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MM 02

The End Of An Era: My Final Makeup Monsters Order

Don't worry, makeup mavens: this story has a happy ending. I've talked before about how Makeup Monsters is one of my favorite brands of liquid lipstick (their black shade, Darkness Prevails, ...
00001 03

Letter From The Editor – Miss Jaye Looks Ahead To Lucky (Year) Number Seven!

Hey there Champagne Dreamers! I can't believe it's another year later and it's time to write another one of these letters from the editor!  I've been doing this site for the ...
Bees 02

SEATTLE REVIEW: ACT’s Production of QUEEN Explores Truth And Compromise Through The Science Of Bees

This is the obligatory spoiler warning.  As this play is in performances in Seattle and most of my readership is Midwest-based, I'm going to talk in depth about the plot ...
Jason 02

LA Colors Part 6: Shimmer Lives!

CJ Graham as Jason, Miss Jaye, and Thom Matthews as Tommy Jarvis. Days of the Dead, Charlotte 2018 At this point, I hope you realize that I'm pretty much only still buying ...
CanCan 04

SEATTLE REVIEW: Can Can’s FEMME FATALE Takes What’s Good In The Formula, Elevates It

Time for the obligatory Seattle Spoiler Warning: since most of my readership is in the Midwest, I'm going to be talking about this show in pretty good detail, including what ...
Rainbow Explosion

DIY Duochrome – Impulse Cosmetics Offers Makeup Mavens A New Way To Shimmer

Have you ever been shopping for lip or eye products and you just can't find the exact sort of duochrome combination you're dreaming of? Impulse Cosmetics has you covered! Their Huelixir Duochrome ...

No Oasis In The Sea Of Beige: Is Tarte Really As Bland As They Seem?

I've given more than my fair share of shade to tarte for their lack of color selection and their inability to make a palette that isn't, like, 100% neutrals.  In ...
Weedman 03

SEATTLE REVIEW: Lauren Weedman Lives In The Messy Reality Of Heartbreak

Hey Seattle friends: this show is still playing through August 12, so in case you are thinking of going I wanted to give you a very upfront spoiler warning as ...

Give In To The Impulse – Pressed Powder Perfection

This was my second time ordering from Impulse Cosmetics, and as much as I did enjoy their liquid lipsticks (you can get my full thoughts HERE and HERE in my ...

Whether You Prefer Golden Or Gaudy, Juvia’s Place Has You Covered!

Let me start by saying that I mean "gaudy" in the best possible way - no one, and I mean no one, does bright saturated colors like Juvia's Place! And this ...

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