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Janessa’s Blog: Archive

Hey there World of Champagne readers!  I hope you’ve been enjoying our newly organized archives.  I really want to make the content on this site

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Local Arts & Theatre: Archive

Hey there World of Champagne Readers – Miss Jaye here and I am so excited you to be bringing you another great Archive and content

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Makeup Forum: Archive And Brand Index

Hey there World of Champagne readers!  We have a ton of great content in the Makeup Forum, and we want to make it easier for you to go back and review old ...
Liz Lovely

Forces of Nature – Remembering Liz Lunde

I really hate writing posts like this.  I hate the occasion of thinking about someone's life and trying to sum up what they meant to you and how they impacted ...
00000000 Eyes

Miss Jaye Featured In GF Herald Article On The Art & Performance Of Drag

Our very own Miss Jaye has finally hit it big, GF Style - if you picked up a copy of the Sunday March 9 issue of the Grand Forks Herald, you ...

Artist Profile: Get Made Up With The Magically Delicious Nikki Quam

For anyone who has been around the Grand Forks theatre scene since the mid-90s, Nikki Quam will probably look a little bit familiar.  She's been in numerous productions at the ...
000 Cougar Squat

At Least I’m A Williston 10

I'm just not the girl I used to be.  As another 17th of January passes on the calendar and I blow out one more candle on my cake, it gets ...
000000000000000 Heart Bandage

The Year of Firsts

I'm ready for this whole ugly fucking year to be over with.  Not the calendar year; I have nothing against 2012, except for that whole Mayan "end of the world" ...
000000000 Carrie Original

Why CARRIE Still Captivates

One of my favorite things about Halloween approaching is that more and more scary movies start popping up: on cable, on Netflix, in cheap DVD displays in all the big ...
Ababndoned place 013

Artist Profile: Miranda Roen

Like all of those new pics you've been seeing on the site lately: Janessa looking fierce and flawless in a hot pink zebra and aqua dress?  The body may be ...

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