Champagne for the Soul
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Champagne For The Soul Presents: Queers of a Certain Age Discussion Group

We know that we don’t post nearly as much “Champagne for the Soul” stuff as we probably should, but with Miss Jaye’s recent milestone birthday

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Ouija 01

Let’s Talk About Ouija

With another Halloween being unleashed on the world with another flood of plastic costumes and bite size treats and hardened candy corn from the year

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Fool 06

TAROT TALK: April’s Fool – Embracing The Fool’s Journey

April Fool's Day has turned into a mostly light-hearted excuse to play pranks on our friends, loved ones, and co-workers; every Facebook status and shared article is scrutinized much more ...

All January, Tarot Thursdays At Shanti Ma’a!

Looking for a little insight and guidance to get your new year started off right?  Have no fear: the Reading Room at Shanti Ma'a is here! Chris Stoner, the somewhat less ...

Opening Soon: The Reading Room @ Shanti Ma’a!

Miss Jaye is taking off the wig and starting out on a new adventure: The Reading Room at Shanti Ma'a! Out of drag, Chris Stoner (Miss Jaye's "civilian name") has been studying ...
Reversed Main

TAROT TALK: Directionally Challenged – Working With Reversed Cards (Or Not)

In my years of studying the tarot, one of the aspects that I still find challenging is deciding how to work with reversed cards while reading a spread.  Different books ...
Element Rocks

Elementally Speaking: Using the Alchemical Elements to Decode Communication Styles

There is a lot of information that people have at their fingertips to "find themselves" and get a sense of who they are and what makes them "tick": Zodiac signs ...
01 Rulebook

GUEST POST: Mistress Didi Presents “Rules For Clear Communication”

At the World of Champagne, we love to bring you new content that is engaging, interesting, edgy, and with a purpose, and we are super excited to be bringing you ...

What is “Champagne for the Soul” all about?

Why Champagne for the Soul?  It's my own playful spin on Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Yes, we need sustenance, but we also need play and fun.  We need to ...
0000000000 Lovers

TAROT TALK: What’s Love Got To Do With It? Working With The Lovers Card

Who doesn't love love?  The Lovers card is a great addition to any reading involving romance as it often indicates true love, partnership, and fulfillment of romantic relationships.  But what ...

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