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Look Who Thinks She’s Fancy: ColourPop Launches At Sephora…With New Price Point

So I love it when Sephora announces that it's bringing in some new indie brand.  They've dedicated more than enough shelf space to (tired?) old standards like Lancome and Estee ...

ColourPop Brings Classic MY LITTLE PONY Magic To New Color Collection

No offense, Bronies, but I'm a child of the 80s and I have a soft spot in my heart for the OG My Little Pony crew, so I was super ...
CP Main

Playing In The Shadows: ColourPop’s Pressed Palettes

It's been a minutes since we've talked about ColourPop on this site, but since I've been working on providing more reviews on lower price brands, I figured it was time ...
Question Marks

For The Record: No. Nope. Not Even A Little.

Because of my reputation as a makeup hound and perhaps an aficionado of diverse makeup brands, I often get messages from people asking me if I've tried certain brands or ...
Mystery Bag 02

Mystery Bag Giveaway – Three Great Prizes Feat. a Ton of Great Brands! [CLOSED]

Recently on my Facebook Live broadcasts I previewed the three mystery bags for this giveaway, and ever since then y'all been like Brad Pitt in Se7en: "What's in the bag?!" Ok, ...
Ace Von Johnson

Metal Head: Can ColourPop Do It Again With The Ultra Metallics?

I give up.  I give in.  I throw in the towel.  I need to resign myself to the fact that the actual, literal meaning of "matte" will nevermore exist in ...

In Living ColourPop! Giveaway – [Closed]

Recently we featured a 3-part series in the Makeup Forum on ColourPop Cosmetics and their absolutely stunning collection of colors and formulas.  Some we loved, so we...didn't.  But why take ...
CP 12

Paint The Town: ColourPop Part 3, The Ultra Matte Lip

So in the first two parts of this review series on ColourPop Cosmetics, we've looked at their Lippie Sticks (solid performance without being mindblowing) and their shadows and pressed pigments ...
CP Cry

Dark Days: ColourPop Part 2, Pressed Shadows, Pigments, and Cheeks

Some stories are all about happy endings and good fortune, the right thing in the right place at the right time. This is not one of those stories. Recently I gave you ...

Dreaming In ColourPop: Part One, The Lippie Stix

Some of you may remember that earlier this year I went on sort of a "beauty fast" (if you missed my #30 Days adventure, you can read about it HERE ...

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