Champagne for the Soul
000000000000000000000000 Star Main

TAROT TALK: Hope In The Darkness: When The Star Card Shines Its Light On You

Except for The Sun card (which generally represents the essence of fulfillment and contentment), The Star is perhaps the most optimistic card in the tarot. 

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More Champagne for the Soul
The End

“End of the World” Tarot with Chris S. @ 12 Houses This Friday!

What better way to spend the end of the world that getting a little insight into your life “post-Apocalypse” with tarot readings by Chris S.

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00000000000000000000000 Devil

TAROT TALK: The Demon Inside – Demystifying the Devil Card

Except for perhaps the Death card, The Devil card seems to provoke the strongest reactions in my clients.  It's not hard to understand why: many religious traditions have some sort ...

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