DIY Duochrome – Impulse Cosmetics Offers Makeup Mavens A New Way To Shimmer

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Have you ever been shopping for lip or eye products and you just can’t find the exact sort of duochrome combination you’re dreaming of?

Impulse Cosmetics has you covered!

Their Huelixir Duochrome Makers come in 6 shades: Siren (red), Citrine (orange), Canary (yellow), Harlequin (green), Arctic (blue), and Amethyst (purple).

Hue 01
These are great options for crafty makeup mavens, especially those who love duochromes combos that you don’t find that often, like orange or green.  The formula is pretty liquid-y and you’ll want to make sure you shake them very well before use so that the best application will happen…and not leave all of that gorgeous duochrome flash stuck to the insides of the bottle!

You can use these a couple of different ways.  First, you can apply them over another product like a lipstick or eyeshadow.  Apply the product as normal, then apply the Huelixir over top to give it a gorgeous metallic shimmer!  The other wethod is to mix it in with another product like a liquid lipstick, gloss, or cream eyeshadow.  Depending on the product that you use, you may have better results, but I mixed it in with a liquid lipstick and got ok results.  I love high impact color, so I will probably stick with applying them over other products.  You can also use these on the cheeks and blend them out with a brush to get the same effect as one of those rainbow highlighters!

L to R: Siren, Citrine, Canary, Harlequin, Arctic, Amethyst

This is the gorgeous, metallic pastel rainbow of my dreams!  The one thing that I did run into some trouble with was mixing.  I dropped a few drops of the green and a few of the orange on my arm and play around with mixing them.  I was hoping that I would get a nice combo of the two, but it got sort of muddy.  I need more time to play with it, and I will definitely give it another try, but that first attempt to blend the two was a bit of a disaster.  Maybe orange and green just weren’t meant to mix?!

What do you think of these duochrome mixers?  Are you going to be shining for the Gawds in every color under the rainbow?  Or is this just another gimmick that will go the way of all the rainbow trends before it?  Do you like a liquid formula for duochromes, or would you prefer a powder formula?  Let us know in the comments below!

Impulse has really been impressing me lately.  They are an indie brand and they definitely aren’t afraid to go there when it comes to color!  I love that they are making all of these great duochrome shades available as mixers so that people can dream up their own amazing looks.  That’s the true spirit of DIY, and I’m all the way here for it!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!


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