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Pan 02

REVIEW: ETC’s PETER & THE STARCATCHER Gives Humorous Foundation To Children’s Classic

The spoiler is real. - XOXO Miss Jaye I knew that Dave Barry had written a children's book (or maybe a series? I'm not sure) about Peter Pan, but I never ...
111 Minnie Main

The Happiest Face On Earth

Love them or hate them, Disney is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands on the planet and if you're going to do a beauty collection inspired by one ...
Into The Woods

INTO THE WOODS Continues This Week At UND’s Burtness Theatre

Pictures and teasers for the new big budget film adaptation of Sondheim and Lapine's Into The Woods have been all over the internet in preparation for the film's Christmas Day ...
0000000000000000 Mulan

Firehall Theatre’s Annual Children’s Show Brings MULAN To Life

Bringing to life a story as well known in Asia as Cinderella is here in the West, the Fire Hall Theatre's Children's show this season is Disney Jr.'s Mulan.  The story ...
00000000 Witch

Disney Witch: Beauty From The Dark Side Of The Happiest Place On Earth

(Before we get started, about the preview pic for this article: I know, I know!  The Wizard of Oz is NOT Disney!  Recently, during a server move, we lost many ...
0000000000000000 Escanaba Fart

REVIEW: Theatre Season And Hunting Season Collide in Fire Hall Opener ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT

Ok, so to say that this review is going to be a tough one for me is an understatement.  I mean look at me: I'm a glamorous plus-sized diva with ...
0000000000000 SMH Dead Cupid


It's time for my annual venting of the bile related to that cotton candy pink monstrosity known as Valentine's Day.  I've never been a big fan of the VD, even ...

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