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This was my second time ordering from Impulse Cosmetics, and as much as I did enjoy their liquid lipsticks (you can get my full thoughts HERE and HERE in my two part review!) I decided that I wanted to try something else this time.  I was searching through their site when under the Eyes menu I noticed there was an option for “highlighters.”  Now, I’ve made it very clear before that I inherently distrust products that claim to do more than one thing – after all, if you were supposed to just use the same products for lips and eyes, why would they bother making separate products?!  Despite that strong opinion about keeping the cosmetics types clear and separated, I just couldn’t deny that some of the shades on that page were lit af!  I decided to place my incredulity on hold and give them a try!

Impulse 03
Top, L to R: Chiffon, Righteous, Glow Up, Brazen
Bottom, L to R: Ice Queen, Mimic, Kiwi, Hang Loose
(without flash, in natural light)

Impulse 04
Top, L to R: Chiffon, Righteous, Glow Up, Brazen

Bottom, L to R: Ice Queen, Mimic, Kiwi, Hang Loose
(with flash, in natural light)

The shadows come in 1 inch pans, which can be a little small for highlighters if you like to use a large fan brush (not impossible, but will need a bit more maneuvering!) but pretty typical for a small eyeshadow single.  The shades are really lovely!  I ordered a pretty random assortment; a lot of the shades I was initially drawn to were all sold out, but when I went to the site to grab the link to the page all of the shades had been restocked.  That’s the thing with indie brands – sometimes you have to wait for shades that sell out!

Impulse 01
L t R: Chiffon, Righteous, Glow Up, Brazen

Chiffon is a lovely pale pink with a pale gold duochrome.  Righteous is an orange shade with a deep olive golden shimmer.  The bottom picture picks up a little more of the green tone, while the top photo (without flash) looks more like straight gold shimmer.  Glow Up is crazy!  In the pan it looks yellow, and in the top photo it appears straight up yellow gold.  But in the bottom photo, you can see how in certain lighting conditions and from certain angles, there is actually sort of a blue base that is really unexpected.  I’m not sure where it comes from, because you would never guess from seeing it in the pan!  Brazen is a pretty standard bronze with warm shimmer to it.  Nothing special, but the formula is creamy and gorgeous, and it blends perfectly with Glow Up!

Impulse 02
L to R: Ice Queen, Mimic, Kiwi, Hang Loose

The first three shades all start with a standard white base and then pack a duochrome punch!  Ice Queen is white with icy blue sparkle, and at an extreme angle it almost appears a deep purple.  Mimic is a white base with bright violet shimmer, and is the easiest of the three to build.  Kiwi takes the white base and adds a yellowy green duochrome finish – my guess is that it includes both gold and green shimmer in the formula.  Hang Loose is the one that starts with a much deeper base, a lovely blueish teal, and then features a blue-green shimmer that is a little more subtle than the others in this collection, but is still quite lovely.

I'mpulse 05
With the packaging, that’s where you can still tell that this is an indie brand: the pans came scotch-taped into small, generic cases and the sticker on the bottom had the shade names written in marker.  I don’t have a problem with that, but I know some people will.  For me, it’s a feeling like this brand is lovingly made by hand.  It would be one thing if the products arrived and were terrible quality then the whole thing would feel like hastily thrown together junk.  But the shadows are beautifully pressed and the color payoff is absolutely amazing!  If that sort of quality comes with a handwritten sticker, I guess I can live with that.

So what do you think about these eyeshadow-slash-highlighters? Are you living for the duochrome realness, or are they leaving you feeling a little flat?  Does the packaging impact your thoughts on the brand, or are you far too focused on the goodies inside the packages to even notice?  What do you want to try next from this indie brand? Let us know in the comments below!

Now, I don’t know if Impulse has convinced me to get over my “2-in-1” phobia, but I could see myself using these all over my eyes and possibly, with a light hand, as highlighters as well!  They have some really amazing colors and the blendability is absolutely amazing!  I really love all of the shades, and I will definitely be back for some of the shades that were sold out when I made my last order.  I’ve been trying to get my cosmetics shopping under control recently, but this is one time that I’m really, really glad I decided to give in to the Impulse…

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