Celestial Goes Neon With New Aurora Lights Palette & Brush Set

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BH Cosmetics is one of those brands that I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time; I actually have quite a few of their products, most of which have been in queue for a review for some time (including a couple of palettes from the wonderfully supportive duo of Laurene and Sigrid!) but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  So when I saw that they had released a new baked eyeshadow palette called Aurora Lights, I was interested.  When I saw that the palette was available in a bundle with a 10-piece brush set, and that the whole thing was able to be ordered in a fancy PR-like boxed set, I was sold.  Say what you will, those faux PR kits are mighty seductive, especially for us little content creators who dream of getting actual PR products someday!

BH 04
I get that they are going for a sort of outer space theme (to go along with their Galaxy Chic and Solar Flare palettes), but when I see this I automatically think of neon lights and disco and fabulousness like that.  Not that it’s bad, by any stretch, but I just don’t think the theme is all that relevant to what you actually get with the product.

The brush set is cute – I love those minty green handles and they all seem pretty decent.  I generally don’t review brushes much on this site because a really good artist can take just about any sort of brush and make it work.  I tend to buy more expensive brushes because I am not that kind of artist, and I can use all the help I can get!  But these synthetic bristles feel soft and I’ve had BH Cosmetics brushes before that have held up pretty well.  Overall I think they are a good basic set.  I was glad to see that they had more of the smaller eye and highlight brushes and less of the big face brushes.  Some sets go the other way and that’s no bueno for me.  I will use the same brush for bronzer and blush and I don’t use that many shades of face stuff anyway, but I might have 10 different shadows on my eyes before I’m done! The color switch is a lifesaver, especially since I’m a lazy fuck who hates to wash brushes, but it’s nice to have lots of options!

Now, on to this beautiful palette!

BH 05
The shadows are all a baked formula, so they are rounded on top and sit in deep pans.  The pans are wide enough you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating them, but I like that they are set into the cardboard so they don’t have to have a raised lid or any sort of shenanigans like that.  The top row is much more sheer than the other two rows, so I’m not sure if they are meant to be “toppers” or whatever, but I definitely noticed a difference with those.  I didn’t see anything mentioned on the packaging, but you can kinda see in the swatches that the top row is definitely more on the sheer side.  It wasn’t a problem and I was able to get good color after building them up, but know that they don’t have the same color payoff as the bottom two rows.

BH 03
L to R: Kaleidoscope, Prismatic, Gleaming, Sparkling, Polar, Ombre

Kaleidoscope is a shell pink shade with some silvery, almost blue, shimmer but is probably the most sheer of the shades in this row.  Prismatic is a bright orchid purple, but I had to build up that swatch several times to get that much color.  Gleaming, the most pigmented from this row, is also the darkest and is a nice red-toned purple berry shade with a nice blue undertone which makes for a great contrast.  Sparkling is a bright champagne gold that is warm and yellowy and really pretty.  Polar is a bright light turquoise blue.  Ombre is a polar white that is pretty sheer but has lots of greenish-blue shimmer.  This would make a really nice light but impactful highlight.

BH 02
L to R: Shining, Luminous, Flashing, Phenomenon, 24K, Glowing

This is definitely the warmest row of the palette, so if you want glittery earthtones this is the row for you!  Shining is a maroon shimmer, nice and deeply pigmented.  Luminous is a darker copper brown with some reddish tones.  Flashing is a chrome silver shade with silver shimmer.  It’s similar-ish to Ombre at the base, but this one stays true silver and the shimmer is metallic where ombre tends more white and the shimmer is duochrome.  Phenomenon is a beautiful deep cool-toned brown that has a surprisingly cool shimmer to it.  24K is a brassy gold shade that is almost, but not quite, copper.  I don’t love it, but I prefer yellow golds over more brassy, antique golds.  Glowing is a mossy green with yellow gold sparkle that is really stunning!

BH 01
L to R: Magical, Fluorescent, Vibrant, Borealis, Magnetic, Australis

Magical is a bright bubblegum pink with an almost metallic sort of finish.  Fluorescent is a red/pink hybrid that is almost like a powder version of OCC’s Harlot, my Holy Grail liquid lip of all time!  It’s really pretty, and sort of like a melted popsicle.  Vibrant takes hot pink and adds an even stronger blue note to it, to the point that it’s almost a purple shade.  If you want purple, there is Borealis, a nice even purple that’s maybe slightly more red than purple but has a lovely shimmer finish.  Borealis is a metallic navy that is surprisingly vibrant when applied to the skin.  Australis is a cool-toned emerald metallic that has some silvery shimmer to it as well.

I haven’t dived into these shades a ton – when I want a bright, vivid shimmer I tend to default back to my “ride or die” brand Juvia’s Place – but there are some really great colors here and I can see myself doing some really interesting stage looks with these.  When I’ve just been playing around with them, they have nice color payoff and they blend pretty well…maybe not quite as much as the Juvia’s, but still respectable performance.  I need to use them for a show so I get a sense of their overall wear and performance under those “stressful” circumstances.

What are your thoughts: is BH Cosmetics one of the bargain brands that is your go to, or do you usually pass them by for other options?  Does the Aurora Lights have you over the moon, or are these colors leaving you with failure to launch?  Do you liked baked shadows, or are you more of a pressed powder fan?  Let us know in the comments below!

BH Cosmetics is a brand that will save you money, no question about it.  Their prices are pretty low to start, and they are always having different products on sale (sometimes as high as 60% off, though usually more like 20-35%), so if you’re diligent and pay attention to their email marketing you can almost always score your favorite products for less than even the retail price.  And while I can quibble with the choice of themes, when it comes to providing quality, color, and value for your money I just have to shut my damn mouth.  They did the thing.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!


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