Miss Jaye Is Back At It With A “Very Special Episode” Of JANESSA AFTER DARK!

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JanessaStay tuned for a “Very Special Episode” of Janessa After Dark.

As a child of the 80s, Miss Jaye remembers fondly the “very special episode,” where light-hearted comedies would try to get serious for an episode or two, so she decided to bring that to her podcast!

Presenting the first “Very Special Episode” of Janessa After Dark: Drag Queens and Gender Identity!  Miss Jaye wanted to spend some time thinking about gender identity, and the relationship that drag performance may have (or not have) to the identities of the performers.  She interviewed 11 fabulous queens from coast to coast, some with only a couple of years’ experience and some who have been performing for more than 2 decades!  Miss Jaye also shares some of her own struggles and triumphs in accepting the entirety of who she is.

The 11 queens featured in the episode are Kelly Cosyn (Fargo, ND), Sparkle Leigh (Seattle, WA), Kara Fiyera (Minot, ND), Brandonna Dupri LaReese (Minneapolis, MN), Gimme Pillsen-Licher (Minot, ND), Azalia Iman (Minneapolis, MN), Prada Dior (Grand Forks, ND), Claire Storm (Augusta, GA), Brooke Lane (Grand Forks, ND), Victoria Gotti (Minneapolis, MN), and Tequila Mockingbird (Fargo, ND).  They all share some wonderful insights about how they define their gender identity and how drag has or has not shaped that identity during the time they’ve been performing.

This is the final episode of Season One of Janessa After Dark, so catch this episode and the rest of the season before Season Two kicks off soon, with an interview with indie horror filmmaker Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions!

You can catch the “Very Special Episode: Drag Queens & Gender Identity” on SoundCloud HERE, or search Janessa After Dark on Stitcher or iTunes!

Janessa After Dark is a Champagne Dreams Productions podcast.

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