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Marry 01

The Marrying Kind

My ex-husband and I never should have gotten married. It was less than a year into our relationship and he was getting ready to move up to Grand Forks from Fargo ...
Champagne 02

Looking Back At 2016 & Before: 16 Blogs From The World Of Champagne

There's nothing like the change to a new calendar to get people feeling all nostalgic about "days gone by" and all that sort of junk, and Miss Jaye is no ...
t 02


I never saw it coming. When my live-in boyfriend said that he wanted to perform with me at a drag show, it wasn't anything unusual.  He'd been playing around with drag ...
Nut 02

The Nutcracker

It started around Thanksgiving.  That had always been the holiday we spent at his house.  My family is five hours away while his was two, so it made more sense ...
00000000000000000 Niagara

REVIEW: Quirky & Funny, WONDER OF THE WORLD Is An Oddball’s Delight

Note: There may be spoilers here.  There may not -  I haven't written it yet.  I'm usually still thinking everything through and processing as I'm writing, and quite a bit ...

The Sweetest Candy: An Evening With JuJubee

Meeting your role models and people you look up to can be a dicey proposition.  You love them and their work, and you've probably built up certain expectations about them, ...
000000000000000 Heart Bandage

The Year of Firsts

I'm ready for this whole ugly fucking year to be over with.  Not the calendar year; I have nothing against 2012, except for that whole Mayan "end of the world" ...
0000000000 Cat Journal

Baby’s Got A Secret

How did we go from living in the Information Age to living in the "too much information" age?  We have half-hearted discussions about what it means to have privacy while we ...
00000000 Always Pink

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I love being in a new place, but I detest the process of getting there.  If only I could afford to just hire people to come in, pack up everything ...
moving day

Movin’ On

No one hates packing as much as I do.  Trust me.  I’m one emotional tragedy away from an episode of “Hoarders.”  The thought of packing and sorting and hauling all ...

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