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Ready For Some Sloppy Seconds? Miss Jaye Serves Up Fantastic Outtakes!

If you couldn't get enough of the fabulous guests from Janessa After Dark episodes 1-3, you aren't alone: Miss Jaye had so much fun and had so much extra stuff ...
Janessa Alley

Episode 1 of JANESSA AFTER DARK Available Now, Featuring Chris Harder!

If you listened to the intro episode you know that Janessa After Dark, Miss Jaye's new podcast from Champagne Dreams Productions, has been a long time coming and that intro was ...
JAD Promo 01

JANESSA AFTER DARK – Episode 0 Is Available On SoundCloud!

That's right kittens - Miss Jaye done got herself together and released episode 0 of Janessa After Dark a week early!  Originally aiming for an early June release, the first ...
Bucket 01

Miss Jaye’s Ice Bucket Adventures

Do you ever have one of those days where you have a plan in place and then, well, shit gets weird?  Let me tell you a little bit about the ...

Janessa’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Photos by Chris Harder

Our very own Miss Jaye loves to get wet...and she loves a good cause!  When she heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge, she realized it was a great opportunity ...

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