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Costs 01

What It Costs

It starts with a bath.  At home I have a tiny bathtub that isn't worth the time, so any time I manage to get a room with one of those big ...
Ellen Beauty

#30Days of Real Beauty

Hello.  My name is Janessa. (Hi Janessa).  I am a Sephora-holic. I'm only partially kidding here.  I spend way too much money on beauty products in general and at Sephora specifically.  ...
00000000 Diet 04

Skinny People Will Kill You

This post is going to be short, and it's mostly just a footnote to my earlier posting, Swimming With Sharks. So I always knew that skinny people could be toxic, always ...
000000 Sharks Main

Swimming With Sharks: Thoughts On Life As A Queer Person Of Size

I've been thinking about this post for a while.  There are 100s of little moments, happening all the time, that make me want to sit down and think about this, ...
000000000000000 Gym ZOmbies

Road to Nowhere

I thought I'd been down this road before, and had learned my lesson.  I'd made promises, and broken them.  I'd had expectations, and found them unfulfilled.  But somehow I convinced ...

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