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Melancholy 01

GUEST REVIEW: Kathleen Coudle-King Gives You A Sense Of Melancholy

Once again, Greater Grand Forks Community Theatre's Executive Director, Kathleen Coudle-King comes through with a guest review of the latest production by the Empire Theatre Company.  Kathleen has been a ...
Champagne 02

Looking Back At 2016 & Before: 16 Blogs From The World Of Champagne

There's nothing like the change to a new calendar to get people feeling all nostalgic about "days gone by" and all that sort of junk, and Miss Jaye is no ...

Gray: A Fugue In Three Parts

Gray PART I My landlord painted my steps. She painted them gray. Like clouds - not the fluffy, friendly, animal-shaped ones that float through the sky on bright summer days. The ragged, damp, misty ones ...
Heart 3

Finding 37

I make bad life choices. You can ask anyone.  My mom, my friends, anyone who has known me longer than a brief conversation over coffee will probably have some sort of ...
000000000000 Marilyn

About Marilyn

The last thing the world needs is one more article about how fabulous Marilyn Monroe was, right?  I mean, we've heard it all before: her beauty, her sex appeal, her ...
000000000000 Crazy

Gotta Hide Your Crazy And Start Actin’ Like A Lady

If there is one thing North Dakotans know, inside and out, it's nice.  Or at the very least, the appearance of nice.  In fact, before we had an oil boom ...
000000000000 Raindrops


Tonight we are having what feels like the first real rain of the spring.  There have been other days of wet weather, but the lingering snow conspired to turn what ...

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