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Priscilla 03

SEATTLE REVIEW: Adventures Of Janessa, Queen Of Bainbridge Island, On Her Way To See PRISCILLA!

This review is not only a fond recollection of a show that I attended and thoroughly enjoyed, it's also a chance for me to reflect on the wonders of social ...
Flag 01

An Open Letter To Wayne Stenehjem

Editor's note: this is an email that I sent to Wayne Stenehjem when I saw an article that North Dakota was going to sign on to a lawsuit against the ...
00000 Makeup Colorful

So, Why Makeup? And Why Now?

What is it about a new piece of cosmetic goodness that just sets the heart aflutter? I have always loved makeup.  When I was a kid, there was a book in ...
000000000000000000 Janessa Finger

NDGLBTQA Conference Show – April 2012

Here is a selection of shots from the 2nd Annual NDGLBTQA Conference Drag Show, April 2012.  Our Special guest was the incomparable Victoria "Boom Boom" Gotti! And you will notice a ...

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