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SW 05

STAR WARS Episode IX Is Honoring Carrie Fisher…And Screwing Over Women In The Process.

Disclaimer – I have written before about some of my dorky passions, among them Dark Shadows and Stephen King’s Carrie.  Star Wars is not among

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Marry 01

The Marrying Kind

My ex-husband and I never should have gotten married. It was less than a year into our relationship and he was getting ready to move

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Freedom, or How The Hell Did I End Up As A Dominatrix?!

July 4th is almost here as I'm writing this, but I'm having a hard time thinking of anything patriotic to write.  I still recognize the privilege I have living in ...
Costs 01

What It Costs

It starts with a bath.  At home I have a tiny bathtub that isn't worth the time, so any time I manage to get a room with one of those big ...

A World Full Of Nancys

Note: this post might be considered to contain spoilers for the new movie I, Tonya and the Netflix series Stranger Things...though Barb is so season one and that shit with Tonya ...
Pieces 08


I used to love my legs. I remember when I was in 6th grade, I had this pair of white swimming trunks that were super short and cut up high on ...


(Not that my site has ever been accused of being particularly family friendly, but this post in particular contains some rather frank discussions of sex and sexuality, and is recommended ...
IT 04

Doing IT

Spoiler alert:  If you haven't yet checked out the new film version of Stephen King's It, this review will potentially have some spoilers, though it's not really about the primary ...
Free Kesha Main

Beauty Through Rage: The Resurrection of Kesha

If you're not paying attention to Kesha, or if you dismiss her as just some pop tart singing about brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels, then you're missing out.  There ...
Adult 07

Friends With An Ex

Adulting is hard; I get it. You bust your ass every month hoping to cover all of the bills that you have coming in (after your habitual trips to Sephora and ...

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