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Horror 01

Imaginary Horrors

I haven’t watched the video. I can’t.  I keep going to the link and I hover my mouse over it, but I can’t bring myself

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Gay 03

Freedom, And What We Leave Behind

Yesterday I did an interview with a man who was writing a story about the guy in Williston that is (kinda? sorta? maybe?!) turning his

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Pride 01

Why We Need Pride

A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing some of my friends - queer folks, mind you - posting articles asking "Why do we need Pride?"  It trotted out a ...
Flag 01

An Open Letter To Wayne Stenehjem

Editor's note: this is an email that I sent to Wayne Stenehjem when I saw an article that North Dakota was going to sign on to a lawsuit against the ...
Karma 08

Karma: A Bigger Bitch Than I Will Ever Be

As we progress deeper and deeper into the jungle that is this year's election, I once again find myself glad that I cut the cord on my cable a few ...
Nice 05

North Dakota Nice

The first thing I noticed was the singing.  Everyone sings here.  I know it's easy to dismiss that statement as a generalization with no meaning; I understand that, but it ...
VD 08


In case you missed the aisles and endcaps and pyramids of red and pink candies, boxes of chocolates, decorations, home décor items, and other senseless bric-a-brac, Valentine's Day is coming.  ...
Aging 02

R/Age Against The Machine

So this post is part observation and part exasperation; be prepared.  I'm just a few days away from turning another year older, and so I'm thinking a lot about time ...
Nut 02

The Nutcracker

It started around Thanksgiving.  That had always been the holiday we spent at his house.  My family is five hours away while his was two, so it made more sense ...
TWD Main

Why “That Character” on THE WALKING DEAD Should Be Dead (But Probably Isn’t)

Obviously if you have not watched Episode 3 of The Walking Dead's 6th season, then this article will have spoilers.  This is all the warning you'll get.  Proceed as you ...

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