Even In Atlantis, There’s Plenty Of Shade

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Who knew that even deep, deep under the ocean in the lost city of Atlantis, you could still get so much shade…

This is going to be a review of the Atlantis palette by Face Candy (available on the Shop Hush app), but before we get into that we have to step back to April 1 and talk about one of the most one-note brands in the biz right now: tarte.

We all know tarte, and we all know that they are famous for putting out 50,000 palettes with the same brown/beige color story, one after the other.  Even when they try to branch out, like with the Be A Mermaid and Make Waves palette, they can only get about 3 decent pops of color before they pop back to the beiges and browns.  Well on April 1, the brand “peeped” something that was actually kind of exciting: the Icy Betch palette, a cool-toned celebration of blues and greens that was stunning – and so different from the brand’s typical aesthetic.

Shade 07

Was it time to finally get excited about tarte again?!

Nope.  Turns out the whole thing was just an April Fool’s Day prank.

Shade 08
Needless to say, the brand got pretty well savaged on social media for teasing such an innovative color story and then backing off – capping off the reveal post with one of their boring ass neutral palettes.  Can tarte just be #cancelled already?

Well, Face Candy decided to step in and give the people what they wanted: a gorgeous blue and green palette inspired by the lost city of Atlantis.  Face Candy is known for duping popular (and much more expensive!) palettes from brands like Kat Von D and Lime Crime, but to produce a dupe palette of a palette that never existed and earned a boring brand a well-earned trouncing?  That’s epic-level shade right there!

Presenting Atlantis:

Shade 01
Sorry that the first row is kind of messy – I got so excited about swatching that I forgot to take product photos before I dug in!  But it does give you a sense of how powdery the mattes are; that’s after doing one arm swatch of each color using my fingers.  There’s a fair amount of fallout in the matte shades (I noticed it less int he shimmer shades, though the YouTuber I’m including below seems to have had the opposite experience, so this may not be 100% consistent from palette to palette), but they gave pretty good finger swatches.  They are a little less reliable with a brush, and you may have some trouble working with these as you’re doing your eye look.

Here are swatches of all three rows:

Shade 02
L to R: Whitecaps, Ripples, Oceanic, Stormy Waters

Whitecaps is a grayish off-white that is a little inconsistent at first, but is easier to work with than a lot of the other mattes in the palette.  I don’t love it as much as Tako from SugarPill or Female Trouble from Kat Von D’s Divine Palette, but it’s a useful substitute if you want a white brow highlight or eye shade that isn’t quite so bright white and has a little bit softer, muted of a tone.  Ripples is a light gray, not really that interesting and very powdery, but it’s OK.  I’m a whore for color, so it’s already just not a color for me, but you could use this for transitioning or even some underbrow highlight on more medium skintones.  Oceanic is a bright teal blue that blends fairly easily.  Stormy Waters looks like it’s the only real deviation from the “inspiration” palette in that it’s much more green than the shade shown, but I’m not mad about it – this palette needed one more green, and this one is perfect!  No surprise, but I really love this shade, and I thought it performed fairly well even if I did get a large amount of powder fallout.

Shade 03
L to R: Abyss, Deep Sea, Poseidon, Tsunami

Abyss is another one of those shades that I hate because it’s just not my thing.  It performs alright, but I never find myself reaching for gray shades – I feel like it muddies up the looks I’m creating.  If you like grays, I think this will be a good shade for you, but I’m just not that interested.  Deep Sea is a deeper teal with hints of deep green, and it looks amazing with Oceanic and Stormy Waters for a cool greenish-blue smoky eye!  Poseidon is the metallic emerald green that I’ve always dreamed of!  It’s so pretty, and for me it went on like a dream! Tsunami is a blue/black metallic shimmer that has some really lovely, intense sparkle to it.

Shade 04
L to R: Tidal, Swell, Vanished, Empire

If you like blue shades, especially shimmers, then this row alone is going to make this worth the purchase price!  Here is where so much of the color lives and it’s totally in sync with the theme of the palette.

Tidal is an icy baby blue shade that almost looks white.  It’s really pretty, and I found it very smooth and blendable.  Swell is a gorgeous bright, light blue and is my absolute favorite non-green shade in this palette.  This is very similar to a Juvia’s place blue from the Masquerade palette (I forget the name and I don’t have the palette handy), and I think it is a worthy substitute.  Vanished is another gorgeous blue shimmer, and it’s a true crayon blue.  So stunning!  Empire is a little fussy, and it’s the only matte in this row.  It went on a little patchy, and was especially difficult to manipulate with a brush, but it’s a nice deep navy that still keeps the blue tone to it (so many deep blues tend towards looking too black/charcoal).

At only $14.00 I think this palette is worth a look.  Granted, I spend a TON of money on makeup, and so I am pretty easy to talk into most purchases, but even if you’re more thrifty than I am, I think you’ll find some things to love about this palette.  The shimmers are really pretty and I found them very easy to work with.  The mattes were a bit powdery, and some of them were difficult to work with, but with some time and perseverance you can make some good things happen. I have not done an extended wear test on these, and the YouTuber below says that longevity is a problem, so definitely be aware of that.  But I also didn’t have the same experience with blendability that she did.

Here’s her review to get another perspective on the palette:

So what do you think?  Is this the Holy Grail cool-toned palette?  Is it a gimmick that you’re going to pass over, thank you very much?  Should tarte try to save face and put out the Icy Betch after all?  Are you a diehard tarte fan, or and you hardly be bothered to wade through all of that beige?  Are there any other Face Candy palettes you want us to swatch and review?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Not only do I appreciate a good dose of shade (especially at a brand that’s been as disappointing as tarte!), I also appreciate that someone decided to give us a cool-toned green and blue fantasy celebration, the real mermaid palette that we all deserved.  The fact that it’s coming from a brand with fantastically low price points just makes it that much better.  I’m ready to dive deep into this oceanic treat and discover all of its hidden treasures!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Brida Flatt says:

    I love this palette! I was so sad when Icy Betch wasn’t real, and jumped on this the moment it dropped. I have an extensive Face Candy & Bad Habit collection (the entire FC minus the lime crime and highlighter palette dupes as I have the originals and most of BH except the prism & soft glam dupes which I own the originals of, and the recent 5 they dropped all in one month), I think 23 palettes total. This is one of my favorites. In fact I’m going to wear it today even tho ive been looking up inspo for subculture looks all morning.

    • JanessaJaye says:

      This is one of the first palettes I ever ordered from Hush, and I love it! I also got the Venus 1 and 2 dupes because I want to do a comparison sometime.

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