Strobe of Genius: Strobe Cosmetics Serves Up Creepy & Cute…and Nails It!

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Lately I feel like I’ve been really negative about a lot of new makeup releases.  I just keep seeing the same things over and over and over, and even when something seems like it might be new you look a little harder and it’s just the same old thing again with a new “pop of color” shade thrown in.  So when I started seeing some reviews of the Creepy Cute palette from Strobe Cosmetics, I was intrigued: a bunch of pastel mattes?  Yes, please!

Creepy 03

Strobe has been doing single shimmer shadows for a hot minute, but this is their first palette release and they went way against the grain.  In a sea of warm neutrals, they gave us an 8-pan palette with 6 “neon-pastel” mattes plus a matte gray and a matte black.  I loved the colors, but I do agree with either Georgia Harris or Spooky Lips and Fat Hips (I can’t remember which one said it and I didn’t have time to go back and rewatch the videos, especially since SLAFH mentioned it in a larger themed video!) who said that the only shade that’s a bit of a disappointment is Void, the matte black, not because it’s bad (it’s actually really good!) but more because it was a wasted pan when we could have had another one of these gorgeous, bright matte pastel shades!

Creepy 05
Let me just shut my damn mouth and let’s get to these swatches, shall we?

Creepy 02
I mean….can you even?  These mattes are a little on the dry side, but they apply nicely and they are super blendable.  Sometimes when mattes are too slick they start to get that low-shine satin finish, and I really love that these are a true matte finish.  Tombstone is a medium matte gray, and it’s a nice option to darken or smoke out a look if you want to go a little lighter than traditional black.  It also blends out the other shades nicely, and could be an interesting choice for an alternative transition shade.  Planchette is a light lilac shade and it goes on like butter!  It’s so smooth!  Some of the other shades will collect a little around the edges and need to be blended out, but this one was absolutely gorgeous!  Creep It Real is a stunning teal green pastel that is almost like the Tiffany and Co. boxes – so pretty!  I love this one with Planchette and Cold Shoulder to make a perfect cool-toned pastel combo.  Cold Shoulder is a baby Blue and was the trickiest to apply, but even saying that there was barely any struggle.  There is always one that has to fight me a little, and this was the one, but it still came out beautiful!  Strawberry Milk is my other favorite, and I would love to do a sort of 50s inspired look with this one and Creep It Real – light pink and mint green is one of my favorite color combos!  Take A Hint is a fun Lime Green, yellow based and one of the warmer shades of the bunch.  Void is that matte black shade that I was willing to sacrifice, but since it’s there you can celebrate the fact that it is super pigmented and applies evenly.  If you need a matte black, this is a good one.  Finally, Third Eye is a peachy matte pastel that pairs well in a sort of melon fantasy with Take A Hint, but would look good with a lot of the other shades as well.  Peaches are hot, but very few of those peach palettes have actually given us a matte pastel peach shade this stunning!

For fun, here is a tutorial video from Georgia Harris:

What are your thoughts?  Are you drawn in by this combo of Creepy and Cute, or are you looking for the exits?  Does this tickle your color funnybone, or are you just bored and praying for jeweltones?  Have you tried the shimmer shades from the brand?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments!

I am thrilled with the shades in this palette; for a company that has only done shimmers up to this point, I think they do colorful mattes that rival SugarPill for quality and intensity.  That’s right – I said it, and I meant it!  The palette isn’t super generous in terms of pan size: each pan is 1.5 grams for a total of 12 grams.  At $35 for the palette, that’s still less than $3 a gram, so it’s a pretty good deal, especially with the quality that you’re getting.

I think they’re creepy and cute for sure, but let’s hope they are also consistent and committed – if they keep putting out palettes this good with interesting color stories, I’ll buy Every. Damn. One.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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