Crush Or Crash? Testing Out Bobbi Brown Lippies

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What can I say?  Bobbi Brown has just never been a brand that called out to me.  Their packaging is sleek and practical, but nothing that stands out.  And their focus on complexion products meant that when I was running into the brand the most, back when I had a very set routine of theatrical cream foundations from either Ben Nye or Graftobian, I wasn’t really looking for new (and let’s face it, more expensive) ways to do my base.

Bobbi 03

I did buy one product: on sale I found the Party Shimmer Brick, a highlighter that may have been amazing but that I found before highlighting was such a huge deal so I didn’t know how to use it.  I tried it on my eyes or mixed in with blush and couldn’t ever get a look I liked, so I decluttered it to a friend pretty quickly.  I know that Bobbi Brown is one of those classic brands that people swear by, but I’ve just never found the right thing to really capture my attention and bring me into the fold.

That’s why Sephora is such a wonderful place: not only can you sample just about any product off the shelves but their Beauty Insider program curates little collections of deluxe minis of products from some of their core brands.  Recently, the store was offering a 500-point reward with 4 Bobbi Brown lipsticks, so I decided to cash in some of those points and see if these were the products that would help me see what the fuss was all about.

Bobbi 02
The set was called “Crushing On Pink”…but I felt like it was going with a pretty loose interpretation of pink.  I was thinking about going to check out the brand on Sephora to see what other shades of pink they offered, but I stopped myself.  There will be time for that later, and this is what the brand selected to represent their selection of pinks, so I decided to evaluate these on their own merit before I started going down the “what might have been” rabbit hole.

In the bottom left photo, left to right, we have the Mini Luxe Lip Color in Neutral Rose, the Mini Art Stick Liquid Lip in English Rose, the Mini Lip Color in Sandwash Pink, and the Mini Crushed Lip Color in Babe.  The shades are all pretty muted and generally neutral; a couple are actually closer to mauve purples than true pink.  I would have liked a wider representation of the color pink, but I digress.  Here are the swatches:

Bobbi 01
L to R: Neutral Rose, English Rose, Sandwash Pink, Babe

Neutral Rose and Sandwash Pink are fairly similar (Sandwash is a little lighter) but the coverage on Neutral is generally better.  It’s more pigmented and smoother – I guess it’s called Luxe for a reason!  The best pigmentation of the group was English Rose, but even though it looked like some sort of pencil it was actually a squeeze tube that was all but impossible to apply directly from.  I’m not sure if the full size version has a different method of dispensing the product, but the little one is a mess!  I’m hoping there is a push button or a twist that sends the product out.  The coverage was really good, but I made a mess putting it on – I had to use my fingers on my lips and on the arm swatch.  Sandwash pink was a little bit sheer, but not nearly as sheer as Babe – I’m guessing that “Crushed” refers to a lighter, more sheer wash of color because that’s what this lippie gives.

What did I like?  The liquid lipstick had amazing coverage and pigmentation, even if it was a mess to apply.  The luxe was also pretty good in terms of pigmentation.  The crushed was my favorite color; if they had a similar shade in one of the other formulas I would probably give it a try.

What didn’t I like? The color selection, to start.  After writing my thoughts about the shades above, I searched out Bobbi Brown on the Sephora site, and there were definitely some brighter, more vivid pinks they could have included.  I get that you want a range, so I wouldn’t expect every single shade in this collection to be a rager, but why such a safe, boring collection?  Maybe because of the price…the luxe formula is $37.  Maybe they thought putting in such a boring, middle of the road kind of shade would help move product – catch people with the formula and then make them pick up the shade they really want.  I’m not buying it, literally or figuratively!  If they had included either Bright Peony or Raspberry Pink, and I could see how well their bright shades perform at that pricepoint I might have given them a shot, but not with this dusty ass example.  #SorryNotSorry

The other three formulas are a little closer to reality at $29 each, but again I don’t think I can see the value.  I can get an Urban Decay Vice lipstick in a huge array of shades and finishes and get amazing performance for only $18 – so why settle for paying $11 more for an inferior product?  Sorry Bobbi Brown, but unless a lipstick literally changes my life, I probably won’t be spending more than $20 on a tube lipstick ever again.  Urban Decay has ruined me…or perhaps, saved me?  Plus the liquid lipstick page mentions a “squeezable tube.”  Gross.

What do you think?  Is Bobbi Brown one of your Holy Grial brands?  Sell us on it!  Let us know your favorites and fails from this brand that just can’t hold our attention.  Do you love the lipsticks?  What are your favorite formulas and shades?  Is there something else from the brand we should try checking out instead?  Let us know in the comments below!

We were hoping to be crushing on pink with this 4 shade collection from the Sephora Beauty Insider program, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  The shade selection was boring, the formulas were mostly too sheer, and the pricepoints were unreasonable when you compare to other competitor brands.  If they had give me more color, more performance, they might have one me over.  But in this case, my crushing turned to crashing far too quickly.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Brida Flatt says:

    Ive never used Bobbi Brown. Like you said, they just never called to me. They look so… Adult! And I guess at 31 I am one of those but I don’t feel it, especially not in the makeup and clothes area. I also realised recently that I DON’T LIKE PINK LIPSTICK. I wish this realisation would have come before I had collected a hundred tubes of the stuff to find a “me” shade, but I must accept it. I don’t like pinks. I like bright reds, greiges, browns, nudes, black and blackened shades and out there rainbow colors of all kinds but NOT PINK. how liberating that feels. At $29+ I wont be trying something that doesn’t interest me – if I want to spend $29 on a lip product I’ll buy a kylie lip kit (in the army green, obv.)

    • JanessaJaye says:

      I LOVE pink lipstick, but…why THESE pinks?! lol I went to the Sephora website and they have some really beautiful, wide ranging shades of pink, but then they picked the most boring options possible for this set. Such a disappointment…

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