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Black 0 05

50 Shades Of Black: Still Pursuing The Best Black Liquid Lipstick

Alright, you know a bitch don't play - are you ready to head back to the Thunderdome? That's right - we are once again on the trail of the best black ...
Makeup Monsters

Makeup Monsters Is Everything That’s Right With Liquid Lipstick

Alright, little monsters, get ready to meet your match - Makeup Monsters is (so far) the best liquid lipstick brand out there right now! I have been searching high and low ...
Black 03

Heart Of Darkness: In Search Of The Perfect Black Liquid Lipstick

Hey there, World of Champagne readers! You know that your girl Miss Jaye loves herself some seriously vibrant colors.  Pinks, Greens, Yellows, Teals - she's all over it!  Why am I ...

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