LA Colors Part 6: Shimmer Lives!

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Jason 02
CJ Graham as Jason, Miss Jaye, and Thom Matthews as Tommy Jarvis.
Days of the Dead, Charlotte 2018

At this point, I hope you realize that I’m pretty much only still buying LA Colors products to continue this ridiculous Friday the 13th-themed series of posts I’ve got going on.  I’m committed, and now I need to see this through.  Luckily, this bargain brand sometimes gives me some pretty fun products to play around with while I’m punning on one of the greatest horror franchises in the world.

For this post, I decided to focus on the shimmery, shiny side of the brand – on a recent trip to Daiso, I found some Oh So Shiny cream lipsticks as well as highlighter drops similar to the Cover Fx custom drops.  Even though neither of those products was my usual thing, I decided to pick some up (at $1.50 each for the lipsticks and $4 each for the highlighter drops, how could I resist?!) and have a little fun playing around with them.

Here are the 4 shades of lipstick that I picked up:

Slick is a bright, light pink with a little bit of subtle glitter effect in it as well.  Flash is a deeper blue-based pink, almost turning a bit toward coral.  Razzle is a bright purple and has a lot of blue glitter infused in the stick.  Starlight is a light cool-toned nude brown.

These applied fairly nicely, though they do feel a little melty the longer they are in contact with your skin.  I didn’t check the ingredients list, but I would guess that they have some sort of oil as a mail ingredient, which helps give them their shine and explains the melty feeling.  That means that these would not be a good option for layering over most liquid lipsticks as oil will reactivate most formulas, though if you had an alcohol-based formula like the LipSense lipsticks, it might work well to apply one of these over top instead of the included gloss.

I didn’t mind these as I felt that you got a lot of color payoff and the shine was there without being too greasy.  I still prefer a more traditional lipstick in terms of coverage and overall feel, but these are a nice option if you want a wash of shiny color that’s not 100% opaque but still gives you almost the same coverage as a regular lipstick.  They did have a bit of a waxy smell that wasn’t great, but it didn’t linger long so that won’t bother most people.  The coverage is definitely more consistent with the lighter shades, but even Razzle was able to give me a pretty fantastic lip, and purples are notoriously fussy.

001 LA 03
L to R: Moonbeam, Liquid Gold, Opalescent

Full disclosure, these are not the type of products I usually like, and I’ll get into that more below, but at $4 a pop I decided to give them a try mainly because I had been talked into buying the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo and Blossom, and those things set me back $45 each!  Opalescent by LA Colors if a pretty close dupe for Halo, though it may be a little more blue (I’ll have a comparison coming soon!).  Moonbeam is a silvery pink, and liquid gold is, well, a bright yellow gold.  These are very glittery, and I think they actually work really well for giving you a wash of glitter, especially on the body.

Here’s why I have problems with products like these: these drops are supposed to be able to be mixed in with your foundation to add a sort of magical glow to the skin.  I used Halo one time in my foundation for a Bismarck show, and every single picture I took that night I swear I looked like Casper the friendly ghost.  Flashback in the extreme!  It just wasn’t a good mix with my light skin, and I never got any of the holographic, opalescent shimmer that I was hoping for, just chalkiness whenever there was a flash present.  You can also use these as a highlight, but liquid highlighters are tricky.  If you use a lot of powder products, adding liquids on top can cause them to get cakey or move them around, especially if you are pulling against them with a sponge or blender.  I love powder products – I’m a straight up cakeface kinda bitch!  So I have problems with these.  If you don’t wear foundation, these will work against bare skin, or if you prefer cream/liquid products and only powder at the end, you’ll also have better luck.  If you are powdery like me, one way that I’ve gotten ok results is to put some on a blending sponge and bounce it along the area you want to highlight – don’t drag!  This should keep it from pulling at the products underneath and you won’t be mixing as much, but it also means that you’re probably going to have to be comfortable with a more extreme highlight – this isn’t a very blended application style!

001 LA 01
L to R: Moonbeam, Liquid Gold, Opalescent

What do you think: is LA Colors as cool, calm, and collected as a cabin by the lake?  Or is there a monster in the shadows of this bargain brand?  Do you like liquid highlighters?  Liquid face products in general?  What about lipsticks with oil for shine – friend or foe?  Do these products slay all day, or do they give you a run of bad luck like a Friday the 13th?  Let us know in the comments!

Jason 01

Personally, I am living for this bargain brand; it hasn’t been 100% my fave, but the brand puts out quality products consistently enough, and at such great prices, that they definitely deserve a second look when you’re doing your drugstore/discount makeup shopping selections.  What do you think – a contender for the full face, one brand challenge?  Whatever the case, there’s no masking my excitement whenever I see new products to try from LA Colors, and like any good franchise, I’m sure a sequel to this post can’t be that far away…

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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