I really like the attention to detail that the selection shows – they didn’t think oh we need to cover all these bases – they just put in tones that properly represent Vampira and create a certain mood. I really want it now and my bank balance hates you. Xoxo!

    • JanessaJaye says:

      I love Luntick! I wish they released products more often, because I usually find myself loving what they do. Their contour palette is life (though I have to say that I was very happy to get it on sale – it’s a little pricey at regular price!)

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