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Life happens.  This post is so late to the party even Courtney Love has gotten herself together and headed home in an Uber.  But I made all these damn videos and took all the damn notes, so here we go!

My last Lush Life post was all about the fragrant and floral Mother’s Day goodies Lush had cooked up, and they were pretty spectacular.  A few weeks later I was on another trip to Seattle and I saw that they were working the other side of the gender divide: Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is not my fave; I’m not close with my father, and that’s a subject best left for another post, probably something more substantial in the blog section of this site.  I’ll leave it with this Anne Lamott quote: “You own your story.  If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”  But I am a fan of pretty much any bath product Lush has to offer, so I decided to focus this post on the Father’s Day items as well as any of the more “masculine” items in their regular line.

Let’s dive in!

Super Dad

Superdad was butch realness without going overboard.  Sandalwood is a fragrance that is really growing on me; I think it can be combined in ways to make it very masculine or very feminine, and I adore that fluidity.  This was a lot of fun!  I also liked that this one had a lot of color in the water, as some of the others were a little more subtle.  This one was limited, but I think they have one or two others that have sandalwood, so look for one of those to give you a similar sort of experience.

The Modfather

The Modfather – this one was probably my favorite of the group because I love, love, love whenever Lush does anything with orange or citrus!  It’s a bubble bar, which I don’t love as much as just a straight up bath bomb, but the bubbles were nice and the fragrance wasn’t dulled at all by the tub full of suds.  The color was also nice beneath the suds, but it does tend to get covered up.  If you like orange, lemon, and lime scents, Lush does a lot of great ones!

Rocket Science

Another citrus-y pleaser, Rocket Science has a nice mix of bergamot (a scent that is sort of like orange, but slightly more “herbal” – it’s hard to secribe!) and a bit of lemon.  The color is blue, and I loved the little stars in the exhaust that floated through the bath for a while before dissolving.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is a bright, fun bomb that starts with a little bit of citrus (Brazilian orange to be specific) but gets twisted with some lemongrass and corianger, giving it an interesting combo that is both herbal and a little spicy.  It’s an odd combination, but it really did grow on me.

Milky Bath

Ok, so there’s nothing particularly butch about milky bath, except that maybe it eliminates the usualy frou-frou-ness of the other bath products.  I got this one for one reason and one reason only: cocoa butter!  Lush’s cocoa butter bath products are absolutely amazing!  Usually when I get out of a bath, I smell good and I feel refreshed; sometimes I’ll have a little touch of glitter to make me feel sparkly.  But any of the products with cocoa butter in them leave my skin feeling noticeably softer, and it’s a feeling that lasts for a day or two.  I absolutely recommend these if you want a quick pick-me-up for your skin!


I also decided to do a sort of “second impression” with Buttercup, this amazing bomb that combines two of my favorite things from Lush: their amazing and potent citrus fragrances, and the skin softening cocoa butter.  I did this one after the Milky Bath, and my skin didn’t even know what to do with itself.  The neroli, lime, and lemon myrtle fragrance is really special and is one of my favorites from the brand.  So, so good!

Rose Jam

And this one is where we walk away from the butch stuff completely and just luxuriate in the sensual femininity that is the Rose Jam scent!  This is such a great fragrance – I usually get it in the Pearl solid lotion bar, but this bubbleroon is also absolutely soaking in it (literally!), not to mention more of that wonderful cocoa butter.  Butch, shmutch!  Bring on the roses!

Let us know what you think: is Father’s Day a holiday that really needed it’s own Lush collection?  Do gendered bath products make you giggle, or maybe groan?  What do you think of the citrus scents – are you glad they’re making more, or are you ready for a fanfare of florals?  Tell us what you think about this brand below!

Not to contribute to gender stereotyping or anything, but I’m not 100% sure that Father’s Day is the type of holiday that needs its own collection at Lush.  I mean…you know what I mean.  What’s next – pine bath bombs for Arbor Day?!  But necessary or not, I’m glad that this gave me the opportunity to take a walk on the masculine side…or at least as close to the masculine side as you can get with curated bath products that smell like fruit.

Not exactly butch.  But butch adjacent.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

For funsies, I grabbed the ingredients and descriptions from each of the products reviewed here in case you want to take a closer look!


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