This Struggle Wasn’t Real: Ciate London x Chloe Morello Volume 2 Palette

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This is why I need a personal assistant to help me with adulting:

I love Makeup Struggles on Youtube.  I wrote a post about her channel HERE, and though her upload schedule is unpredictable, I’m still living for her channel.  In a couple of videos, her eyeshadow palette collection video and her palette declutter video, I heard her rave about how much she loved the collab palette between Chloe Morello and Ciate London.  She likes a lot of the same brands that I already do, and I’ve never reviewed a Ciate London product before on the site, so when I saw the Pretty, Fun, and Fearless Volume 2 collection in the Sephora sale section (as of when I’m writing this, the collection is still available HERE), I was all the way here for it.

Except that Makeup Struggles wasn’t talking about this palette.  She was talking about Volume 1.  In fact, when I went back to her palette collection video, she specifically called out that she wasn’t going to be picking up this palette because it was “too chaotic.”  Here I thought we were about to bond and become makeup besties forever.

At least I’ve finally get this brand added to my list, I guess…

The Beauty Haul collection was on sale for $32 from $49, so about 35% off.  In addition to the 20-shade palette, the collection also came with a mascara, a felt-tip liquid eyeliner, and a liquid lipstick.  I decided just to focus on the palette; mascaras aren’t that big of a deal to me since they are always just a prep step before throwing on a pair of falsies, so I rarely have any strong feelings, I’m terrible at liquid eyeliner, and if I’m going to review a Ciate lip product I’m dying to try out their Glitter Flips!  Nah, for now we’re just focusing on the palette, and if you decide to purchase the palette you can just think of those travel size goodies as a “gift with purchase.”

Chloe 05
Clearly I wasn’t going to be mad about the green shades in this palette, but I also really dig the pink and berry shades in the second row.  Other than that, this is a pretty basic neutrals kind of palette.  There are a lot of dupeable shades here.  I feel like I’m saying that a lot more than I used to, and that’s probably a symptom of owning so goddamn much makeup, but it’s like all brands want to do is put out beiges and browns and then try to trick us with those pops of color.  At least this palette has a few different pops that can be used in different wants to get a number of different looks.  I like that there are a couple of gold copper shades, the greens are really pretty, and the pink/berry shades add a little bit of romantic softness.  This is actually a fairly versatile palette, and if the quality is good I think it will be a good addition to my collection.

Let’s get to the swatches:

Chloe 04
L to R: Topless, Halo, Coco, Nini, Gold

Ok, so this row is totally basic betch central, but I’m going to try to be kind because I actually really like a couple of these shades.  But, ugh – really?  These shades are in every palette ever.  If you have literally any Too Faced palette, you have these shades.  Luckily the other rows are more interesting because this isn’t a great start.  Topless is a pretty boring cream shade that’s fine for highlighting….but everyone knows that because this shade ends up in every single palette.  This is the most basic of the basic.  Halo picks things up a little – it’s a bright candlelight gold shimmer and is really, really pretty.  I love how pigmented and shimmery this shade is.  Coco is a pretty basic camel shade that has nice pigmentation but was a little dry.  Nini is a cool-toned light brown that isn’t bad but also isn’t very unique.  Gold is an antique gold shimmer that is also pretty good, and will look nice as an accent with several of the color combinations from this palette.  It’s not that any of these are really bad (though topless is a little bit chalky, but can be blended out), they are just really boring.  Especially when you look at the color story of the first volume of this palette, which had very similar nude shades, these just aren’t necessary.  Luckily the two shimmer shades, and to a lesser extent that light cool-toned taupe brown, elevate this row otherwise it would be a total wash.

Chloe 03
L to R: Baby, Violet, Jelly Bean, Renegade, Morello Cherry

So, I wasn’t an immediate fan of these shades just glancing at the palette, but once I swatched this whole row together…wow!  I love this pink/plum.berry moment, and I think you could create a really soft and gorgeous look with just these shades.  Baby is a very pale shell pink, a good accent to the shades in this row but another kind of throwaway shade.  Violet is a red-based pink that is almost purple, but doesn’t quite get there.  Jelly Bean is a lovely bright cool-toned pink shimmer, and it’s one of my favorites from the palette overall.  Renegade is a shade that on its own I wouldn’t have looked at twice, but I love it sandwiched in between those two other shades!  It’s a plum shadow with a brownish base, cool-toned and really delightful.  Finally, to deepen things up we have Morello Cherry, a deep purple shade with a nice shimmer to brighten it just a little.  This row is really lovely, and I think would work beautifully with the dusty rose lip shade that came with the kit as well.

Chloe 02
L to R: Pony, Platinum, Ellie, Mecha, Beauty

This row isn’t as bright and vivid as some of the other shades, but there are some good “construction” shades to help you build up your looks.  Pony is a mauve-y gray matte that works really well with the row above.  Platinum is a bright chrome silver, and it’s just as shiny and pigmented as Halo from the first row.  Ellie is a similar sort of shade, but instead of a chrome finish it’s more of a brushed nickel kind of shade – more muted, but not quite gunmetal.  Mecha is a deep gray that has some olive undertones, a beautiful shade to mix with the green shades from the next row.  Beauty is, I think, supposed to be a matte black, but it’s definitely not black enough.  It works better as a deep gray matte with some coolness to it.  If you want blackest black, this isn’t the shade for you, but if you want something that can be like black with a lighter, ashier finish this will be a good option for you.

Chloe 01
L to R: Rose Gold, Copper, Marron, Soul, Chartruese

Rose Gold is…well, your typical rose gold shade.  A lot of the shades in this row have simple names that just describe the color, and they are a pretty true representation of the color they are suppose to do.  This one doesn’t seem to have the same level of shimmer as Halo and Platinum, but it’s an ok shade, especially if you like that rose gold kind of color.  Copper is a bright copper, a little more brown than I typically like, but not bad.  Marron is a deep cool-toned brown that is a nice complement to the two shades before it and the two shades after it.  This is a row that I think you could get a couple of looks out of just using the shades in this row.  Soul is a deep shimmery forest green, fairly dark but has a lot of reflect to help pick the color up and keep it from getting too muddy when blending things out.  Chartreuse is a bright, limey green and of course I love it!  It’s got a yellow shimmer to it that I think is just genius!

What do I like about this palette?  I like that instead of just giving us a bunch of neutrals with a couple of pops of a single color, there are actually a couple of really great color stories at work here.  I still think there are way too many basic shades here, way too many that I have in a million other palettes, but the range of shades is such that you can go a lot of different directions, both warm- and cool-toned, so I’m a big fan of that.  I also really like the formula on the shimmers – they are very creamy, and they remain shimmery even when you’re blending out and playing with them.

What do I not like?  Too many repeats.  I get that everything has been done ten times, and then twice again for good measure.  But come on, Chloe – some of these shades are the most basic of all basic possible options.  Looking at Makeup Struggles’ palette collection video, I think I would be even madder about this if I also had Volume 1 as that palette looks like it’s not only a bunch of neutrals with a few purple/mauve pops, but it looks like several of the shades (or close approximations) are recycled in this palette.  Why is everyone so afraid of color?!  This beige madness has to stop!  I appreciate that she worked to create a number of diverse and complementary color stories in this palette, and that puts it ahead of a lot of the “pop of color” palettes out there, but it’s still just a little bit boring.  And though they generally blend well, I find the matte formula to be drier than I like.  I have to work a little harder than I normally do, and I find mattes that are this dry can have a tendency to pull if you use an eye primer with a little more tackiness.

(This girl is like, queen of the basics and watching this video made me giggle, so I’m including it.  All shade aside, she does create a pretty cute look with the palette as well)

What do you think – are you living for Chloe Morella’s second foray into Pretty, Fun, and Fearless?  Is Ciate London a brand that you’re always checking for, or were you as surprised as I was to realize that they made products that weren’t nail polishes?!  Do you have Colume 1 of this collab, and if so what do you think of the sequel?  Are you tempted to pick this up now that the price is lower?  let us know your thoughts in the comments!

As I said above, it was pretty recently that I realized that Ciate London even made makeup that wasn’t just nail polishes and other nail-related products.  If this collab is representative of the brand, I don’t know that it’s going to become one of my ride or die favorites, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the color selection, and I will definitely be willing to take another look at this brand.  The color selection is definitely anything but fearless (way too many “safe” neutrals), but it’s still pretty and fun.  And sometimes, when the sales hit, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

(Here’s Chloe’s reveal video talking about the whole collection, if you’re interested!)

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Brida Flatt says:

    Ive never tried Ciate, it’s another brand that never interested me even though it’s constantly on sale in Sephora. This palette looks pretty when it’s swatched though. In the packaging it still looks boring thoug

    • JanessaJaye says:

      Yeah, there are some super gorgeous colors…..but I look at it and I’m just like, “Meh.” There’s nothing about it that really excites me. I’ll probably play with it a couple of times and forget about it until I end up decluttering it. Sad but true… lol

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